Making Connections II



Making straight the winding road



From the very first moment we strive toward taking those steps toward understanding ourselves and the world within and without, very often our first conundrums are along the lines of making a bit of sense of all the various impressions that come to the forefront of our consciousness. It seems like so much confusing imagery, sense perceptions, feelings, urges, and intuitive understandings—all blended together in one ongoing and vast menagerie of soup that, at first, seems hopeless to understand. This is entirely natural because for many of us, this is the only time in our lives that we have undertaken the task of really seeing, knowing, and understanding the real us that inhabits our body, emotions, and mind. It stands to reason then, that as we finally pay attention to these aspects of ourselves, that we are confronted with an overwhelming and tumultuous sea that really hits us from all sides; because it is hitting us from all sides. And all at once.

It helps little as well, that in addition to the above, we are also bombarded by the world outside of our skin: the various kingdoms of nature, solar elements, lunar elements, transdimensional beings, other human beings, as well as higher divine realities that seek to also impress upon us correct action, right thinking, and make us aware of the pitfalls that are waiting for us upon the path of life.

The sheer combination of all these impressions are flat-out overwhelming, as anyone who has honestly started this process can confirm. As with any unorganized office, the mess must be made sense of in order for their to be clarity, understanding, and meaning to it all. Without this, only endless chaos and madness will result.

First and foremost, any undertaking of this sort while the person is under the influence of mind and/or sense perception altering drugs and narcotics is doomed to failure and can only result in a shattered mind and an enfeebled personality incapable of distinguishing fact from fiction and reality from illusion. If this describes you, the best bet here is to rid your life of those addictions and get clear of them for at least 3 months before making any attempt toward the tasks outlined herein. This is a most serious point and it is dangerous to proceed on any level if you are addicted to alcohol or potions on any level in your life. If you feel you are unable to drop these potions for any reason, better then to wait until such a time in your life that you are totally free from them. For many people, especially if it’s a long term addiction spanning many years, it would be better to wait for a period of one year, and taking the time to fast, do dietary body cleanses, coupled with a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and good pure water.

You’ll know when it’s safe. You’ll also get warnings when it is wrong for you to proceed and to ignore those warnings is like driving down a road in the rain at night and ignoring the BRIDGE OUT signs as you speed along. Your bridge is out all right…and it needs to be repaired before you can safely cross to the other side of yourself.

I’ve seen in my life, many men and women walking the streets shouting at themselves and having conversations with not only the demons attached to the cracks in their aura, but also with the very guilt-ridden experiences of their life they have for so very long, forced beneath the threshold of their consciousness—all bubbling over to and totally overwhelming their shattered minds. They at one point took one too many potions and played with fire they were unready to handle; the result being seven years of healing necessary before they could ever again hope to handle reality on any level.

If you want to become like them, throw caution to the wind and have at it. But you are again forewarned: to seek the inner kingdoms while working through a doped up and totally stoned reality is pure dynamite and only divine intervention can and will save you if you go down that road.

Our inner bodies are powerful collections of energy pools layered and connected to even more powerful aspects and dimensions of reality that very few people on this planet understand or are willing to talk about in public. The mind itself has more energy potential than any hydrogen bomb and playing in that warehouse is like lighting a pack of matches in a gunpowder factory. You have to be awake, healthy, and be totally clear before even attempting that mind field.

Understand? Good.