The trouble with Implants



Implants…what an evil conception brought to reality. What else can you say about something that was designed to


This technology is an action item created to insure the reality of command and control, both to those under the Luciferic umbrella of soul and path choice, but those “free jacks,” whose soul and life choices affirm to the higher, nobler, Solar influenced cycles of expression. Its ideation goes back centuries, and it’s actualization is something going back to the age of the atom bomb, computers, and the emergence of the Global Network, a truer and more honest appraisal of reality than the N.W.O. or any such other propagandized acronym given out.


First, an implant as treated in this discussion is wholly in the realm of black ops and black science, rather than breast enhancements and the like. It’s designed to function autonomously within a human host and is wholly created by human beings on Earth. The plausible deniability of implants coming from Mars or from aliens is all part of the “get them looking in the other way” credo so very often deployed by the various disinformation branches of these black sciences within the structure of the “network.”


This is proved out again and again by all those people in the network who claim to surgically remove implants (agency doctors and actors,) make a convenient video of some large triangle shaped mass that is magnetically charged and pushes around with a metal surgical instrument, and then the patient/actor then claims they were taken away by grays to the “mothership” and were implanted. It’s all a grand farce to keep us from looking for the real perps right here at home. The latter fictional treatment of the implant problem is the one given credo on the various fringe radio shows and web sites. It’s aliens, they assure us, doing this to us. And golly, what could they want?


In truth, the metal object was injected by syringe two weeks prior (the time delay necessary to cover any bruising or syringe vector points,) is a magnetically charge piece of ore, smelted and shaped and often colored to the script’s appearance and then two weeks later, removed by an elaborate surgical procedure for the camera, with grateful patient, concerned doctor whose “never seen anything like this before!” and the narrator who tells us what we should think about it.


The issue of biological implants is quite simple and is based upon firsthand experience by the writer. I’ve found in every case with those administered to myself and my children, as well as friends, that every implant is microscopic in size, can be delivered painlessly, and very often is delivered by SOMONE YOU KNOW. A family member, a close friend, and if they can’t get you that way, they’ll arrange things in such a way as to get them in you in restaurants, at the park, while shopping, or anywhere they KNOW you will be going as part of your daily routine or stated intentions while discussing your plans while under surveillance.


When hit by an implant, it feels like a spit wad. You know, when you take a piece of napkin or tissue paper, roll it into a tiny ball, put it in your mouth and shoot it out, very often like young children do. Once hit by this, it will develop within the same 24 hours with the appearance of a mosquito bite: red skin and about the size of a quarter dollar, with an abrasion collar around the entrance site about the size 1 millimeter in size. Within days,  the redness and abrasion collar will disappear and be replaced by a pinhead sized black dot that will slowly descend deeper into the epidermal layer of the skin, slowly fading from view over the period of one month, leaving no visible trace of its existence.


Implants can be delivered during sexual intercourse (vaginal or penal implants,) and can be delivered with a variety of cover devices like cell phones, purses, and the like. It can be delivered while you are at the beach, the pool, or simply walking into a store. It can be delivered when you are exiting from your car in public (that happened to me) or any time, any place, where they can get to you while providing plausible deniability to their people for being in the same space with you, so as to deliver the implant. Implants can be fired from a range of 100 yards and longer, are whisper technology silent, and unless you are paying attention to the world around you, mostly will go unnoticed.


Implants are most vulnerable to detection and removal within the first 24 hours upon insertion into the human host. They can be easily cut out with a small pointed exacto-knife by using a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers. As if you were removing a black head, though it will not turn black until it has been in the skin for over 24 hours. By that time, it’s already descending and absorbing into the tissue.


Implants fired through the air, are tiny darts, nano-darts if you will, using a sabot round which loses its fins and casing while in flight or which dissolve into the skin (hence the abrasion collar and redness,) leaving the tiny, pointed implant to make entrance into the skin. Other implants are delivered directly into the skin and require no such stabilizing materials to keep its flight true and accurate. Implants placed inside the tip of the penis to enter the vagina during ejaculation are done this way and implants placed in the vagina using a cervical device to be delivered to the penis in reverse. As well, implants can be placed in food and drink, attaching themselves to the lining of the mouth and alimentary canal as they are consumed. They most often can be found in dental work. So every thing you say is heard…for the rest of your life, no matter where you are. Unless you happen to live in a Faraday cage, which no one does.


