By Don Bradley, May 2009




My, how they sell it, package it, use it like a weapon, and shower it over the heads of the masses. Fear is the ultimate Weapon of Mass Distortion. It blinds, restricts, hypnotizes, impedes forward motion, and reduces the recipient to a quivering mass of spineless jelly, ready and able to receive any post-hypnotic suggestion and behavior. Fear is used mainly in our time as a control feature, its powerful solar-plexus frequencies shutting down the higher, leaving the mind and body under the animalistic control of the limbic brain and reactive thinking. And this is just the beginning.

Like most people, I’ve had my own confrontations with fear. At 19, I stood on the edge of a water control dam—only four inches wide at the top—with a drop off of about 60 feet on one side and about 90 feet on the other, all the while with a guitar strapped on and playing. The idea occurred to me to walk out on this ledge to the center of the dam (no hand rails or footing other than the 4” surface) and continue playing the piece. Naturally, from the pit of my stomach, came the reaction and fierce rejection of the suggestion. “If you fall, you’ll surely die,” kind of thing and so on. However, gently and firmly from above that pit, came the suggestion, “you’ll be fine.” So, I stepped out onto the ledge, all the while still playing, and went to the center of the dam and sat down. To this day, I am unable to explain how I was able to sit down, continue playing, and stand back up when the piece was done and return to the other side. The friends I was with didn’t say a word, neither to encourage nor object; they simply watched what was to them, something both insane and unbelievable.

I dealt with fear through cliff-diving, surfing, death, white-water rafting, treating with prowlers late at night, taking insane risks, and dealing with the mind-numbing viscidities of fate and what it brings to our door at the most unexpected times.  Each time, the fear welled up inside me. Each time, it had to take a back-seat to the higher guidance I was learning to trust in. As many of us do, to be certain. Each time, the voice of fear grew less powerful, less controlling, when I refused to submit to it. Every time someone attacked me physically in my life, I began to find that I felt zero fear, even as I lay hospitalized with dozens of contusions to my head. I simply disallowed its powerful entry as a control feature in my life. I had a fear of flying (mainly to a few near air crashes when I was younger,) and as a birthday present to myself about a dozen years ago, hired a small Cessna to take me over the ocean. Again the fear welled up inside, as before, and again, it was put down as the ancient devil I had come to know all too very well. Not a quarter goes by without some kind of public attack—with physical threats to my person and implied harm. Each time, I check to see if the frequency of fear is to be found inside myself. This ancient evil, I am happy to report, is non-existent as a threat to my internal self awareness and strength. Several years ago, I began to test if even a miter of fear was still present on any kind of subjective, subconscious level by checking my pulse in dire circumstances and when under physical attack, especially when it related to a group of thugs intent on erasing my existence, as happened twice last year. My pulse rate remained low and steady. These are just the physical fears, usually ascribed to our more animal self, our physical bodies: fight or flight, if you will. There are other fears. Emotional and mental fears, which are far more devious to detect and defeat, given the fact that so very much of our identity is wrapped up in fearful self-perceptions and programming by our experiences and educational foundations inherent in the life we have lived, each to his or her own.

I illustrate the above points for two reasons. That like many of you, I’ve faced my fears and beat them…so far. And that, in order to write the following article, there is a certain frame of reference that this author has and therefore is in some small way, capable of speaking about it with a degree of firsthand experience. This means that if someone as such as I can do it, anyone can. But before we get into the victory side of the equation, let’s look at the causations of fear and how it does what it does and why.

More than any one physical, emotional, and mental state in humanity, fear is by and large the most powerful contributor to action states, in both behavioral and sociological terms of understanding. You’ll be hard-pressed to find this information in psychological books or journals. If anyone is more locked into fear paradigms, it’s the head-shrinkers that have turned so many people of higher potential in mental wrecks. It’s why they have the highest suicide rate of any profession. Their fear and low self-esteem is of the worst kind.

So far, we’ve discussed physical fears, which each of us can relate to on some level. For all have undergone this experience. That car that zips just inches in front of you at an intersection in traffic and the amazingly fast working of fear and the adrenaline rush that comes with that. That trepidation that is felt as we cross a steep gully on a log, with a sheer drop on either side that spells certain destruction (done that.) We all know about physical fears.

