By Don Bradley, May 2009




Having been a student of dietetics since I was about 17, it’s been an interesting ride to see how much the public’s perception has changed over the years. Until the 1990s, about as high-frequency as you could get was being vegetarian; as far as mainstream health was concerned. Even mention of that word, prior to that time, usually led to weird questions and vague inferences as to being some kind of nutcase. The usual rap from just about anyone was how necessary eating dead animals was to our survival and all the rest of that claptrap. This still goes on today, for one of my sons was told by his school teacher recently that if people were to go vegetarian they would weaken and die, and the economy would collapse because of all the dairy and animal farms. See how the programming works and at a young age? My son just openly laughed in class, being better informed upon the issue.

In the 1980s, there were very few healthful stores about, and those were usually small little out of the way places, with sawdust on the floor and with most of the health-food packages covered with a layer of dust. Usually, they were run by older women and ex-hippies, with long grey hair. Nothing was corporatized in those days. When a label said organic, it usually meant it was grown nearby and you could believe it, too.

Now, the whole health food thing is a big corporate industry. Most organic labels and small producers of healthy products have been bought out by the likes of Colgate, General Mills, Monsanto, and all the usual killers who have been GMOing our food and giving us chemicals instead of nutrition since the 1950s. Very often, while visiting a health food store, it’s a veritable sea of differing labels and stuff. And very, very expensive. A one pound bag of flax ten years ago was two bucks. Now, it’s forty dollars and still rising. To eat well, to avoid the chemical-agro industry requires a budgetary expenditure usually four to six times what is required in a usual chain grocery store, where all the foods are processed and all the vegetables are irradiated and have been genetically modified.

Even so, with a small budget, there are still ways to do the best we can and generally give our bodies the things it needs to stay healthy. Of course, if you have the money and can afford the very best, than you can probably do much better than the average person. You’ll have all the necessary organic supplements, you’ll have non-GMO food, and you can assure you and yours a healthy lifestyle that will provide for the very best of what your body needs.

I base the following on careful observation of what I’ve observed over the years, especially as it relates to diet. It seems that for most, diet is all about losing weight. Hmm…well that’s incorrect. Diet is about what we put into our bodies and when we should put it in there. Losing weight is about reversing a trend toward obesity because the person made and has continued to make, extremely poor life choices as regards to their diet.

If you are overweight and generally obese, these words will mean very little to you. You serve your stomach, gluttony, and are a slave to sweeteners, chemically modified foods, and have been hypnotized by network advertising to such an extreme, that you take little responsibility for reversing any trend toward a healthy diet until something severe happens in your life path, like diabetes, etc., And any fleeting thought of making a real change in your diet is instantly forgotten when a milkshake appears on the horizon. So be it. You have the freewill to be that, if you want. Go ahead, have another candy bar.

However, many people want freedom. In every sense of the word. That usually means that at one point in our life path, we must take stock of our diet and see if changes are necessary so that we can have a better functioning body that will do what we need it to do, so we can move to more important things. If you are such a person, than possibly you already know much of what you are reading and are about to read.

It’s been said many times, and by moi, that we must really take the time to listen to our bodies. When we are under emotional and mental stress (usually based on fear issues and thought forms,) it shows up in the body. If we have poor diet choices, it shows up in the body. If we are functioning against the higher potentials of this life wave, it shows up in the body. Everything devolves down to a physical issue, if ignored or suppressed.

Our first step and the easiest one, is to change our food choices and to do it slowly. I say this because radical changes will often lead to boomerang results, which will often—especially if you are weak in regards to being the master of your body—lead to you failing in your quest for a better diet and doing even more damage than was done previously. This is especially true if you are responsible for a group of people, such as your family, who have been for years, accustomed to having the old poisonous foods and regularly. Introduce changes firmly, but s l o w l y. If you want a total rebellion and reaction in your home, make sweeping changes overnight and you’ll have a full-scale revolt on your hands and a house full of pissed-off people. Modern processed foods are made to be addictive on purpose with additives that clearly create addictive personalities out of people. FACT. Many have made their changes early on, and their family is already on a healthy course. Well done. This article is like preaching to the choir for you.

