Think and research


By Don Bradley, May 2009



For me, the greatest classroom is the world around us. We live on an amazing planet, what with all its varying forms of life in the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms. These kingdoms, as many know, are made up of varying elements which then make up these previously mentioned forms of life. We also know that everything is energy, is living, and its all about density, frequency, and sound, which makes the illusory world seem as substantial as it is. And it is substantial, because it has to be in order for there to be interaction between form and spirit.

Many people make claims about this world be simply a construct or an illusion projected by ďcontrollersĒ who then keep the world slaves. This is a lie. Creation exists as a construct for all levels of souls and paths. Those on the dark side simply understand its workings better than the uninformed population and use it to their advantage. There are a lot of ďbig namesĒ out there doing the whole matrix illusion thing, but theyíve got it wrong and generally seem to intentionally never speak about the essential constructs of said matrix with any detail; this is so because they are false prophets who want to keep that kind of detail out of the publicís hands. Fact.

The reason for doing so is because in keeping these realities secret allows them to maintain control over those people who remain unaware and ignorant. If the world is so very much an illusion certain writers tell us about and who claim that if we just believe enough, we can pass our hand through a wall; then show me. AhhÖ Thereís the rub. The problem with paid shills and liars is that, as in times past, we have to take their word on a thing. Or they rely on hand drawings to illustrate their often fractured perceptions.

For myself, I much prefer the path of demonstrating the thing. Hence, all the photography showing that the earth, water, air, fire, plant, and other aspects of existence is alive. Its one thing to say something is thus and so, itís quite another to show it to be so. I find it so much more revealing to show actual photographic proof of the dimensional realities I speak about, because then you can see for yourself what is being discussed. Back in February of 2002, when I said that orgone visibly affects the material universe, I demonstrated (for the first time by anyone) ice stalagmites in ice cube trays. There it was, visible for all to see. Taking a personís word for a thing has always led to the problems we have in the world today: manipulation, control, and enslavement. The time for taking things on faith is past. For look at what a populationís blind faith in their governments has done, just in the 20th century alone. Millions upon millions of dead men, women, and children, all because they blindly believed what they were told without proof and without thinking the thing through.

I myself experienced this same dilemma as I turned to various church and other spiritual organizations seeking a deeper understanding of how things worked and why I was seeing what I was seeing. The more I took things on faith, the less satisfied I became in the results, finding very often that what these groups were teaching to be bald-faced lies. We were given minds to think with. Surrendering your mind to the will of another simply because they say so is an abomination to everything that stands for freedom in our hearts.

Demand proof of the realities around you. Do your own research. Make sure that what you are being told jives with the facts in hand and the facts yet to be discovered. Governments are by and large the biggest propagators of lies and disinformation extant, but there you see the masses, glued to the newspapers and televisions as if every word out of the mouths of newscasters and politicians is the sublime truth.

Wonder Bread Builds Bodies in 12 Ways, was the slogan of the sixties. Then, as people actually started looking into what went into that bread, they found it had empty calories, devoid of nutrition and filled with the worst chemicals and the most denatured and bleached flour ever to see a bakerís oven. We know this because somewhere down the line, someone stopped believing the propaganda and started thinking and checking the facts for themselves. Once it became common knowledge that the only thing wonderful about Wonder Bread was that it gave nothing to anyoneís body but fat cells and clogged colons, then the lies stopped. Someone asked the question and found out the facts. That person sought out proof and saved millions of families from the savagery of lies and foisted upon them by the advertising agencies.

As well should we all, in this time of supreme manipulation by the varying pontiffs and pundits who act like our betters, but are merely stooges and shills for the controllers keeping us in an endless state of slavery.

Demand proof. Research. Think. Reflect. Observe. Do your own thinking. Use the searchlight of your mind and observe everything that comes into your path, being objective about what you see. Open yourself to the experience of knowing and being.

Weíve been told for decades by dentists that mercury amalgams and fluoride were not only safe but good for us. Wow. What a whopper of a lie that turned out to be. The EPA lists both items as unsafe toxins harmful to human and animal health. Both affect the nervous system and the brain, causing a gradual weakening of the cerebral cortex, reduction in the myelin sheath, as well as birth defects and autism, for starters. But because some folks started to actually look into the matter, we now have the facts in hand and are better informed. They did their own research, their own thinking, and the world is all the better for it.

For the above reasons and standards set forth by previous pioneers, I use what is plainly visible in photography and the advertising and symbols of the world to help people understand. Thatís why my blogs are filled with pictures of every kind. Its one thing to say a thing is thus and so, itís something completely different when you can prove it. This is why I use a camera to help explain what is going on around us, so that we can be better informed and then, make better decisions.

And it has cost me plenty to do this. Loss of job, loss of income, loss of home, everything.

Ironic isnít it? I supplied the first proof that crystals in orgone do as advertised but to this day, I am ostracized by the orgone community. And why? Because I insist on proof before making any kind of public claim or endorsing this or that new contrivance. If itís not demonstrable, I pass every time until such time that it is demonstrable.

Humanity has been led down the garden path of lies for far too long and that must end now. We must and should demand proof regarding the claims and announcements of our elected and religious leaders. We must pull back the curtain of lies that keeps us in slavery and know what is and what isnít. For to do any less is to be a slave. A literal slave.

Iím done with slavery. How about you?