The reason we feel this fear and sense it as a consciousness quite outside ourselves at souls is because it is outside our selves. As we’ve learned from the photography I’ve been making public for some years now, everything in nature is alive, on an elemental level and in the various kingdoms. We see the faces in the water, the sky, the trees, in fire, and so on. We see and have come to understand that the whole of creation is a living, breathing reality with varying forms of consciousness animating each form of life and its myriad expressions.

Once we understand this fact of life, it then occurs to us that we ourselves are in fact, miniatures of the world in which we find ourselves. Our physical, emotional, and mental bodies are as well, inhabited by the very self-same elements which make up the world in which we live. It stands to reason then that these vehicles of expression—of which the soul finds itself able to function and express itself—are conscious on the same elemental level that the elements of our world are conscious. They have a life, purpose, reason for being, job to do, and will to live—just as they do in the ocean, lakes, rivers, sky, and in the fireplace.

They literally have an existence to be. And their to be, is to provide every plant, animal, and human with a functioning body in which the spirituous or soul, can live, move, and have its being. It then becomes a symbiotic relationship in which we need our bodies and they need our soul, for both to exist on the physical plane. Think long and hard about this last series of statements, coupled with the evidence this writer has given over in the previous years. Some lights will come on. Once the soul leaves the body, it dies and begins to breakdown into varying components through the process of decay. If there is no body, then the soul cannot exist on this plane; symbiotic.

Very often, I will tell my sons, “listen to what your body is saying to you,” about this or that food or activity. Things that are destructive to the body will yield a negative reaction, whereas wholesome food and drink, and healthy activities will provide an affirming response. There is even a science in this regard known as muscle testing or Kinesiology. This is proof that the body is quite capable of communicating its likes and dislikes, as regards what it knows is best for its survival. That implies what exactly is so as fact: the body is conscious, even if we are unaware of the facts in the case consciously; the body knows when a poison is being handed to it or when something healthy is being provided. And this goes way beyond food. The body, via even the rudimentary level of kinesiology, will communicate its needs, warnings, and other realities as it applies to clothing, housing, items of use, even sound and color. Of course, there are higher forms of guidance as relates to our own spiritual and mental development, and very often, as we progress, we can discern between bodily communications and those of the much higher and divine planes of existence, especially as it relates to our own, inner planes of perception and contact, with the kingdom of heaven within ourselves.

 The body is conscious, beyond chemical/electrical connections via the pathways of the nervous system and brain. How else to explain its ability to sense poisons from non-poisons, even when the items to be tested are in sealed, unmarked containers?

This is so because this elemental consciousness is a living, lower-order class of being. For the physical plane, its perceptions and functions are at once clear and decipherable, even if the host inhabitant (human soul) is wholly unaware and disconnected with this consciousness. Because animals function less as individualized souls and more instinctual, they are therefore more in tune with their body’s elemental. This explains why ants will avoid aspartame and other poisons, which human beings seem quite eager to consume, much to their detriment. The animal kingdom is more closely linked to the physical elemental than humanity is; except in advanced cases where the soul of the man, woman, or child has purposely made the connection, yet while retaining command and control.

Most of humanity is a slave to its elementals when said consciousness uses fear to express itself. Because the elemental has total control over the body, it is able to secret various enzymes from various glands, which enable it to achieve its necessary aims. Fear is its main control feature, forcing the human soul within to obey. This explains why someone who is, say, afraid of heights, will freeze and be unable to move. Even though they are advised it’s okay, know in their mind its okay, they will state aloud that they are unable. They are speaking factually, because the elemental—through fear—has taken control of the body.

Given the above, it would seem that obeying these fear frequencies are not only sensible, but a good idea, given the elemental’s connection to the corporeal reality. In our younger stages, especially when we are dependent upon parents for food, shelter, and clothing, this elemental feature is a kind of safety device which protects the child from basic dangers: the rabid dog, the black widow, strangers with mal-intent, and so on.

However, in order to grow beyond fear, we must become a master of it, so that we can then find freedom. And the first fears to be mastered are the physical fears. It is there that we set the tone of our future victories in the emotional and mental realities, of which the true slaveries on this planet threaten our very existence by the master controllers who have used fear for thousands of years to keep this planet in bondage.