The outcome and marriage of biology and nano-electronics, implants are designed to live within the human body indefinitely either using the electrical charge of the body, or nano-batteries which can last years. They are MICROSCOPIC IN SIZE. They can receive and send radio frequencies, locked down for military use by the government and this allows the constant surveillance of the subject as to their feelings, intentions, and actions. Tin foil hats are an absurd answer to the implant problem and decidedly so.


For reasons that are obvious, the prime locations for implants are the major energy centers of the body: the top of the head, between the eyebrows, the neck, the sternum, the various vertebrae, the base of the spine, the knees, the feet, the sexual organs. After that, the secondary ideal locations are upon the lines of force and qi spots well known by the Chinese and practitioners of acupuncture.  Between the two, that pretty much maps out the human body.


It becomes necessary than to limit our exposure to being implanted by being watchful of our surroundings, who is moving around us and why, and what steps we can take to insure that we become as hard as possible of targets, making implant delivery extremely difficult for those that do this.


Those willing adherents in the network volunteer to be implanted when it is suggested by their superiors that they do so—especially when these coverts are working free jacks in close association. These folks seem to have paranormal powers around you, but nothing could be further from the truth. They simply have audio implants in their ear canals which allow them to listen in to the radio sending bugs in your house and car, and the implants in your teeth. Their implants are like permanent cell phones, which can be switched on and off. So when you meet with someone with such devices implanted in their eyebrow line (video) and ear canal (audio) it begs the question, “how many people am I talking to today, friend?”


Look at the technology available in miniature cell phones today and is commercially allowed in the marketplace, which as anyone can tell you is 50 (FIFTY) YEARS behind the military, on the technology scale. They pack GPS systems in them, movie cameras, still cameras, text messaging, internet browsers, full color, Batteries, and MP3 players all in a case that fits in the palm of your hand. Still think this technology is absurd, as regards implants? It’s been around for years and years, and it gets better all the time.


These devices are very personal things, like a social security number or other government/state issued ID. They are numbered and kept track of using computers, which each primary code number (your ID) and then a suffix code indicating type of implant and it’s primary and secondary functions. Some implants are designed to release tiny shellfish toxins that kill instantly, or over a period of time. Some are designed to malfunction the kidneys, liver, or cause obstructions in the colon, or create heart problems, or ulcers, and so on.


Dealing with implants.


Refrain from being implanted. Well, they will always find a way. So, it then becomes a matter of detecting and removing them. The best way is cutting them out the moment they are placed in the skin; this is mainly for the airborne delivery kind. If that is not practicable, then high voltage electricity ala a Tesla Coil will most certainly cook down their circuitry. Some implants can be killed with strong magnetic fields, while others simply because of being swallowed or placed during surgery/dentistry are going to be hard to get at.


There is also divine intervention. Once a man, woman, or child makes the Soul decision to find the Higher Way to Spirit, through the Christ or Michael impulse or whatever modality their life path has given them as the way that is right for them, they can, in heartfelt prayer, pray and rightly ask for, release from the scourge of implants already in their body. I’ve found this to be the most effective way of not only disabling implants, but also having their presence in our body removed. In point of fact, it works. I’ve seen it work, watched it work, and on more than one occasion.


Removal, Electricity, Magnetism, and Prayer are the four weapons available to us in our quest to be implant-free. Relying on doctors (coverts in play) or others to remove them with obvious agency connections should be thought out first.


In the main, just stay aware of your surroundings and remember the maxim which will save you time and again…


If there’s any doubt, there is no doubt. If you think you might have implants, you already do. The spirit of Life brought this knowledge to you so you could help yourself and others, become free again. It’s like chemtrail awareness. At first, there was one person talking about it. Then two, then four, then eight. And so on. Till finally, its common knowledge among the public.


Those in play and LTCs (long term network coverts) have always known about them, because they are ones doing it to us and to, their own kith and kin. And now, you know about it, too.