By Don Bradley, May 2009




We all know what hate is, how it can fill a person, drive them to mental images of savagery, malice, and cruel acts. It can and often does, drive them to act out the feelings within the bosom of their heart. Once a person decides upon allowing this frequency to overtake their thinking and feeling states, they are often quite capable of doing any and every kind of imaginable harm, very often justified by some ridiculous set of conditions which they believe wholeheartedly, gives them the absolute right to hate and therefore act upon that hatred.

From the instant that hatred takes seat in the heart of any soul it at once freezes their outer aura and creates a literal flint-hard shell which acts as a barrier to any impulse, thought, or feeling that stands above and outside their hatred. This then, becomes a self-serving vicious cycle: the mind and feeling aspects of these lost souls create a self-imposed wall which only allows that information and awareness inside the self of the person which only agrees with the frequency of hate and of course, the object of their hatred. And it grows. And it breeds. It breeds judgment and contempt. And that is the last and final road of hatred which dissolves any spiritual links they could ever have with the divine. We see it all the time in nationalistic/jingoistic mantras of state, in religious orders, and especially, in the membership of the “network,” that unique clique of half-human, half-reptilian/demonically controlled souls who by dint of their very existence live, breath and serve the lower frequencies: fear, lust, anger, hatred, judgment, gluttony, apathy, malice, and so on.

Once this occurs nothing can be done to help them, for their very own anger, hate, self-pity, and malice create thick walls which then will attack any form of help which might be of use in their breaking of the hatred that holds them prisoner. Love for these souls becomes merely an act, a device, which is used like a saber to gain favor, compliance, or control of those around them. For that is how they are controlled, by those above them.

It’s one of the ironies of the situation. Love can set them free, but they cannot feel it, know it truly, or understand its divine workings for as long as contempt and hatred fill the chambers of their heart, they can only know and present the façade or appearance of love. For the façade of love is all they receive themselves. They then believe lust is love; being attentive to please, is love. They believe these things and do them, because that is how they are treated. And in the network, they want two things and that always: more power and more money. And to get this, they must please, obey, and be attentive. If they are “asked” go here and do thus and so, they do it. For refusal means an immediate stoppage on their goal of achieving more power and money.

Hatred then becomes the spiritual currency of the satanic realm. For how else can you get a soldier to shoot a child in the head, or get an individual to murder an innocent person, unless they are filled with hate? How else can you convince a woman to be a “honey-pot” and sleep with total strangers—pretending to love them—so as to gain control of the person and their world? Only hate allows one person to see another and then decide to do these very common things in our time. Only hatred creates those conditions of fear, loathing, and contempt which then enables the person to become capable of any foul deed. Only hatred allows one stranger to setup and then betray someone they’ve never met before.

With hatred, not only are the worst acts possible, but generally are probable, given the state of affairs in the world today. Hatred of one group by another means the group doing the hating will do any conceivable act of destruction toward the group of which they hate. We see it all around us. The wealthy controlling the poor and using them as cannon fodder, taking away their jobs, spraying their skies and water supplies with poison, and injecting them with poisons which turn them into the walking dead.

Hatred does all these things and more. A person who is filled with the darkest frequency of hate—contempt—very often lies, suborns others, and will spread every vile unfounded rumor about any object of their hatred. They will cheat, steal, and murder, if given the chance. They will turn a blind eye to the dark actions of other haters and pretend as if everything is normal.

Contempt is the darkest frequency of hate, for it is of mind. It creates and allows for a judgmental attitude which then squarely sorts all of life into factions, sections, and groups. This one better than that, this person or ideology better than that, and so on down the line until one day, all the world is fighting against all the rest of the world, and usually and quite ironically, with some kind of validation which has been handed them by other haters. Life for many then becomes an endless experience of being hated, seeing hatred, and watching the world burn itself to ashes, all in the name of hate.

The great prophets of the past ages knew this—and especially Christ—which is why they constantly advised anyone who would listen to take hold of themselves, root out any prejudices, judgments, and hatreds first and foremost, within themselves. Until the day comes that we can honestly say to ourselves that hate has left my soul, can we honestly say we are free. For as long as hatred and its various still-born offspring live in our hearts, we are slaves to a world which is controlled by those using hate to keep the poor under the boot of oppression, the world in wars and slaveries of every kind, and the people lost and confused about the deeper meanings and purpose of life.

It’s up to each of us to turn the magnifying glass of our mind and insight upon the domain of our very selves and see honestly how we think, feel, and relate to ourselves and the world around us. Anytime we find those aspects which stand in opposition to the spirit of love within ourselves, we must then “get to work.”

As son Randy pointed out yesterday, “until we conquer hate within ourselves first, we are unable to conquer it in the world.”