By Don Bradley, February 2009



Ideas and images are often expressions of thought. They are also energy, in varying forms. To share information, to carry knowledge requires the use of both, in order for the information to translate outward in such a way as to make the receiver of the communication understand. The responsibility lies with the person communicating to be concise, clear, and yet, provide enough of the intent of the message so as to be clearly understood. Detail helps. So does imagery.


Imagery helps the best, because it clarifies the message in the most helpful way to those who would receive. The reason this is so, is obvious. If I said the dog ate his dinner, everyone would create differing images in their mind as to the type of dog, type of dinner, and location of the meal. More detail helps. The cocker spaniel ate his canned doggy food on the floor next to the fridge. That kind of clarity reduces mental clutter, but still leaves out the details of the kitchen, the type of food—again—and the size and color of the dog. If, however, I show a picture of a dog eating his dinner, then we all have the same information in our minds. We share a common idea and except for minor alterations as suits the mental capacity of the receivers, the image received is generally the one given over.


What is true for doggies is also accurate for all forms of communication. It’s why television is so very powerful these days. It’s why you see one kind of look on so many of all the actresses in the media. Notice how they all pretty much wear their makeup the same, have the nearly the same bone structure, attitude, and all that? This is so, because these actresses are being put up as what the Power Elite want the rest of the world to aspire to: cocky, snarling, gold-digging hookers with zero body fat and if the tabloids are any indication of persona, they are also shallow, extremely vain, and jump from one bed to another without a thought. And, apparently, you must be practically bi-sexual as well, or you aren’t “hip.”


The images tell the story. And I am assaulted by these same images each and every time I go to the grocery store. This is by design as well. As if shoving these ladies down our throats on TV weren’t enough, they make sure that we see them, because they know that the one place nearly impossible to avoid is the grocery store. It’s why the tabloid racks are set right at the checkout counter and run from the floor to a height of four feet. And only four feet. Everywhere. In every store all over America. It’s all by design. For a reason.


Because images relay information to the brain in a most powerful way. With imagery, ambiguity vanishes and reinforcement takes place. It’s why the “stars” allow this kind of torrid manipulation of their lives. Because they have to; they are beholden to their handlers and the network dictates their lives, their dating habits, who they sleep with, as it’s always been this way since magazines became societal norms from the 1920s onward. To be a star, you give up all privacy, and if you rebel against this, they crush you, make you a non-entity, never to be referred to again in any form of media, except in some derogatory fashion. As an example to others should they decide to even slightly rebel against the program. Hey…it worked really well for rock and roll. Remember the 60s?


Now at this point, some will point out that certain bad-boys like Mickey Rourke and Robert Downey Jr. plus others, have been themselves, fought the system and so on. Be advised, the network provides all kinds of personas for the public and even the bad-boys are carefully crafted creations. Its part of their allure—the independent doer who goes his own way. But also notice they all seem to “come around” after doing some kind of approved “penance” and are welcomed back into the fold. If they were truly rebels, they would simple cease to be in any media form whatsoever.


With the new president, imagery and word associations were repeatedly stamped all over the media. Barack with a halo and the words HOPE and CHANGE, splashed underneath, with him always look up and to the left.


They know, as I know, that imagery sells information in the best possible way. More to the point, imagery carries energy. It’s why you see so very many companies with sun symbol logos and sigils. They want you to subconsciously perceive that these corporate constructs are stamped with the energy of the most high for this system.


Mistakenly, so many people have attacked sun imagery as some kind of Egyptian Sun Worship. Wrong. The attacks are subtle and ingenious on many levels, and you have to admire the craftiness of it all, when you look at the big picture. Egyptian sun worship as practiced by the dark side is dark sun worship: The occultation of the sun during a solar eclipse. This is so, because during an eclipse, the energy of the sun is slightly blocked and this allows the darker, trans-dimensional spirits more free reign to express themselves on Earth. To illustrate this, realize this is also why midnight anywhere on Earth is considered the “witching hour.” Because the sun is on the opposite side of the planet at that time, for a short while, and this slight lowering of the temporal frequency allows those following the dark path to make a deeper connection with demonic agencies.


The subterfuge is in having you believe anything that resembles understanding the true spiritual nature of the sun’s relationship to ALL the planets in ANY system of ANY star, is some kind of pagan nonsense.


Patently, and upon any kind of intelligent discernment, this subterfuge falls apart. For, as we all know from our science and modern understandings of things, without the sun, there would be NO LIFE ON ANY PLANET. Nor would there be any system. A star is required for such life to exist. In our system, we call the star the sun.


And, as we further know, this source of all life and energy is more than just a physical reality. It’s on every level of beingness: etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual, and so on, as further gradations of energy purity become apparent to those that understand, see, and know.


It’s why Christ was and is called, the sun of god. Or son, if you prefer. They are both the same words, just slightly different spellings.


Now, why would he be called that? For what purpose? The truth has been in front of us all along. Can any person even slightly aware of the transdimensional realities honestly still think in their minds that the sun—and all stars, in point of fact— are just balls of fire in the sky, keeping things warm? Even my seven year old son knows better, without being told.


To anyone TRULY and even slightly clairvoyant, the sun is the most amazingly beautiful thing any eyes can ever behold on any day, any year, in any age. The varying coronas, auras, and such that stream out from it simply astound. And know this, its aura extends light years beyond our farthest solar borders, so no one can honestly say they’ve seen it in toto and be truthful.