To attain this mastery we simply must listen to any inspiring suggestions which encourage us to face our fears. We can discern this by the overwhelming sense of calm, peace, balance, and helpful nod that things will be okay. This is our divine connection within ourselves which is inspiring us to step up to the plate and become more than what we were before. This kind of loving encouragement is telling us that we are ready and able to make a new grade of being, to be more in mastery of our bodies than we previously thought possible.

Happily, this kind of divine guidance will often work as the elemental does, in warning us dangers, but without the adrenaline rush and mind-crushing communication that comes with fear. We still get the protection we used to get from the elemental, but we retain our balance, composure, clarity of thought, and most importantly, because we are mastering our fears, we get something extra: the ability to see the situation as it really is.

As many already know, the moment we choose to make these first steps in overcoming our fears, we find that we then have new-found levels of courage, conviction, and an increasing aspiration to overcome life’s obstacles on more than just what comes at us as physical events. We grow a spine, a backbone, and are eager to do and be more. We get inklings that we’ve only just begun, too. That there are other fears to be known and defeated; emotional fears and fears of the mind, by far the hardest to detect, and yet the easiest to defeat, once discerned.

We also begin to feel as though we are finally living. And that the old “us”—all full of fear and indecision—was a life lived in a kind of prison. A prison without walls, except in our own minds. We see how many times fear kept us from speaking, doing, and being. How many times we could have been, but our fears kept us back.

These are the moments in which the fears of feeling and of mind begin to make themselves visible. We finally begin to see that the real us—the aware and loving soul within the bodies—has been kept back, slowed, delayed, and hindered every step of the way by fears implanted in us by the culture, education, and rulers of our time. As we look back in history, we see that every slavery was sold to us, using mental, emotional, and physical fears as the means to deploy said slaveries upon the planet. We see its deployment in banking, wars, race relations, family relations, and in every aspect of our life, bar none.

Then the lights really start to come on, bit by bit. Then we start asking the big questions: Who is selling this fear and why?

At that moment, we start beginning to see the world as it really is. Fear is sold constantly as a means in which one party seeks to influence and control the behavior of another party. I have these scams laid on me all the time, with zero effect. They are visible to me, though it disappoints and even surprises that they are still used as weapons against me. If it didn’t work the first 200 times, what makes them think it will work now? Still, they try. If anything can be said of the dark side, they are a persistent lot.

Once we see the reality of fear paradigms within ourselves as control features, then we can see them in the world. But to have true victory, we must make real effort to understand how our minds work. We must understand how worry, fear, trepidation, and other aspects are all just varying magnitudes of fear. We can do this by observing how we function as souls using a mind, just as we observe and understand our bodies. We need to see that we are above these vehicles, yet they are extensions of our soul in expression.  Once we clearly see that this is so, we can then proceed to work on seeing how fear keeps us mentally, emotionally, and physically in a kind of perpetual bondage that must end.

As long as we are subject and controlled by any and all kinds of fear, we are slaves. Regardless of how much power, money, and prestige we may believe we have, as souls, we are barely much better than animals. This may seem a slight towards those still in bondage, but rest assured that it merely means that animals as we know, are domesticated and trained to be whatever their trainers want them to be, whether it’s a puppy dog, cat, tiger, or horse. And that exactly describes the world today, as in times past.

We see it all around us, in television, articles, and movies and so on.

Last week, I was at the beach surfing and it being a weekday, there were only a few people there, and I knew them as fellow surfers. We surf together when we happen to be at the same break. Lo and behold, as I was standing on the road over-looking the beach, a channel 3 film-crew pulls up and wants to interview me and Sue, who was there with her husband, Randy. Boy oh boy, talk about selling the fear. It seems there was a double homicide on the beach at a house a bit up the way two nights before and she wanted us to say on camera how afraid we were about being around with a murderer loose! Really!

Her fist question was “Aren’t you afraid of being out here with a killer on the loose?”


She was clearly disappointed. She asked Sue the same question.


The newscaster was again disappointed, and showed it. She wanted a fear reaction, but Sue and I wouldn’t give her one. We both could see that she wanted to sell fear and refused to be party to selling that evil on the six-o’clock news. I made sure she could see I was saddened to see that she had chosen a profession where her goal of the day was to sell fear to the masses. I am sure our interviews never made it on the air. Other film crews showed up, but we avoided them by hitting the waves. They all wanted the same thing: to shove fear down the public’s throat. This is what their producers told them to go out and get.

