All that is, I am




How do we define our relationships? By their meaning to us? How we were taught to define them by education, our parents, our culture, and our heritage? Are there other definitions outside of those data sets—data sets which very often act in contradiction to our hearts, our knowingness that something is missing from our collective experience? That is to say, can other information about relationships come to us that will help us and guide us towards a better understanding of ourselves and to even see if our previous information sets are even valid to us, or, are in fact, causing our endless pain and suffering? What does it all mean these relationships I have? Why do I have them at all? What do I owe to them? What do they owe me? Why are they so seemingly important, yet given so little consideration outside of everyone’s selfish interests? Are we really just a collective of selfish interests seeking for self and its apparent gratifications? A collective of various mutual gratification clubs spiraling through the cosmos on the rock known as Earth?

Even more important is this: what exactly is a relationship?

A relationship is a connection, on any level, with ANY THING, PERSON, PLACE, THOUGHT, FEELING, ACT, ACTION, URGE, REALITY, KINGDOM, AND/OR  PERCEPTION. It is defined by the conditions of its existence. If I think about someone, I’ve established a relationship with them in thinking and therefore in reality. The connection or relationship may be one sided, dependent upon their ability to perceive my thoughts, but it exists non-the-less.

We have a relationship with every part and fabric of our being: the very materials which make up our physical, emotional, mental, and spirit bodies. As well, any time we think upon an idea or object of consideration, we connect with it, its reality, its history, and its future. The level of our connection depends entirely upon the depth of thought, feeling, and action given from our selves to whatever in reality that is the attention of our focus.

This basic causal reality in effect makes us connected with all that is, was, or will be. Like gossamer threads, our thoughts, feelings, and actions create myriad links that are in fact pathways between the various levels and layers of who we are, were, and will be, to the very same set of realities given the subjective or objective realities of the very thing occupying our attention.

Once we understand this basic precept of existence, then we also begin to understand the vast magnitude of responsibility we ourselves have upon the warp and fabric of all that is: the whole of creation. For at the most basic levels, we are talking about magnetic/electrical pathways between ourselves and this same creation, the corporeal universe. Even science has established this relational reality even to the extant of saying that most of the physical universe beyond these self-same magnetic/electrical pathways is an illusion of space—empty atomic universes spinning at such high speeds as to give the illusion of solidity, most matter being 99% empty.

Further it is an acceptable demonstration that the above being so, then we are, at birth, already complete in reality. For all that we have and will have as souls already exists, providing we simply notice that it is so, and make a more awakened and aware reality for ourselves. This is the lifetime or body of work that lies before us. The journey, as it were, each of us travels understanding our place in the world, making sense of that place, and seeking to understand how, such as we are, that one can know, experience, and become the mysteries of existence as personal experience, beyond food, sleep, labor, and the various perceived drudgeries of existence.

Once we ourselves start seeing the above precepts as fundamental truths interesting things begin to happen:

1.                          How we connect with the world makes changes in how the world connects with us. Each new day, new experience, and new line of thinking presents to our perceiving minds different avenues of understanding, making hitherto unknown qualities and aspects visible and understandable to us.

2.                          As we pursue our daily life and make contact with the various elements of that life, we notice that we begin to honestly see these elements in a new light: as Divinity sees it; with all its manifold wonders of existence, its reason for being and existing, its purpose, and finally its soul or self expression: the very issues of what it wants, whether it be a flower, a small child, a lapping wave at your feet on the beach, or a wisp of air moving over your face.

3.                          We see more. It’s the same old world as it ever was, but somehow, it appears different to us. It is full of life. And that life becomes increasingly more divine in its expression dependent upon the simpler and more honest the character of that life expression. What could be more simple than a blooming flower, full of perfect beauty and grace? Look closely at that flower with the eyes of your heart and you see its soul—feminine grace and beauty—with an awake consciousness and soul qualities that remind us and give nod to the very perfect expressions of magnificence, elegance, purpose, and simplicity. Look deeper still and you notice…it is looking at YOU. It is connecting with the human flower that you are, in whatever stage of your life, and in that instant, you both make a deep connection, one with the other. You give to it, and it gives to you. You are simpatico and then the miracle happens: a sharing moment of love (the highest connection point.) From that moment on, every flower you see, every plant, every tree, every blade of grass, every little wisp of a vine, becomes a living, expressing, and growing life form with a soul, purpose, and will to be. And in that seeing, this then translates outward to all other areas of seeing more: people, places, objects, words, ideas, historical realities, spiritual realities, for the law holds good and true: if one reality and perception exists as truth in one aspect of creation, it therefore exists in all other aspects of creation as well.

4.                          We feel more. Ah, possibly the most wondrous aspect of all this relational connectedness is the sublime, heartfelt connection between one honest and loving soul to any aspect of creation: a rock, plant, dolphin, children, other people, the sky, earth, water, and all that is. In this increasing sense of knowing and seeing, comes the grand wonder of spiritual feeling: the heart tug that comes from an exchange of energies between our selves and the various realities that come under our life inspections, experiences, and perceptions. As anyone knows, whenever we give something our attention, we get an emotional sense of the thing, even if we ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist, it is there nevertheless. Our job is to pay attention to that feeling, for in the beginning, it will be stymied by our prejudices, preconceived ideas, hates, and learning sets, so very often stunted, retarded, and poorly constructed. The key here is to push all that aside and let the connection be pure, without all that inner noise poisoning the reception. Let the signal be clear. Feel the thing for what it simply is and without judgment. For in that clarity of connection, it will reveal its self, purpose, and in the case of the human family, with its judgments, hatreds, prejudices, and lack of heart, it will reveal its true inner nature. More upon this important topic later.