By far, the hardest part of changing the diet in a home is when your spouse or significant other is totally enslaved by the chemical/agro food chain and has informed you that he/she likes things just the way they are…or else! This is still solvable, but you have to solve the problem correctly by making little changes here and there, and slowly—and this works best while eating dinner as a family—by educating the assemblage as to the food they are enjoying is thus and so, and for thus and so reasons. And golly, it tastes great! Then you have agreement. Children are most receptible to change, especially if they have been raised in a loving and encouraging home, devoid of television, fear, and anger.

What follows is what has worked for me. I paid close attention to my sons and gently made those changes, little by little, which would allow their bodies and especially their minds, to understand why these changes were occurring and so that there would be little addiction reaction by their various systems. Tell a kid no more soda and his body has a total fit. This is so, because colas are filled with many different kinds of addictive substances which causes withdrawal symptoms, the least of which is caffeine.

1.                           Get your family on water and make that your first and number one priority. That means you have to make a plan and stick with it at all hazards. Obviously, distilled water is the best, because most bottled water comes straight from municipal water supplies and is often so loaded with fluoride and other heavy metals that giving them that stuff is nearly as harmful as letting them drink a half dozen sugar drinks a day. And by the way, all those colas have fluoride in them. That’s a fact. The beverage makers use muni-water just like Arrowhead and Sparkletts water companies. And in the state of California, all bottled water sold in stores (except for distilled) has fluoride in it, as required by law. If it’s bottled in California, it has fluoride. Water is the number one cleanser of the body of any and all pollutions. It rinses, washes, energizes, hydrates, and animates everything that your body needs. Consider it the primary building block of any good diet. It all starts with water and goes uphill from there. Making diet changes and leaving water out of the equation is like building a house on sand. One day, the whole mess will come crashing down, taking you with it. You know the drill, about six to eight glasses a day. Start throwing out the sodas and please, stop buying energy drinks, by and large the worst liquids a person can drink. Do some online reading about them and it reads like nutritional horror stories. Energy drinks are poison. As are soft drinks, especially if in daily use. Bless your water before drinking and bless your food, every time you prepare a meal.

 The boys and I were at a surfing competition among high schools a few months ago at Surfer’s Point in Ventura, just to see what all the blather was about, and a major beverage company had these little pretty blonds and brunettes in skimpy bikinis walking around offering free cans of RED BULL. Eventually, they got around to us and as she lifted the can, all I could see was this black energy field around the can. “No thanks.”

2.                           Next, start slowly having vegetarian or vegan only days. Here and there, but at least twice a week. Increase this every few weeks until you are at least at a place where you are serving vege-meals five days week. Sure, you can still have your meat days, but get to a place where they are requested. Usually and within a very short time, the bodies of your household will be responding to the new healthy paradigms and the old cravings will have gone by then. Mostly, after that point, it will be psychological cravings of gluttony that fuels the obesity fires so rampant in the western world, especially in America. Twenty years ago, at the beach, about one out of ten people was obese. Nowadays, it’s more like nine out of ten. At the beach, there are no lies, especially as regards to nutrition. You see it all there: the spotty skin, the sagging arms, the huge guts, everything.

3.                           While you are doing step number one, slowly stop buying sugar treats. Boxes of cookies and all that, flat-out have to go, except as the occasional treat. As well, make it so that within 45 days, your house is cola free and stick to it. You’ll notice that the sleep patterns in your home will become normalized and that as you reduce processed sugary foods, the glassy-eyes of your family will also vanish. Moods will become better. In point of fact, you’ll see a great many changes, all for the better. The thing is, avoid being fanatical about it. Your family wants some ice cream? Go ahead. Having it once in awhile is fine. Like with any sugar treat. But having every day and several times a day and you’ll be fat and diabetic, with terrible health very quickly. If your hubby or wife has to have a hamburger, be happy to make them one; hey, it’s all about freewill, you know. But if you do things right, explaining things correctly as you go without being dictatorial or strident like some martinet, than you’ll have agreement and cooperation with your suggested changes. Be smart about it, and do it with love, rather than with the whip.