Now, who are these people that tell newscasters to seek out citizens and get them to blather on about how all afraid they are? They have names. They have motives. They have lots of money. They have a kind of power. And it’s a power based on the energy of fear as a control weapon. It is power based upon manipulating the minds, feelings, and insecurities of those still in bondage. These very same people have used fear like a weapon successfully for so long, that many people are walking-talking billboards of insecurities and fears.


I remember the cold war and how fear was sold in schools, radio, television, magazines, and newspapers and by parents about how those evil Russians were trying to take over the world and kill us all. Then came part two of the fear sell, the what to do about it. And it always involved surrendering our money and freedoms to protect us from those evil communists. In the 21st century, it’s the War On Terror, a faceless, nameless perpetual war where huge budgets of money are allocated to do what? Save us from terrorists? Hardly.

And where do these monies go? They go into more surveillance of the people, that’s where. Cameras everywhere, new Federal Gestapo creations that focus solely on the average citizen; into training the local police into treating the communities they function in as sub-humans, to be verbally abused and tasered constantly. And it’s allowed because humanity has bought into the fear paradigms being foisted upon us.

Sell the fear, control the people. It’s how it is done. You can see it in every country. You can pick up any daily newspaper or listen to any TV news program and there the shills are, all ramping up the fear to keep us all quaking in our boots.

That is, if you buy into that nonsense.

Sadly, a great portion of the population does buy into because it is reinforced by their parents, peers, educators, and pastors. I’ve listened to many sermons given from the pulpit about this or that evil and it was all about the fear. Many times have I glanced at a front page of a newspaper in some city, only to see the latest fear being blasted in three inch letters. Remember after 9/11, how they even had coded fear alerts and how each darkened shade of amber color was supposed to keep us frightened about some terror attack that was coming at any moment, we’re sure of it! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


As long as humanity buys into these fear programs, believes them, and allows them to influence its behavior and critical thinking skills, will this planet remain in the bondage it has been in for so very long. It is our duty to step outside these fear paradigms, see them for what they are, and help those around us find their way out of slavery. We owe it to our children, our neighbors, and the world at large to understand the nature of fear, how it works, and why it is being used against us by the controllers.

Dealing with our mental fears by and large have to do with the issues of




Ignorance, and

Lack of Critical-Thinking as applied to the life experience.

Until we start to use our mind to gain an education about the realities of life, how it works, and how we function as souls in bodies, will we always be slaves to the will of those who do understand these things. Therefore, getting an education is first and foremost in obtaining mental freedoms. This education cannot be found in high schools or colleges. These network controlled realities are designed to create unthinking-memory-bots who simply repeat what they’ve read in a text book. I know, I went to college. In only one class in all those years did the instructor try to get us to think critically about information and the how’s and why’s it was being presented to us. Bless his soul for that.

Learning and understanding erases ignorance, which then allows us to make informed choices. Once we see, know, and begin to understand how things work in the world—and this is done by paying attention and observing the world around us—can we then see and understand who and what we are. Why we do the things we do. What our motivations for doing them, and so on.

With critical thinking and education, we then begin to know things. And in this knowing, we can then erase uncertainty and eliminate doubt from our minds. Only then can we see how the world is presented to us and why it is presented in the way it is. Only then can we take those first steps toward real freedom: freedom of the mind, soul, and body. Only then can our inner divinity—so long held in bondage under slave conditions—find expression in the world. Our world. The world that matters to us.

For this is a great truth. My world is not your world and your world is vastly different from a fisherman in the South Pacific. We each live in our own world, yet we share the planet and its resources as a family. We can share our worlds with others via the mediums found in the world today; the very same mediums that enslave us can also set us free.

The moment we start thinking outside the programmable box, we start to see how our minds function from ego, vanity, and self-interest and these very same vices are used by the controllers. For example, how we perceive ourselves is linked to our self-image and self-esteem. Look at the covers of women’s magazines and you can see how they use fear of failure keyed to a woman’s self-esteem and self-image to sell the magazine. You can see it on every single cover on every single woman’s magazine in existence. Over and over again, fear keyed to self-image. Fear keyed to self-esteem. So, you have to buy the issue, because you are afraid. The woman doesn’t realize she’s buying or reading the magazine because of fear, because most people hardly ever take the time to observe their thinking and feeling states. They simply waddle through life, programmed from birth, by all the previous mentioned devices.