5.                          Becoming more aware and seeing more and aspiring for more connection, the spiritual kingdoms, rejoicing in such a blooming soul, enhances each new experience in life with even more deeper levels of connection, perception, and relation. This, by far, is one of the true blessings of creation and existence. The spiritual worlds and dimensions far outweigh the single, physical reality by at least ten to one. Only when we finally surrender ourselves to this fact and seek to understand this great truth do these dimensions begin to become visible to us. For in our striving towards knowing, being, and loving, we are noticed by the various angelic kingdoms of someone who deserves more than the mundane life, by the very dint of their efforts in consciousness to be more than a mundane life. Like any enterprise, a little effort yields volumes of fruit. So it is with the pursuit of understanding our relationship to the world. A little effort now, allows those higher dimensions who respond to the divine expression in any soul to help them, guide them, and bring them nearer to the divinity they seek in all things, within themselves. Finally the Great Truth becomes the law of that individual: All that is, I AM.


It is that this moment in time that we can then begin to truly understand life, and say, “all my life, I have lived with blinders on, but now I can see clearly.” Or at least, beginning to see clearly. And in that clarity, the ugliness of hate, separation, class, wealth, and the rotten dinginess of prejudice, vanity, and ego become the distortions of love that they truly are, the only real evil that exists.

We see all those decisions in our life that were based on these malformed and evil refractions of love and see them for what they truly were and are: moments when the divine in us was buried beneath the sludge of egoism and self. The great unstated truths prevail once again:

All that disconnects us with creation is evil.

All that connects us with creation is divine.

All that prevents truth is evil.

All that releases truth is divine.

These basic views then become interesting facets of expression as we take notice of the world around us.

Who is it that makes for one group of people hating another?

Who spins lies as truths, very often blending the two so as to sell lies better?

Who creates obstacles toward freedom, all the while saying we are free?

Who separates, divides, and quantifies as one reality better than another?

For in our seeing our relationships, we will honestly see all the myriad realities of Earth. And some of it is quite discordant. There actually are people who practice to deceive, betray, setup, and destroy. There exist men and women in government, education, and religion who serve ego, lust, power, wealth, and self. These people act in direct opposition to the divinity and life expression on earth, and do so quite knowingly that their actions are in opposition. And they do it because it serves themselves, over all else. They don’t mind being disconnected. They see relationships in the world simply for the purpose of exploitation and little else. Spiritually and clairvoyantly speaking, they live with their heads buried in the ground, while the purpose of divinity is to walk upright. They are the five-pointed star, with its point or spirit aspect, buried in matter: the upside down pentacle so often used as a symbol in Satanic circles. Aspects and offspring of all that is Anti Spirit, Anti Divinity…Anti Christ.

So be it. Thus is the nature of freewill.

Still, all this knowing, seeing, and connecting will produce far more glorious awakenings and understandings, in a single instant, than all the ugliness that the world can express, though some days it would appear otherwise. For we know that freewill is a reality in our world, and as souls, we do have choice in everything that we are allowed to have choice in. Much of the life we have seems to have so little choice in it, thrust as we are in this circumstance or that one. But that viewpoint is narrow, given the many lifetimes of choices we’ve made, are making, and will make. Make better choices, live with the above understandings, and eventually, those circumstances will change, either now or later.

For example, if we make the choice to be a parent to a child, then we have made a choice that must be lived with and related to for usually the duration of this lifetime. The choice being made, the effects of that choice then follow with all that comes with it. Each choice, dependent upon the magnitude, has effects which come home to be participated in as the results of that choice. We see this, accept this, and must perforce give our due to it with as much clarity and honesty as we are capable. The pain of any choice lies in direct quotient of what degree each element of that choice is lacking in connection with the ever aspired to upward arc of divinity we ourselves seek. In other words, when our choices are in conflict with our spiritual path, then we feel pain in that choice.

We also feel pain whenever our choices are based upon any aspect of ourselves that seeks our slavery. This can be our urges, our resentments, hatreds, and narrow-mindedness, and even our perceptions of reality, if our perceptions are distorted or delusional on any level.

So very often, we see those around us still walking in the fogs of delusion, reacting and acting in vanity, ego, and selfish behavior that our connection with them very often falls far short of the spiritual mark. Well, that is simply earth in our time. Give what you can to make things clear and let the Spirit of Love sort out the rest. As the alcoholics so very often say, “Let GO and Let GOD.”

Our greatest moments can be those times in our lives when we see things as they really are. The motives, life goals, and expressions of others and of life in general is one amazing educational experience. As any child can see, this planet is a varying and strange dichotomy of religions, cultures, and national characters. Whatever it is that we see, know, and come to understand, one reality comes through clearly: it is here for a reason, it has purpose, and seeing the why behind the outward form makes for great leaps in our own spiritual awakening. Seeking out the why in any equation of existence presents volumes in those areas most needed: love and understanding. Stand back and take long looks at what is presented to your consciousness. How much of it is really useful, or is it a gooey mess of nonsense fed out to the world to keep it in slavery?

Use your perceptions to open your heart to understanding, rather than the usual fancy of our time, which is to reinforce belief systems that are wholly stunted and in direct opposition with the emerging Spirit of Love that only wishes one thing in this world: To express Its Self In all that Exists. To show that we are in fact, connected with Life and on every level. Make that your journey’s quest and a life of spiritual connection and abundance will very soon be yours.