National Black Magic: Germany and the USA

By Don Bradley, June 2009


In the creation of the Nazi party, the leaders chose for their system a very venerable and ancient symbol of good luck and blessing. The swastika. But with one minor, yet important change. They reversed its direction.

"As differentiated from the swavastika (or sauvastika), which is similar but which has its legs take off from the ends of the cross to the right, left-handed (motion), implying counter-clockwise direction -- counter to the currents of Nature -- the swastika has legs which take off from the ends of the cross to the left, right-handed (motion), implying clockwise direction -- and therefore 'with' the currents of Nature. The symbol which Hitler used for the Nazi party was actually a swavastika (or sauvastika). "

"from Working Glossary: Svastika, any lucky or auspicious object; a sign shaped like a Greek cross, with the extremities of the four arms bent at right angles in the same direction"

"from Sanskrit Keys to the Wisdom-Religion: Swastika A mystical cross with its arms bent at right angles suggesting a whirling motion; also, a symbol of good fortune and blessing. Swastika is a compound of su -- a particle meaning 'auspicious,' 'blessed,' 'virtuous,' 'beautiful,' and 'rightly'; and astika derived from the verb-root as -- to be; hence 'that which is blessed and excellent.' The Swastika is a very archaic and sacred symbol which can be found in the religious relics of every ancient nation, for it depicts the whole story of the cosmos and man, their contrasting dual aspects, the four directions of space, the revolution of worlds, cyclic progression, and the union of spirit and matter at the heart of things."

The purpose of reversing the direction was to invert the energy this symbol is a focal point of. In short, it makes it an evil, or a dark energy. Even Wikipedia is in on the disinformation act by showing the swastika as a left-handed symbol in history. However, that is a lie. In all its ancient uses, you see the symbol spinning toward the right. The symbols used in Wikipedia have been inverted as well, giving the impression that the symbol has always been used this way. There are incidences in the past where some religious orders prior to the 20th century have used this inverse swastika, and they've been identified with Kali worship and the dark arts. The Naziís simply used what has worked in the past for channeling dark energy.

In point of fact, any positive symbol which is used on an inverted level by virtue of the very nature of symbols channels or shifts the energy from positive to NEGATIVE, which followers of the dark path like.

Sadly, it doesn't end here. Several years ago, American servicemen started wearing their battle flag patches on their uniform with the American flag reversed. All uses of the Stars and Stripes in the past have the flag with the field of blue on the left, with the bars heading toward the right. This is a positive flow symbol, that, as the Nazi's had done, has been inverted so that all the energy flowing through the symbol would be switched from positive to negative.

As it happens, today I found myself standing behind a gunnery sergeant in line at the store, so I point blank asked why his flag was on backwards and he told me it was because of how flags when placed on a car being driven down the road, are pointing backwards. This is a ludicrous explanation in the extreme, but this is what the men in uniform are being told. Anyone with a thinking mind can see at once this simply makes no sense, to have all flags on uniforms, in literature and so on, switched in reverse, simply because of how it looks when a staff car might be driving down a road.

Such are the deluded and brainwashed. The unthinking.

This reveals to us that America has taken on the mantle of Germany in the 1930s - a force for negative energy in the world. And we know what the fate of Germany was. The math is simple.

Once we understand how symbols are focal points of energy, we see how the use of such symbols can be used to channel either positive or negative energy. We see this especially in Satanic circles in the use of the 5-pointed star - a universal symbol of man, with the point of spirit or divinity at the apex. In Black Magic, this symbol is inverted and turned upside down, putting matter over spirit - the very goal of the dark path - to kill the divine in humanity through the exaltation of matter.

Over and over again, we see how those following the dark paths both understand energies and symbols and are consciously using them for negative and dark purposes. When you see it on a national level, then the entire energy of that nation becomes negative, affecting it's relationship with all other nations and peoples, but especially, the people who live in that country. Ironically, the more "patriotic" you are - when the national symbol is inverted, as is with Nazi Germany and now, the USA - the more this energy affects you on every level of your being. Go ahead, wave your flags, wear the symbols inverted as is now the fashion, and sink into the mud of anti-spirit, anti-Christ.

It's time to pay attention to the world around us and see things as they really are. We are being led into a dark future by darkened hearts following a dark agenda.

You'll see more and more the actions of the United States mimicking those of Nazi Germany, as it is doing year by year. As most who read these words of mine are network assets, this is probably making you smile. Well, someone has to say it, so I guess it's me.