What do we know

by Don Bradley

Knowledge is a variable state of reality. This is so, because it always comes in one of two ways. Direct experience, or indirect - the obtaining of knowledge passed on second hand, not realized by the person themselves. Direct knowledge is both falliable and infalliable, depending. It relates to how the experience was perceived, the knowledge mind-set in place at the time of the experience, and the emotional, mental, and physical states of the person perceiving the experience, which becomes direct knowledge. Your eyes can deceive you, your feelings betray you, your mind interpret data based on faulty assumptions.

Indirect knowledge is risky at best. This is information passed on by others, from what they themselves have not directly experienced. Witness the passing on of knowledge regarding the war on terror or WWII, by those not alive or present at such events. They merely repeat what they were told by authority figures or what they were told to read to pass a course in school. Research later on indicates much of that kind of knowledge to be full of lies, agendas, you get the idea. When examining history from the viewpoint of indirect knowledge, you only know what you've read or heard. And those in charge of the publishing houses and schools determine what you are reading and knowing. Who are these people? Why do they want you to know what you know, and for what reasons?

The internet is just as fallible. You are reading what some invisible person says a thing is. What is their agenda? Who sent them? Why? What are they "selling" you. An idea or paradigm, most likely, meant to steer your mindset in a given direction and NOWHERE ELSE.

Question everything.

Assumptions are the first pitfall to True Knowledge.

Look at everything from as many viewpoints as possible.

Ask the big questions: who, what, where, when, and ALWAYS why.

Listen to your heart when observing data sets, both direct and indirect. What is it telling you?

Begin a process of discarding faulty information from your mind. Place everything you know and see into a constant state of openness to paradigm shift.

Once you discern that a person or group is intentionally lying to you, then you can discard ANYTHING that has come to you from them as faulty information. Untrustworthy. Luciferic. Some people lie because they believe they are telling a truth, because they believe it be to true. Truth is relative. A truth for a child is rarely the same truth for an adult. That is something different. Their truth is faulty because they themselves are faulty. When the vessel is dirty, the water is unclean. And will always have an aftertaste of distortion to it. Always.

Even if you read these precepts on this page as sacrosanct, you are already falling into faulty knowledge. Only when it has been thought out and checked under the aegis of the heart and confirmed with life experience and therefore, from direct knowledge, can these precepts be accepted and then and only then used as one's reality. Until then, the receiving vessel must be faulty. Because it's not thinking, but just parroting and being a sponge for someone else's thinking. Parrots aren't smart; they're like computers - they spit out what they been programmed to spit out. That's not intelligence, awareness, or attainment. It's just being a good behavior droid. Lots of that around.

Behavior droids are those people who read second-hand knowledge and take it is as gospel. These are the first to be deceived and easily so.