Once this is seen for what it truly is, can we then see how fear is used to sell practically everything in the world by the corporate media through magazines, televisions, and movies.

It explains why fads take over and clothing styles change. If you don’t wear the latest (and usually most ridiculous clothing articles) you’ll be outside your peer group; an outcast, different, and unaccepted and unapproved. There again, we have fears keyed to self-image and self-esteem. You’ll be the weirdo, the nerd, the emo, the-whatever-current-slur-of-the-decade. All this happens because of fear.

Once we see this, we can then see that our self-image is based upon how we want others to see us, rather than the reality of the situation. As long as our self-esteem needs approval from others to maintain its sense of serenity and feelings of well-being, will we be eternally little better than slaves to popular opinion. How many parents have heard their daughters go into total fits because they didn’t have the latest purse, or shoes, or pants, or haircut that was all the rage? Did any of these parents sit down with their children and explain to them the slavery paradigms being employed by ad agencies serving the dark side? Of course not. Because they themselves are slaves, too. The latest neat car, the latest correct this or that, or fitting in with the community/church/social set. You can see it at parks all the time. The men dress and wear the latest carbon-copy junk straight out of whatever is being pushed on them. Currently, it’s these terribly ugly plaid clothes. But, there they are, all wearing the same ball caps, the same shorts, the same shoes, and all looking and dressing like the obedient droids they have been their whole lives. It’s fear that keeps them in slavery. Always has, always will. And it’s a fear of the mind alone; therefore it’s a mental fear.

We have to make those inroads towards self-understanding so that we can truly see how much of our character and self-image is controlled from the outside by fear paradigms sold to us and reinforced by whatever our peer group happens to be. Fortunately, most people reading this article are well beyond the herd mentality and are taking those steps toward freedom from all fears.

Once we make these initial steps, we then find all the other fears that have been controlling our thinking and feeling states. It takes self-observation. The what’s and why’s of our daily life. Then we begin to see the masks we create for the benefit of others. We all know this occurs because we have, in the past, seen behavior changes in others when certain people come into the room. They change. They present themselves differently; they present a different persona for that person to relate to—a mask, if you will—that shields and acts as an acted out barrier between the real person and the world in which they relate. And why? For fear of rejection. It’s why people create, use, and assume masks to be deployed in the world. To gain acceptance and approval by others—especially as it relates to their perceived peer group. Because they are afraid of being themselves wherever they are and wherever they go, for fear that the real them will be rejected. This means they are basing their self-esteem and self-image upon what others think. Then, they ruggedly proclaim their individuality, once they’ve created a peer-group-approval-identification-mindset. This then becomes a kind of badge which all others must accept as “being who they are.” In short, once this fear is assuaged by whatever peer group identification takes place, then the new “I am accepted, therefore I must be loved” persona becomes their mask which they then present to the world. And these masks have names like: yuppie, Goth, Emo, Surfer, Businessman/woman, Soccer Mom, Cop, Fireman, and so on down line. As the age of the person changes, so then do their peer-group-evaluation-masks. Goth girl becomes college chick becomes expecting mother becomes soccer mom.

Between the ages of 21 and 52, a person’s profession becomes part and parcel of their peer group identification. How very often do we hear in the world when two people meet, the first words being, “so…what do you do for a living?” Then comes the fateful words of masking. “I AM a fill-in-the-blank.” This key phrase reveals a mask identification. Rather than answer with the correct and free reality of “well, I dig ditches in Dunkirk as a means of employment,” the enslaved always use their profession or current occupation as an identity of how they see themselves or how they project onto to others how they want to be seen!

This can especially be seen in the dating world. Very few people remain who they are at all times, damn what other people think. The people who function that way stand firm in their self-esteem and could care less what others think of them. Think what you want, I live in my world, you live in yours.

