By Don Bradley, December 2009





Itís amazing how misunderstood water is in our culture. Of course, we all are aware that it is essential for the kind of life we have on earth as carbon based systems to have water in order to function on even the most primitive biological levels. But beyond the molecular aspect, most see water as just a thing. Science did that for us, made it a compound and nothing more; H2O.

Letís face it; we live on a water planet. 7/10ths of the surface of earth is water. On every level, we find water as prima materia for existence for all living things: plant, animal, human, whatever. This is common knowledge, as any grade school child knows.

Weíve also learned that water responds to thoughts and feelings, and this has been well-documented with microscopes and with photography available at www.uwantson.com. Water has been upgraded in the public consciousness in the past few years as something more than just a primary building block compound into something that is highly responsive to intentions, thoughts, and feelings without any physical intervention. This tells us that water is reflective of higher dimensional realities implied by science, religion, etc., but never stated as such.

Those with vision have for millennia spoke about the elements of our existence as having these realities, though they didnít have our modern ability to document this phenomenon in any kind of substantial way. Only those near to the display given over by the seer were witness to whatever demonstration regarding these phenomenal properties and aspects could actually understand what we being explained.

As a teenager, I learned that all water anywhere makes a musical note that is constant: F sharp. Anyone with a digital tuner can go to the ocean, a waterfall, a babbling brook, or wherever the sound of water is constant and test this for themselves. This tells us that water has a voice, more than just the roar of the ocean, or the trickle of water down a rain spout.

As time passes, our understanding of water (and life) increases. We begin to see how each of us affects the world around us and water proves this out quite nicely.

More than being simply responsive to thoughts and feelings, water is alive, has its own consciousness and has a reason for being. Iíve proved this countless times in the last few years with pictures posted on blogs and on various web sites. Beyond just simple faces in the water and sublime imagery wholly independent of any interference, water also communicates messages and this has been recently demonstrated as well.




This latest information is being ignored in toto. For it reveals that water is a living presence in our lives and if water is alive, has essence, soul, and all the other attributes attributed to a life form, than by logic and reason, so must the earth, the air, fire, and so on. What goes for one aspect of creation must be for the other aspects, too. Simple logic says it must be so.

And if all these elements are really alive and have been proven as such, then how much more are we? We are combinations of these elements. Itís what makes us who we are so we can live. What class of soul is water? Or air, for that matter?

The questions build once we understand these basics precepts as demonstrable facts beyond dispute.

        If water is a living substance, what kind of life is it?

        As a living substance, how does its life influence our body chemistry and functionality? In what ways and to what purposes?

        How does it come to be, know, perceive, grow, learn, and exist? For these are all realities of consciousness whether you are a dog or a human being andÖapparently and quite obviously, water.

        We understand that we have the power to influence waterís basic composition on a molecular level, just by thought and feeling. Why is this so? In turn, how does this effect create parallel changes within us, being mostly made of water?

        If thinking loving thoughts around water changes it from any kind of dead condition to a visibly beautiful structure (and vice versa), do not the water structures in our body also reflect this change? To what effect? What kind of long-term benefits can be seen from such a reality? Toward what end?

        How and why does water communicate its intentions to us? Why do pictures taken of water lovingly blessed actually spell out letters and words, coupled with amazing picture-form imagery? What is in control of this process and to what purposes? How does it know the language of the person so blessing it, and return a visible message that can be readily understood in that personís native tongue? Who or what gives it this ability, understanding, and communications skill set?

        Given the above, isnít this most visible symbiotic relationship something that can be further explored to the mutual benefit of all peoples, elements and life forms? How? The mere fact that someone such as I can establish such a rapport and then document such communication, indicates that anyone one can do so, too. What happens when a group of people gather to bless a stream, a lake, or an ocean? Iíve tried this with four people and the results were amazing. What happens when a thousand people gather for just such a purpose?

        Water as a primary element is without bias in its gift of life to any reality of existence on earth, and gives back to all that is, exactly what is given to it. When someone is hateful, cruel, and vicious, water reflects that quality in its physical form. Water then becomes the ultimate mirror of what we are inside ourselves, as thinking and feeling souls.


