Making Connections



Putting it out there, within



One of the more than amazing realities of life is our ability to connect. We do it a thousand times a day, often giving very little thought to the process. It’s easy to say that anytime we connect with others in any way, we are conscious of it, and doing it for a purpose. Possibly. However, there are—as in so many things—degrees of connection that can be expanded upon and made fuller, both to the benefit of our selves and to the world around us.

In order to better understand this process, we must first understand the medium of communication and connection that we possess. We know we have the five physical senses and that’s as good as any place to start. However, without understanding how our thoughts, feelings, impressions, sense of things, and other inner capacities work with our senses and sense memories, any discussion upon this topic would be flat and one dimensional.

All this “connection making” is entirely about relationships. It’s how we move through our day, our life, and become the very people we are now. It’s about creating linkages with the various forms of existence.

The best place to start in making connections and thereby establishing relationships is to first and foremost, be present in what you do, say, think, feel, and know. This means that the days of sleepwalking through your daily life must come to an end. At once. So many of our actions are done literally asleep, that we miss 98% of everything that could be, should be, and might be.

We must be conscious of our expressions and of course, we know that we already are becoming so, given the outline stated in chapter two. The best way to see how much or how little we were present in any exchange with existence is accomplished by reviewing the transaction: first, after the fact. Secondly, as it occurs.

For example, if you are looking at a flower—as we’ve all done countless times—do more than just see it and dismiss it. For the ray of your eye contains the amplitude of your consciousness by degrees; meaning, if you are walking down a street and simply see a garden as you pass by, chances are good that less than 1% of you was there in the exchange. Also, given how reality works, you received about the same amount of expression from the flower—less than 1%. However, if you actually saw the flower, gave it your fullness of presence—in mind, feeling, and self—then you gave the flower energy, attention, observed it, and became at that moment, completely connected with it the highest level that is possible for your beingness.

In turn the flower gives to you, all that it can. Its soul, its beauty, its reason for being. If your eyes are opened, you saw the spirit behind the form, making an even deeper connection. You saw it smile at you as you smiled at it. You sensed its joy at being appreciated. You felt a thrill of energy zip up your spine as all the garden angels in the locale added their vim and vigor to the exchange. Further, you may have then noticed the Queen of the garden, whose job it is to majestically give watch and love over her charges and to communicate the needs of the garden to any gardener, the spirits of the air, the ground, water, and…the sun. In that same moment, you might have seen the thousands of garden spirits, tree elementals, and other such beings who all live in the plant kingdom. Your connection might have expanded even further to other aspects of creation.

All this in the same second. If you were present.

Happily, once you begin to do this, it becomes a kind of new consciousness for you. You find that everywhere the ray of your eye lands, this same effect is produced. And you notice as well, those who can discern this—human or otherwise—and those who are unable, or unwilling. You see more. You understand more. You know beyond doubt that all that is, is alive, expanding, and working in myriad of ways in the very world so many take for granted.

In that simple exchange with a flower, you grew. The flower grew. And the world became a better place. You created a link to the plant kingdom that will stretch out for eons. It then happens that your days of sleepwalking through your life are coming to a quick and happy end.

The main thing is to be awake. See everything. It is often said that the mind filters out what you need to see, and treats the rest as a kind of white noise, to be dismissed, given all the sensory perceptions available to our consciousness. This is true to some extant, but by rebuilding ourselves to be present in the outer world as much as we can, we also, by the dint of mirroring realities—within and without—the dualities, we also create those pathways on an inner level that makes us more intelligent, more aware, and more conscious of more than just the physical world, but the ephemeral realms, too.

As we wake up to the wonders of life outside ourselves, we wake up to the inner wonders within. And it’s that simple. Start with flowers, with birds, with anything that your inner spirit prompts you to be aware of. Doing so will

·        Establish inner pathways in the electromagnetic pathways in the brain, connecting various etheric centers in the brain.

·        Create linkages between your centers.

·        Create linkages between you and the object of consideration

·        Allow energy to transverse to as yet dormant aspects of yourself, awakening them.