I actually know surfers who refuse to wear thermal booties in frigid waters—50 degrees or less; your feet turn purple in under 10 minutes without them, all feeling is gone—because they are afraid of being perceived as a “kook,” as someone uncool. For them, surfing is about image, rather than interacting with a living and breathing ocean. They have to have the coolest board, the hottest wetsuit, and make sure they look at all times like the media-whores who pose in surfer magazines. They’d rather freeze; have their feet cut up on sharp barnacles and rocks, because it’s so very important to them that others see them in the “correct and cool” light. If you say so, dude…

Every mental slavery we have comes down to issues of security, self-image, self-esteem, and doubt. The only way to know this is by taking those steps toward seeing who we are and what we do and mainly, the why behind our actions. Until those steps are taken, we are little better than programmable droids. It’s a sad state of affairs, really, for this day and age. We have all this advancement in all these fields, and then we look at the internal human condition and it’s a seething sea of fears, insecurities, doubts, and negative self-images; a literal cauldron of boiling soup, easily misled and played upon by the controllers.

The media-whores who allow them selves to be used by the Dark Side to keep us in slavery very often know what they are doing. Pay close attention to the people on these TV shows; you can see, with the right eyes, exactly what is behind the scripted verbiage being deployed as weapons against our collective psyche. I’ve met and have interacted with them on countless occasions in my life, and believe when I tell you, they know exactly what they are doing.

Security is by and large, a big seller for fear because in our deepest nature, we all want security for our home and family and the people we love. Anything that threatens that is something to be feared. The reality of the situation is, no one is safe. Ever. At any time, fate can bring to our door whatever it’s going to bring: hurricanes, tornadoes, home intruders, earthquakes, bombs from planes, illness, you name it—it’s possible. Most of the time, we simply have little forewarning of what is coming. Yet, we allow our minds to run rampant with fear about this or that perceived threat, which usually never comes at all. It’s the unseen threat that usually deals us the blow. Once we can see this, we can then observe our behaviors and closely watch them for any kind of action built upon fear. Again, as before, we can take those small steps toward becoming free of fear and seeing life as it really is and was meant to be: lived one day at time. Yesterday is gone, who knows what tomorrow may bring. Sure, take steps to have some extra food and water on hand; that’s just good planning, and it assures all in your domicile of living beyond any immediate emergency of the moment. That’s just common sense. Like so many preventative actions; like having band-aids on hand in case of a cut. This shows responsibility. The fears of security run deeper than being a good provider or parent. They have to do with implied fears given over by others of threats that may or may not exist in reality. Careful and prudent thinking will expose the validity or lie of any situation by any honest thinker. And even if the threat has some basis in reality, is there really anything YOU can do about it? If so, then act responsibly. Either way, remain calm and centered and keep fear from controlling your thinking.

One of the interesting aspects regarding fears is their destructive influence upon the reality that even if a threat is valid, being flattened by fear won’t in any way help the situation or the person deal with the event. Sure, if someone throws a rock at you and you see it out of the corner of your eye and you react, as any creature would, this is simply doing and dealing with a REAL threat you can see coming. The main problem with fears of the mind and their ruination of our life path has to do with self-esteem and self-worth perceptions of how we see ourselves.

It is in these domains of self-understanding that humanity has yet to make any real inroads. In the main, most of our self-esteem and self-images have been pressed upon us by those in whom we have placed trust in the past, starting with our parents and home life, whatever it may have been. From there, peers we esteem and their statements regarding us—how we look, act, and especially, their perceptions regarding our feeling states, mental states, goals, and plans—influence us in the extreme, often for life. These wounding impressions create self-destructive mental images that lead to aberrant behavior patterns and cycles that very often ruin what would have been, very useful and constructive lives. This is especially so when the soul in question is targeted by the dark side to ruin any potential they might have in this life by concerted efforts by that group to stunt their growth in every department.

What follows from these dark foundations are the tragedies of failed relationships, lack of focus and direction, and self-destructive behaviors that we see all around us. Because no one is taught to be their own leader, teacher, and advisor and to rely on their best and highest self-esteem as a divine soul as a birthright of existence, that so many listen to and believe the varying slanders, lies, attacks, and malicious efforts by others, who very often themselves are just as screwed up as anyone else as regards their own self-image.

And on it goes, parent to child, parent to child, parent to child, until someone in the chain breaks the cycle and decides to be themselves. They realize that listening to the negative slanders of others is destroying them. They learn that even if a miter of the criticism is accurate, it in no wise means they are a fecundated soul. It merely means that there is always room for improvement and herein lies the key to it all.