I’ve noticed over all the years of my life, that not a single clairvoyant on earth has ever mentioned this one singular fact. EVER. If they could truly see, why have they not ever reported this? Because those that have a slight degree of sight, are actually using their lower centers as a visual point (yes, each center can be used in conjunction with the etheric connection of the ocular nerve to produce clairvoyance. Most “clairvoyants” use the four-petaled sacral center—the sex center. If they were using the Ajna center, the one between the eyes, the sun would be all they would talk about. But the dark side doesn’t want their reptile adherents referring to the truth of things, so you never hear about it: Anywhere, in any literature, or on any website, or in any discussion, except to slander.) All the popular and so-called clairvoyants only seem to talk about the moon: a dead planet. The moon is their focus. A dead orb with no life. That speaks volumes about who and what they are, yes? Yet, they are the ones people go to for psychic readings and they are the ones getting press, money and prestige. Their whole existence keys around the dead orb lunar cycles.


Name me one book written in the last 150 years that spoke of the nimbus of glory extending from the sun, and the Sun Angels coming to and fro, from earth to the sun? Such a book has never, ever, been published. Why? Though, you might see it in the future, as the dark side seeks to co-opt this emerging truth with yet another spin with yet another one of their programmed devils.


It is also why the dark side uses sun imagery to sell their dark spirits as of divine coloring, with halos and such, around their heads. For what is the sun, especially now that we can photograph it so clearly, but a fiery, pure form of energy—giving equally to all in the system—with a fiery halo. Take the time to research the sun photographs taken by the lasco satellites some time and you’ll see more than just fire on the surface, you’ll see amazing expressions of life on and expressing through the surface. I had a collection of these photographs going back years and years, to be published one day, but then my hard drive was erased and that’s all gone now.


Of course, you can no longer trust lasco imagery. They doctor the stuff, hold back many images, and even plant false images to deceive. That time is past, sadly. Still, the occasional image leaks out…when someone overlooks their scrubbing job. All images I’ve seen in the last few years have been obviously scrubbed.


The reason for the halos is to still use the truth of things to manipulate you on a sub-conscious level, while convincing you on a conscious level to ignore going there. There’s the craftiness of it all. They want to keep you from consciously making the connection with truth, but they need to convince you on an inner level—of which we all resonate with as regards truth—that whatever product they are selling is the goods. The divine goods.


In short, this kind of mind manipulation is nothing short of the worst kind of black magic. For the term media is an ancient Greek word, which comes from the term the Medes. The Medes were black magicians. Those who practiced magik. With a K.


Happily, the truth of things will out. The more they practice to deceive, the more the spiritual truth of things will become apparent to all. And they know this, too. It’s why they go to such lengths to control true Christianity with the network controlled churchianity we have before us today; filled with rich, power-seeking charlatans who are so very far from the spirit of divinity as to amaze. The Catholic Church and the big international power churches with hundreds of locations worldwide are all emblematic of the level of control and deception put upon the world as to the nature of reality, spirit, and the path of holiness. It’s why time and again, I’ve implored those who would listen to seek out their own connection with divinity, in whatever way they can—given their ability, sincerity, and circumstances, and ignore the propaganda, programming, and deceit practiced by organized religion. The so-called sun symbols used by the Vatican and such are BLACK SUN energy focal points my friends. You’ll also notice a great deal of black sun imagery in use in the world today, if you pay attention.


Last year, in 2008, I visited a big campus—a bible college, where they churn out ministers—I found it wholly a CIA front operation, filled with bisexual and hate-filled Christians, destined to lead the next generation. It was saddening. And from these bible colleges, are filled the churches.


Remember this rule. When it is of reality, the image put forward is a natural thing, requiring no manipulation. What you see is what you see. It needs no explanation. It is self-evident upon prima facie.


The truth of things is before you, good or evil, if you prefer. It may shatter your long-standing hypnosis and programming. It may call you to question years of conditioning, but it is still the truth.


The truth, the life, the way. Same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.



If you want to see an early and blatant use of sun imagery to sell a mythos, simply watch the old Kung Fu television show from the early 1970s. It was the first use of using a nimbus of glory—sun of god thing. In the opening credits, we see Cain, walking over the desert, with a sun glare creating a halo effect upon him. What’s even more interesting is that they used the name Cain—as in Canaanite, or the first murderer, the reptile thing—as his name. It was two messages. One to the faithful: we are selling our biblical ancestor has a holy man, watch how we do it. Cain was a so-called priest of the Shaolin Temple who went about kicking everyone’s ass as needs be. They sold violence coupled with pacifism, an oxymoron. Only Hollywood could do that. The imagery sell point, right off, was the sun nimbus behind his head. It set the stage in the minds and hearts of millions of people, and the TV series was a huge hit. Still is a fond favorite of many people from that era. They did this because what worked for Cain on the show is what still works today: witness Obama and the machinations used by the dark side. Because on an inner level, holy men do have a nimbus. It’s visible, and can be photographed when the right conditions allow or if you have eyes to see. More importantly, it resonates on an inner level, which is why they use that to sell, sell, sell. A show is still a show. And with television, it’s all about magik.