A season of gratitude


Gratitude is easily one of the most forgettable and unused expressions. Like all the finer attributes, it’s a soul quality that shines through our personalities, when we allow it. Gratitude is simply thank you. For everything that happens. For everything that happens, does happen for a reason. To teach us.


The whole of human experience is to teach and educate us, the bipeds, wandering over the face of this planet. Each of us, if being truly honest, can look at every single event in our life—regardless of how insignificant or mundane it might appear to us—and find therein a teaching, learning, and being moment. We learn all about ourselves, whether we are selfish or unselfish, liars and crooks, or kind, honest, and caring. And, to what degree we can be that person.


We know this to be true, because so many events in our lives are the very same events that keep happening to us, over and over again. Apparently, we didn’t learn all that was needed to learn the first dozen times. All that is in our world is there to help us grow as souls. We call these learning moments into our lives, by the very dint of our character. And character is the whole point of the thing, when you think about it. Be honest.


Even events and experiences that are contrived and controlled aspects of organized darkness are there because we have called them into our life. Oh yes. It wouldn’t come after you unless you had something IT WANTED. And then, you get a whole new set of experiences dealing with planned evil, rather than the oblique kind, most folks get. As your character improves, the plotters plot better. This then gives you new experiences where those aspects of character you developed can be tested and proved out as solid. Can you really be charming, kind, and graceful, when so many want your scalp? Let’s find out, shall we. See what I mean?


When we resent the episodes that come into our life, we add pain and suffering to the equation. In essence, we are saying to life, forget about it. I’d rather get these soul qualities some other way, please leave off the nasty stuff, okay? But, this is the way of Earth. Mixed motives, selfish, egocentric behavior will always yield those events down the road which are the result of such behaviors. In this life, or another. Whatever you add to the cake mix is going to come out of the oven. If your ingredients are cruel, selfish, and dark, then expect the cake to have those qualities and taste cruel, selfish and dark.


We also know that pursuing a more noble life modality still seems to leave us with a nasty cake experience. This is so, because change in events are slow—very slow—and in this life, we are still working off much of the goop we brought into this life from the past. The good news is that we have at least, broken that vicious cycle and are now setting up entirely new sets of experiences—and they can be quite spiritual and sublime—for the future. Either a few months down the road, or in the next and succeeding lives. Making right choices of behavior is always positive, always good for all the right reasons, and will always be of benefit to ourselves and those with whom we come into contact.


Three weeks ago, I was sleeping in my truck in the boys’ side yard, in the rain, the cold, and living on pocket change. Maybe getting one orgone order a month. If it was more than that, the money was put into the house for groceries. Yet, I smiled gave thanks for all the blessing I could count, and made the very best of a very awkward and usually, ugly situation. Fast-forward to now, and I have a warm bed, a hot shower, and a kitchen with some food in it. THANK YOU.


Point is, events will come and for a very good reason. Our work is to see each and every person, place, or thing for the reason it is in our life—and without any recrimination and resentment—and act to the very best we can bring from within ourselves. We have the tools within us to do this, the blessing of life. If we feel we do not, then we start looking outside ourselves in order to get them. It comes to pass, after a shorter or longer while, that indeed, we have what we need.


Even with all that, there ARE agencies that are here to assist. With inspiration, right choices, and many other things that will help us get to that point. We can search books for insight, read bibles, study ancient texts—whatever—to help us understand the inner processes of getting to that place where we finally become self-reliant as to how to function as a sane and noble creature on this planet. As we learn, know, and be, we find like-minded souls around us, traveling towards the same goal as ourselves. These become our friends, family and future.

Behind all of this, should be a spirit of gratitude. Because once we understand the processes of how things are done here, we then know that everything—even sickness and tragedy—are here only to serve us to become better, wiser, kinder, and more loving people. It can be hard to see at times, but it still remains the truth, regardless.


Thin or flush, up or down, be the best soul you can be. Smile and be thankful for the all that has and will come into your life. Make the very best of things as they may be. Learn those lessons and allow life to move you to the next step, whatever it may be for you. Resent that experience, reject it with hatred, react with anger and all you are accomplishing is a repeat performance of it in your life, coupled with a serious dose of pain and suffering.


Learn to say THANK YOU. A dozen times a day. For every little thing. For the hate they bring you and also, for the kindness and love. Hate only finds you because you are becoming a loving soul in the truest sense of the word. It wouldn’t bother otherwise. Opposites attract; likeminded souls cluster. It’s a fact of life. Once we learn these basic facts and understand them, our time here will become less repetitive and more growing.

Which is the point, after all.


Thank you.