You’ll also notice minor changes in your body. Stiffness in certain areas of your back, neck, and other locations, as these new energies begin to finally move in new directions. You’ll also see that there is an inner child inside you, eager to get out. This is the real you; that playful, loving, dolphin that only wants to splash in the sea. We call this sense of our self JOY; and it has zero to do with being happy, being a spiritual frequency and not a lower mind, emotional frequency.

Another unique thing is that rather than dismiss the whole of reality as white noise, you find you have the consciousness to be aware of all your sensory input and still be able to function, think upon certain lines, and be totally present. For many, this seems unreal. For most can only deal with one thing at a time, or maybe a few. Imagine being present and conscious doing, being, seeing, and processing consciously with several hundred or even a thousand considerations a moment?

For that is what will slowly occur, providing we take these simple steps.

By making conscious efforts at being present in our reality, we expand our mind’s ability—to do anything! In that expansion, it grows, organizes, sees, processes, and we become more than intelligent, we become connected. We are now relating to our world. We are present, conscious, alive, aware, and are finally beginning to see.

Only then can we begin to honestly say, I have relationships.

Whenever we do a thing, see a thing, or interact with reality on any level, take a quick moment and review it just after it has occurred. Now, we all do this to some extant anyway. If the exchange was with other people and was hostile, how many times have we heard someone say, “oh I wish I could have said or done thus and so at the time!” This exclamation shows that they have taken a moment or minutes to review the exchange, being slightly more detached from the event. Usually, it’s their ego that is showing them how they could have been more sharp or witty, or whatever. This is known as a negative event review. It reveals that they themselves are still under the power of their self-defense mechanisms and ego. It shows that they still are unable to know themselves in any way and are totally manipulated by their own programming, desires, and urges.

A positive event review is when we review the exchange and look at things in an impersonal way, without judgment, without ego, without seeking to exact a keener slap to the other party. If the attempts at knowing oneself are being done in earnest, this is entirely possible. A person who can do this is already advanced upon the way and is able to see the truth of things.

Once the above is done without interference from the ego, then we can do this while we are interacting in real time. This becomes easier as time goes on. You see the person clearly; their needs, clearly; their desires and ambitions, clearly. This enables us to finally do things right. After, if there is an event review, nothing is revealed that shows how it could have gone better, wiser, or more loving. Being present in our exchanges means we are really there: awake, alive, and functioning.

Then we finally achieve that divine impersonal state where our interests take a back seat to the true needs of any situation. For as we rise above our petty selves, and begin to function as the kind of souls we are destined to be, our ability to discern the given truth of things grows in power.

Our days begin to have meaning beyond simple words. The mundane stops being routine, an endless drudgery of existence devoid of significance. This is so, because we ourselves are making every single event in our day significant. We give the life we were given purpose, regardless of our station and path. Finally, we can begin to understand how those great men and women of the past—who seemingly had nothing by the world’s standards—had so much peace, joy, and contentment. Taking simple joys in the most mundane of what appears to the rest of the world, as an existence so filled with trite and simple pleasures as to be not worth living. These men and women knew, as you will know, that every action, experience, and event in the daily life can be one of endless connections and relationships far more valuable then the fouled gifts modern society has foisted upon the world in their place: TV, Radio, Music, and trashy reading material not fit to line a bird’s cage.

The smallest things bring the greatest joy: flowers, the laughter of children, a sunset, clouds moving across the sky, the smell of tomatoes in the garden, a kind twinkle in the eye of a total stranger…all these become for you, great moments of connection, wonder, and amazement with each experience becoming a unique thing of beauty that it has always been; though we are just finally noticing it for the first time.