4.                           Throw out all pill-based vitamins and minerals. Your body simply was never designed to process inorganic minerals. There it is. At best—AT BEST—your body will only process about 4% of them, the rest either clogging the lining of your colon, or toxifying your system. The body then becomes so polluted with these harmful inorganics, that they end up in your sweat, breath, and skin. You can really smell this foul toxic discharge any place on the body where moisture from glands collects: under the arms, between the legs, like that. Ever notice how senior citizens—all on various pill-based vitamins and minerals—smell like vitamins? This is so, because their bodies, at their advanced age, can no longer process out all those toxic metals and minerals and their sweat glands and lunges and skin are petrifying with the overload and it becomes their body odor. If you can smell vitamins on a person—like with alcoholics—it means their body has reached a total saturation point of toxicity and is now bleeding out the harmful substances through the lungs and skin. Notice how you can’t find this information on the internet? Notice how not one health food magazine or guru talks about this? Why? You can see it and smell it on people, when they breathe; the room fills with the odor. Once the body reaches toxification of anything, it ends up in our breath and sweat.

The solution is to make the change over to colloidal vitamins and minerals. This is so, because our bodies were designed to get vitamins and minerals from our food supply, mainly from fruits and vegetables. Plants take minerals from the earth through the uptake system of their roots. This then puts the mineral in suspension of colloid, which our body was designed to absorb and receive. Chelated vitamins are also good, and it’s best to have both and mix them up. Colloidal in the morning; chelated in the evening. Then, your body has and gets everything it needs to stay healthy, for all the systems that make up our personal biosphere. The reason we no longer get it in our food supply is because the big agro farms and even many organic producers only add NPK as minerals for plants to grow in. Sure, it makes the plants look great, but they are nutritionally devoid of the necessary minerals our bodies need to stay healthy and strong. Our family has been on Colloidal vitamins and minerals since 1995 and we rarely, if ever, get sick. Check it out.

5.                           Start making fruit shakes or smoothies on a daily basis. This is where you can go raw and vegan, and where you can provide the best nutrition your body needs. One of these babies, if made correctly, can supply your body with all manner of goodness. There are dozens of smoothie recipes out there, but while you are doing so, have fun with it. Some days are GREEN, which means leafy green smoothies with varying organic additions which will override the sometimes bitter taste of going green. Make other days strawberry days, or blueberry days; like that. Add flax, vegan protein powder, and whatever you feel guided to give your family. It will be different things on different days. Just listen. You’ll know. If done right, smoothies will become an often looked-for treat that everyone will want to have. After a few months of this new addition to the family diet, sodas and other nasty things will be looked upon with abhorrence; as well they should be. This is where you get the best vitamins and the best fuel for your body. It means the body gets what it was designed to get: Raw Food. Pay attention as you drink these things and you’ll get total affirmation responses from your body on every level. This lets you know it is happy that you’ve finally found the right gasoline for its various engines of being. Well done.

6.                           Stop using processed mixes and packaged dinner preps and move toward making everything in your kitchen from scratch. The big lie is that it takes more time. WRONG. It takes about the same time to make something from scratch as it does to pull it out of a box and all the stuff with it. The reason for going with scratch ingredients is so that the food you eat is additive free on every level. The additives put into food are designed to be addictive and destructive at the same time. FACT. Most food additives kill cells and create colon problems that can take up to seven years to fix, depending. This is a deal-breaker, friends. You will taste the difference right off. Why make Uncle Ben’s pre-made nasty rice, when you can pull out of bag of organic rice and boil some water? Do a kinesiology test of the two preparations and you’ll see which is better.

