I also have to wonder, and have pondered this for sometime now, as to why certain people "wake up" and tend to "get it" while others continue in their somnambulant state seemingly oblivious to all that surrounds them.  Do you think we come into this existence with the sole purpose of working to extricate ourselves in some fashion, or have been "seeded" on some level to make a difference in ourselves and those around us.  It is a question that has been on my mind for sometime now. 


Someone in Canada




First, most of the people around us are heavily programmed. As we know, we are programmed from birth onwards with varying degrees of “truth” passed to us from our environment. Our belief and agreement with these fictions is the degree in which our self-identity is deeply related to the same delusions. In short, by creating our identity that relates to ANY fiction or delusion makes us and the delusion as one. This can be ascertained by talking to soldiers right out of boot camp; those who have spent years in parochial religious orders, or simply those inculcated in varying legends so steeply, they cannot discern life, except through these fictions. This is the essence, is the key to mind control: putting layers of fictions upon the mind as facts which also control the soul. Witness the holocaust issue.


These fictions then become opaque plates through which all information must pass. Add more plates or filters, and eventually, we have before us men and women wholly programmed through which ANY truth must pass and be judged upon, according to the fictions. This leads to problems. For it is the programmed fictions which pass judgment upon any new information. Anything that is in contradiction to any fiction upon which the soul has established self-identity is usually doomed from the start.


If truth is thus filtered, then a shock is needed which must perforce shatter the delusions so that the accurate knowledge—truth—may enter. Each fiction acts as a judgmental barrier which restricts the flow of truth to the mind and soul. This is why fictions are constantly reinforced in schools, movies, and literature. Peer reinforcement—others who believe as the deluded believes and “loves them, too” adding an emotional energy to the fictions, making for a very solid mass of ice building up around the upper centers, blocking true knowledge—and hence, freedom—from entering in.


People are then born, who by the mere dint of their presence and fire, melt these icy forms. They need not do anything other than just be in their environment. The sheer amount electricity and heat they produce literally causes the icy forms in the blind around them to drip away, crack, then shatter. This is the true service of advanced and aware souls. In fact, the more they see, know, and become, the better it is for their environment. It’s why the great souls of the past constantly traveled all over their respective regions; to break those forms that had held the people of their time in bondage. Naturally, these are the same people who get crucified.


The problem then becomes with the deluded. The deeper their identification with their delusions, the more the shattering process affects their self-esteem, identity, and perception of themselves in the world. At this moment, either they break through or become dangerous. Indeed, the deeper their identity with the lie, the more they will strive for their very own blindness as from their point of view, the lie and themselves are one and the same things. Tell a preacher what he does and is, is a fiction and you’ll see what is meant. Witness the rapture nonsense. This is their critical moment: continue to choose delusion and therefore slavery, or choose to understand the truth of things and therefore freedom.


We’ve all heard folks say that one day, out of nowhere, they began to see their life as it really is. For no apparent reason. Well, at least it’s not apparent to them. But the process has started, the ice of delusions around them has started to crack and melt away. If they avail themselves to the glimmers breaking through, they then expand these cracks, eventually the forms which have held them in bondage for so very long then fall away, one after another, one after another, until they truly begin to see things as they really are.


Some people know they are living lies. Being part of a network that has been very good to them, as they perceive what is good, and they have a great deal invested in the lie. These are the handlers, controllers, and manipulators who stand to lose a great deal—from their point of view—should the lies be made for what they are. These are the enemies. They are legion. From their view, the system has done well by them and why not keep those under their thumb in a cage of lies? These then become, by their agreed choices, the dark souls following the dark paths. The ice they put out becomes their ice, their bright lights diminish, and until in one life, the light in heart shines out no more. They become hideous and putrid, both outward and inward, until all who gaze upon them find them revolting. In the end, all these have is their will. A cold determination, without conscience, without remorse, without love.