All the dismissed and taken-for-granted aspects of our world become refreshed in our perceptions of them and in our relations to them. It seems at times as if we were given new eyes, a new heart, and a new ability, though it is still us. As we delve deeper into the mysteries of the world, we find we need less and less of the false fronts of society; the props and distractions to keep us amused and from taking those steps within ourselves which can and do, lead us to freedom.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? The word amusement means, to not think. Yet, in our society, the one thing we can count on without limitation is an endless supply of cheap amusements that do exactly that—keep us from thinking. And in our not thinking, we are asleep—daywalkers, staggering through our daily life, one amusement after another to keep us from thinking, knowing, being, and becoming. It’s why they put stereos in cars. Because they know that in our modern world, it’s the one time people will usually find themselves alone and they want you being “amused” as much as possible. And nowadays, even televisions are in cars…lest anyone miss their “programming.”

It’s clear beyond doubt that in our time, we must take advantage of every spiritual impulse that is ours to understand and employ. To slip back into the old ways, is to literally commit spiritual suicide.

Take every advantage of your daily life to really connect with whatever your day brings you. See, know, and be there, 100% of the time. Really listen. Really see. Really think. Let your joy, enthusiasm, and energy come into the situation, caring less what anyone thinks about you or how they project their own fears, programming, and silly spiritual handcuffs as to what is right and proper for you. Leave the blind, blind. If they choose that, bless them and set them free. For one thing that can be counted upon as you take these steps to freedom is the scorn, ridicule, and hatred of those still in their mental, emotional, and physical cages. Seeing you fly free of their self-imposed limitations, they’ll hate you for it, rather than set about freeing themselves. You’ll be called every dirty name in the book; slandered beyond belief by the very same people who will smirk a smile in your presence.

For you, however, these petty devices and attacks will have little meaning. For it becomes a signpost to you that you are on the road to freedom, beyond anything the haters could ever possibly know. At the end of the day, your only thoughts will be one of compassion and understanding. For they are chained, programmed, and still wallowing about in their slavery. You’ll see that clearer than ever and rather than return hate for hate, you’ll bring compassion and love to the table.

You’ll be honest with those that deceive you, wish to manipulate you, and you’ll treat them with the respect, courtesy, and kindness you know they need. It will matter little to you that they may and often will, slap down your efforts to build bridges of sincerity, truth, and joy with them. They’ll only see you as some loony buffoon….

But…you’ll be the one conversing with angels. You’ll be the one relating to and being related to by the various kingdoms of nature. You’ll be the one that fiery sun angels will bless a dozen times a day with their loving breath. You’ll be the one children smile at, want to be near to, and upon which doves will fly over your head.

And the only thing you’ll be thinking about during all this is, “how can I give this to those still blind, still in cages, and still sleepwalking through their day?” The answer will always be the same, age after age. By personal example alone. Those that can respond to your new and ever expanding soul, will. Those that choose the dark and closed ways, the ways of dissolution, deception, programming, and vice, will only ever see you as someone to be destroyed.

So very many folks are clothed in so much “image” persona, that they themselves have used as masks to present themselves to the world; women, especially so. These masks and personas must be dropped by simply being the person you find yourself to be. Then live with that, improve on that, and let the naysayers say what they will. For their contempt and slander reveals that they themselves are still ages away from the doors of freedom.

The Great Teacher said we must become as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven. He also said that the kingdom of heaven was within us. I found both statements to be true by personal experience.

And there are others. I’ve met a few people who in their forties, still look like they are in their twenties. Their voice still carries the sweet lilt of a young person and why? Because they live this reality and through them, and from them, they are living examples of these great truths. Their energy and aura is bright, infectious with fun, and you want to be around them all the time. Do they spend their days running cons, thinking of scams and plays, and serving their own lower desires? What do you think? On the contrary, they are wonderful mothers, fathers, and are suns in their respective systems. These examples show me that there are many upon the way to home and have been traveling upon that path for a very long time indeed.

All this seeing, knowing, doing, and becoming will open your mind and heart to all the various wonders that are rightfully yours to appreciate and have. It’s the deeper message of life. You are here, they are yours. It’s your planet. Make the best of it. Look beyond the illusions for the reality of things and step forward. Doing so, will be of tremendous benefit to yourself and the whole world.