Broken Wing

By Don Bradley


One of the biggest problems we face is dealing with ourselves. Very often, we create mental ruts of perception, emotional mires of goop, and physical stasis which keep us down and keep us from perceiving right action and right path, as it can be for ourselves. One of the main reasons it’s so easy for others to manipulate us and control our directions and behaviors is because we ourselves create patterns in our lives—and quite frequently destructive patterns—and these patterns then become identifiable and therefore are subject to manipulation.


One of the first steps in breaking these patterns and gaining some semblance of freedom is to understand how we are controlled by them and how they influence us as souls. When events and experiences come to us that cause us pain and resentment, we create thought forms and energy pools that exist in our bodies and also, tend to float about where we work and live. These energy forms then become living, breathing soundtracks of negativity that stick like glue to our surroundings. It’s a common fact that wherever we go, we give a part of ourselves away—whatever we may be radiating, positive or negative. As well, those places in our life where we spend most of our time, we tend to saturate with our energies, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and such like.


These forms are our children. We created them and they stick by us, move with us, and if we are at any place for more than a few minutes, we leave them there like litter.


The problem with these creations, especially if they are negative, is that they also act as coverings that filter reality into our consciousness. They also grow in size, become stronger and more powerful as we give those feelings more time and energy. Then, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of misery. You come home from a hard day, being all bitter, and there are your bitter thoughtform children, waiting to embrace you and reinforce those bitter feelings.


How often do we advise people when they are feeling low to, “get out of the house.” Or “go do something?” Frequently. This is the superconscious awareness of this reality of spirit, acting out unconsciously as good advice. On an inner level, we understand that thoughts build up, pile up, all around us. And if our thinking is to the depressive and the like, then sitting and stewing in this sludgy whirlpool of hell, makes it all the more difficult for outside counseling and advice to get through. The person cannot hear us, because these energy forms grow more powerful and get louder as they feed and are fed, from the person so suffering.


Someone recently told me, “God doesn’t love me.” At the time this person made the statement, they were sitting in their usual chair of gloom and doom by their computer, and their room was filled with all these sticky, gooey, “woe-is-me” thoughtforms, all blaring like bullhorns back to their creator, the same negative noise. Whatever good wishes and helpful advice, had to fight its way through that wall of black sludge to be heard. Hence the advice, “hey, you should get out for awhile, go take a walk, breath some clean air.”


Though it’s true that these forms do cling to us, we tend the leave the bulk of them where WE CREATED THEM. This phenomena also relates to ghosts and all that. Some emotionally traumatic event occurs some place and for years afterward—the people involved are gone and dead or moved away—the place remains haunted. This haunting isn’t a spirit, but rather the forms still clinging to the area, house, or locale, slowly dissipating their energy as the decades roll by. So very often I get a giggle out of “psychics” who claim to be talking to the departed; When the scene is investigated, it’s just the old energy forms still vibrating and having an affect on sensitive people.


These facts also demonstrate how important it is for us to be the best we can when going out and about in the world. Our energies constantly impact and influence our surroundings so very much that we can either be a source of inspiration and joy, or a walking wall of dung that smells really bad, and that impinges upon others bringing our misery to them.


This is why walks in parks, forests, and the mountains are spiritually very good for us. The energy of trees, grass, the ocean air and the like, act as giant cleansers that scrub these sticky forms out from our aura. Every one knows the healing power of taking a nice hot bath or shower to help our mood. We’ve all done it. This is another way we can rid ourselves of these energy forms and free ourselves from self-destructive patterns that hold us down and hold us back.


When doing the above it’s also wise to try and uplift our thoughts to something higher. Prayer is helpful. Thinking along the lines of noble and uplifting areas also, by the dint of the higher frequency of these thoughts, act from above and break up these charcoal-like forms. Then when we take a shower, these broken forms go literally down the drain, taking a great weight off of our shoulders.


Dark forces understand the above quite well. They know that discordant sounds, lowball imagery and the like, tend to reinforce these negative energy forms and for that reason, there is so much violence on TV, porn on the internet, and graphic stories of brutality given out through the various media. They also know exactly what pushes your buttons, gets you going, and what generally works in getting you to go down that descending spiral of self-destructive thinking, feeling, and behaving. Coupled with fear ideations, doubt, and guilt, we become victims to overt and covert agendas which keep us down, keep us low, and keep us basically hating and wallowing in anger and self-pity.


It’s our job to see how these realities function so we can be who we are, without all the baggage and attacks that generally handcuff us and keep us from our being our very best. Once we understand these processes, we can see how much we ourselves create those conditions where all seems hopeless, especially with regards to our mental and emotional states. Then when the same old reactions and patterns show up—and they will—we will be ready, see them for what they are, and can take those steps necessary to change things, and thereby change our future. Once we take ourselves in hand and truly see the forces at work within us, we are on the road towards freedom. And that’s the kind of freedom we really need, before we can start working on those other freedoms.


We have to stop the vicious cycles and by doing so, stop those blackened souls who use our inner character failings as doorways of control. Take control of yourself, and others lose control over you. These “attacks” of a psychic kind so many complain of pretty much come to an end. WE GIVE THEM THE DOORWAY AND KEY. Shut the door and lock it with self-awareness and control of your OWN SELF.


Remember the ancient rule: they only have as much power over you as you allow them.


By indulging in self-destructive behaviors and thinking, we give our adversaries every advantage and give ourselves, nothing. See yourself as you really are. Take control. Find those opposites to your character dents and give them time and energy. Change things. Act decisively.


And be free.