Itís ironic isnít it? The world is going ďgreenĒ and all are so very concerned about the environment, but itís also building that perception on lies. The carbon footprint lie, the greenhouse lie, the global warming lie, and all the rest. The real truth of our environment is that it is undergoing change, as are we all. This change is being initiated on spiritual and dimensional levels and has nothing to do with mankindís carbon exhaust.

The real damage to the environment has never been spoken of, ever, by anyone, at all. Because to do so, would put heavily our enormous responsibility on ourselves for the world we live in. If our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions affect an ice crystal, what then do the collective thoughts and feelings of a city do upon its water supply? That everyone drinks, bathes in, and cooks? If everyone is sucking down discordant music, self-serving thinking as well as living in fear, doubt, anger, and lust, and is sliding headlong into dark thoughts and abusive negative self-images, donít these impact the water all around us?

Of course they do.

When water is blessed, it produces amazingly beautiful forms. When hateful, cruel, and selfish thoughts are given out, the images are nasty, distorted, and utterly horrible. This reveals to us a great truth.


If we allow our minds to sink into negative imagery, thoughts, and intentions, we adversely affect our constitution, creating for ourselves physical, emotional, and mental maladies that no amount of chemistry or therapy will be able to fix. I say this realizing that life these days in filled with negative realities all forced upon us by the controllers who are making life here on earth a veritable hell. They create the false realities, instill fear and paranoia in the world, and force feed us poisons on every level to keep us down.

Yet, this is the challenge. To rise beyond their petty machinations and make every effort to reflect back to this collective ugliness something noble, beautiful, and filled with loving warmth. This is said knowing how deep and wide they can pressure the world and individuals with hate. Iíve experienced a lifetime of this and it still is a daily issue thatís brought to my door without letup and from every possible direction.

Once we take hold of ourselves and truly understand the ideas presented in this article, we can then move to a relationship with the element of water.

The moment we start on that path, we can then discern that in reality, there is more than just water. The earth, air, and spirit and so on all are primary elements that make up the existence of life on earth. Once we establish a relationship with one element, we see how there always has been a relationship with all the elements of existence.

Then the big one occurs. That there is a divine presence, purpose, and unity in all creation. More of life beyond the world of number, weight, and measure becomes visible to our consciousness and that it is all connected and on every level. There is a great divine presence behind all that is, that lovingly nurtures the best within us and all the varying expressions of life, even down to water, simple H2O.

Thatís where the road leads, friends. Unity of purpose, divinity expressed at every level of creation and it has always been so.

The miracles of the past make sense, when we understand this symbiotic connection between the divine and the expression of the divine, the corporeal world. We can see how someone such as a Christ can do what he did, being in perfect agreement with the expression of all that is, being a Divine Soul, as He was. It all makes sense; the pieces fit.

No longer do the old perceptions of reality as given over by narrow-minded and blind devotees of the old system answer the call of our generation that sees, knows, and understands these basic ideas as facts now commonplace in the world. We see now, only what Great Souls in the past have been for ages, speaking about at every turn. Blind faith takes place to seeing, knowing, and understanding the great truths of antiquity.

Itís up to us to explore these emerging doorways at every possible opportunity and help others see, know, and understand. This helps all of earth to realize that one great truth of our existence. There is a loving Creator and His hand is evident on every level of existence and its His Will that we see and know, so that we can make the right choices in our life; especially as the satanic overlords have taken hold of so much of our life and have reduced it to such a deplorable state of affairs.

Let us become part of this growing reality that becomes more aware and connected to the emerging reality of spirit behind the form. Itís a pursuit and passion that makes for a life well spent, beyond any other consideration. For in that pursuit we see the truth of reality, beyond taking anyoneís word that a thing is thus and so. We see, know, and perceive the great gift and blessing of being alive. That all is divinity, on even the smallest molecular level. How much more than a glass of water are we, in the eyes of the One Creator?