7.                           Cooking oils. Throw them out. All of them. All processed cooking oils do one thing and one thing at their very best or worst, as it really is. They slowly erode the myelin sheath around your nervous system. Want Parkinson’s and short-term memory loss at an early age? Do you like have increasingly poor motor skills? Like blurred vision do you? The reason ALL OF THESE so-called vegetable and canola oils are so bad is because they are made of short-chain fatty acids, which are poisons to the nervous system and the colon. The solution is olive oil. For use on the stove, get extra-light—which adds no extra taste to the meal—and for all other items such as baked breads or anywhere in your recipe that requires cooking oil, use olive oil instead. And get the good kind. Hand and cold-pressed olive oils, when frozen, create clear beautiful forms. Chemically processed olive oils look like an oil smudge when frozen and are cloudy; that’s how you test them. Olive oil comes from trees and is a long-chain fatty acid, which is the kind the body wants and needs. The switch over to olive oils also means you will no longer have liver problems and stones, btw, an added benefit, wouldn’t you agree? Olive oil has dozens of benefits beyond what has been mentioned. Check it out.

8.                           Throw your microwave oven into the trash. NOW. Irradiating your food is the absolute worst thing you can do to yourself. In short, you kill the spiritual life out of it, making it dead. DOA. No longer alive. Get a table top oven and start using it, if needs be. Learn to cook, if you have yet to make the transition to totally raw. It takes time to get to that place, especially if you have a family on  your hands. Learn to use the oven under your stovetop. And save your family’s life in the process. BTW, if you are in a restaurant and get a baked potato, inquire if the potato is cooked in a microwave. Most restaurants use them for those kinds of preparations because they cook the potato fast. FYI.

9.                           It will come to pass that dairy is one of the last thresholds which ultimately must be crossed. At the very least, and if you can afford it, get dairy that is organic and free of hormones. You’ll know when this transition is necessary. In our family, we’ve pretty much switched away from all dairy. In the main. Distilled water works just as good in recipes as milk does, and very often, much better. The thing is to listen. When your body is ready and you’ve made many of the changes listed above, you’ll soon find that dairy is lowering your etheric frequency, especially during certain lunar cycles. Menstruating women are more attune to lunar cycles than men and will notice this need for change usually sooner than men. You’ll know. Trust in that knowing. Pray for guidance and direction in all dietary changes, and listen well.

10.                       As your body gets clear of its lifetime of toxins, start instituting annual and semi-annual colon cleanses and other detoxification protocols. Get your liver and kidneys back into shape. It will do little good to do it if your diet is still full of processed sugars and poisons, but once you get clear of these toxins, you’ll see and feel the need to do a full body flush. Get a good colon cleanse and get the past behind you once and for all and be free. The past is gone; time to let it go and release all those years of ignorance and self-destruction.

11.                       Obviously, throw out iodized salt and fluoridated toothpaste. Get plain table salt or sea salt. The good sea salt is not white (which means it was processed, which at the end of the day, is simply table salt again), but is slightly off-color, which means it has all 92 minerals that are present in ocean water. The problem with sea-salts is that again, the body prefers mineral in colloidal suspension, over any other form. Really, plain table salt is fine. Cook with that and be wary of the sea-salt propaganda going around. I’ve looked into it and it’s mostly nonsense. It’s your call, of course. But if your recipe calls for salt, then plain table salt (sodium chloride) is all you need to add and your body will do fine with it. Your body reacts to inorganic iodized salt as it would any toxin. In fact, do a taste test. Plain salt tastes like plain salt. Iodized salt actually will numb the tongue. As for fluoridation, avoid it at all costs. Some people will even tell you that its better to use just plain baking soda for toothpaste, but kids may rebel at the horrific taste of that stuff. At the very least, get fluoride-free toothpaste and go from there.

12.                       Check all your bathroom supplies for any ingredients which have aluminum in them and trash them at once and while you are at it, throw out all your aluminum and Teflon cookware. Get stainless steel and stop poisoning your body. Look…bird owners will tell you that using Teflon cookware will kill your pet birds. If it’s doing that to those sensitive little angels, imagine what it’s doing to you. Check it out; it’s a real nightmare.

