Satanic Symbols in California
by Don Bradley

As can be seen below, modern road signs are now carrying blatant satanic symbols which are clearly anti-Christ. The railroad sign below is placed on a street in front of a surfboard manufacturer which all the most popular surfers use these days: Channel Islands Surfboards. Their company logo has 3 sixes in it, the mark of the beast.

In the latest issue of the Ventura County Reporter is an article on Marketing Strategies. Look closely at the cover and you'll see the well-known pyramid image associated with the satanic network and how everyone is striving to move up the pyramid of money and power (the only things that system has to offer those on the dark path) and at the base of the pyramid, is an upside down cross, meaning that any start on the path of their system requires one to be anti-Christ before they can set their feet "upon the way." This is the state of affairs of modern life in our times: the satanic path of darkness is blatantly put out in plain sight for all to see.