13.                       While you are at it, start switching over to chemical free skin and body lotions. Your body wasn’t meant to have a 40 item list of unpronounceable chemicals slathered all over it on a daily basis. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it absorbs everything and in the body it goes. I made the switch over to chemical free skin lotions last year (have to, spend a lot of time in the sun and water) and my skin immediately responded by becoming tight again and all sagging disappeared—everywhere, within one month.  It’s amazing how much chemicals are sold to women for “youthful skin” and they are actually toxifying it! The best one I’ve found (so far) is Desert Essence. No chemicals at all and organic to boot. Yay! The last two items may not seem like nutrition items at all but think about it: you are putting these things in your body. That means your body is absorbing it, like food, and has to process what it absorbs, right? It’s impossible to make food changes, but keep poisoning our bodies with chemicals which still harm it and think we are going forward. Anything that goes in or on the body has to be looked at.

14.                       If you drink or do drugs daily, well…’nuff said.

15.                       If you can, and have the space and live in a house, plant a garden. Get seeds and start planting as your particular seasons warrant. You can actually buy minerals online that you can mix into the earth so you can have the best vegetables ever. Every single day, go out and bless your plants, and give them a bit of love. All that loving affection will make those vegetables the best and brightest they can be. Lucky you, if you can have a vegetable garden.

16.                       When you go shopping, say a prayer: guide me to what me and my family need most this week. Please. Then be attentive, stay in the moment, stop day-dreaming and focus. See what shakes out.

Well, this is a good start, and obviously more can be said about the varying things regarding nutrition, but already this article is getting long and I’ve learned to keep things short and to the point. However, remember this and always: keep things in balance. The highest frequency foods are fruit. Next comes tree branch foods, like olives, grapes, etc. From there its bush type foods, then foods just above the ground; then ground based foods, legumes next, and finally tubes, like potatoes. The body needs them all to be in balance. Each food group, according to what I’ve observed has different spiritual actions to different parts of the body. I’m not referring to that load of horse-dung called the four food groups put out by the FDA which is an ongoing load of nonsense, but by the spiritual caliber and energetic action each food type I’ve listed above in this paragraph by brightness. Fruits carry the largest amount of sun energy and brightness, decreasing as the vegetable gets nearer to the ground. Meat and some dairy are literally dead material very often energized with fear because of the circumstances in which the animal was slaughtered, but that’s another article for another day. Your body needs all types of vegetables, not just fruit. Fruit energetically affects the region of between the knees and the navel, whereas peas and ground based vegetables work nearer to the throat and head. You can see the effects of meals on any body, any where, within a few minutes after consuming. Same with liquids, pills, or whatever goes on or in the body. It’s visible. Fifty pages could be written about this easily, with detail, and by food article.

                  Trust your own perceptions, do your own thinking and research. Double check everything. Learn, know, be, observe, like that. What was written in this article was how I got my nutrition world on track and I did it by listening mainly to what my body was saying to me. Some years, it was complete vegetarian. Some, not. Some are blends. Some are vegan. Pay attention and your body and your prayers will provide you with all the guidance you need to get healthy and provide a healthy home for your loved ones. Once you get the basic and honest nutrition education, it’s easy.

                  Be wary of the big agro companies and their propaganda organs. If it’s an advertisement on TV, that should be enough to send you in the opposite direction for the truth of things. It’s a good rule to follow. Corporations, the big pharmaceutical companies, and the like, want a sick and a weak population that is easily programmed, hypnotized, and obedient. And the food these monsters make available to the masses is mainly, poisonous to the body.

                  You can do it. It’s in your hands, and while we still have the freewill and choice to make the change. One day, only the elite will have access to organic and healthy foods. The rest of us will be given whatever version of soylent green they intend for us to consume.

                  God bless you and yours, and I wish you the very best on your journey to good health.