Once we decide that our self-image and self-esteem are built upon how we decide we see ourselves, only then can we discern the flaws in our character and make those changes necessary without the critique of others affecting us. Once we start forward in this self-realization, we easily see when someone is being helpful, or just attacking our character so they themselves can feel better about themselves by hurting and slandering another. This then shows to us the nature of disconnected souls in existence. Those people who exist in misery will only feel happy when others are miserable, too. They project their unhappiness, their pain, their low self-esteem upon any soul around them who has their mind, body, and spirit on the path of true freedom and self-awareness. For those traveling upon this path, this disconnected humanity is like a seething ocean of colliding pain and confusion, never looking up from the ground to see the beautiful sky that is always present within their hearts.

All the motivations for hatred, anger, contempt, and malice become visible for what they truly are: disconnected souls, lost in darkness, hating the light that radiates from souls who are on the road of freedom from all fears. You see it in schoolyards, when a handsome child is attacked by others who feel they are less attractive. You see it in all ages, professions, and cultures: Judgment, hatred, projection, low self-esteem, and a negative self-image. From these corruptions, the frequency of fear has control at every turn of the person, group, family, community, and world.

And these fears are used by the controllers to keep the world down, under the boot, and to make sure that any soul that is born is kept from blooming whenever possible. I’ve seen this over and over and over—the concerted efforts by others to push their will upon another they hate. They use word-play, character assassination, doubt, guilt—any device and every device at hand to keep the soul bewildered, low, and feeling hopeless; about themselves, their life, and who they could be.

To this day, people I have never met still try to enforce their will upon me, usually with trickery and deception. It amazes to no end. For this is what hatred does. It makes monsters out of people.

It is our divine right to follow our impulses to a spiritual life that leads to freedom as much as it is the right—by virtue of freewill—for those following the dark side to choose theirs. On the one hand, we leave them free to be whatever they want to be. Yet, on the other, they are constantly seeking out new ways to create hate-laws, attack souls through concerted efforts, and to manipulate anyone who is breaking free from the prison of fear, lies, and illusions that is keeping this planet in a state of perpetual slavery. They want to paint it black, black as night; the sun, blotted out from the sky—just like the song says. And woe to anyone who figures out how this mess works, because they will find themselves under continuous assault by those darksiders who will use every angle to get into their mind and hearts, so as to destroy their self-image and road to freedom.

The person seeking freedom from fear must remain vigilant for any and all attacks, for they come not single spies, but in battalions. But know this…

There are realities beyond this visual physical domain that stand untouched by the machinations of those who ply dark wares on unwary souls. These domains have the spiritual energy, inhabitants, and helpers who are always there, eager to aid those who are making straight the winding road of lies. From the first moment anyone takes their life in hand and seeks to understand themselves, their relationship with the divine—and the hows and whys of the mechanics of existence—they are at once aided.

This aid is equal only and slightly ahead of where you are as a growing, learning, loving, and knowing soul. Be more, do more, learn more, love more, and this spiritual domain will increase more in your perceptual world and existence. As you free yourself from fear, doubt, guilt, and lies you will find that, yay, there are new aspects of mind, body, and spirit beyond any of your wildest imaginations. The spiritual scriptures of the past become, for you, real. Because you are living your version of them, in the eternal now. Instead of reading of past heroes and saints, you find that little by little, their stories are becoming your facts.

You get constant affirmations and newfound encouragements that help you find the energy, courage, and determination to keep going forward, regardless of the tremendous buildup of attacks on every aspect of your daily life: income, family, friends, you name it. This then becomes your new standard of self-esteem and self-image against which all other values are measured by. For you are finding and solving the ancient riddles of existence: the meaning life, relationships, love, work, value, family, goals and you see that they have nothing to do with seeking satisfaction of your desires, lusts, ambitions, ego, and vanities but every thing to do with those things that are and always have been, eternal: trust, honesty, courage, love, character, compassion, tolerance, gratitude, and sincerity.

As you grow farther away from the slaveries of the mind, emotions, and body, you find that these qualities then become part and parcel of your self and who you are. You also find that you are tested on these qualities under the oddest of circumstances. Sometimes you fail, most of the time you succeed; each time you grow stronger in each virtue than before to the point where, come one fine day, you look at the old you of five, ten, or twenty years ago and it seems as though that person were someone else: lost, confused, and manipulated at every turn of your life.

Of course, many people are even beyond the realities as given forth in this small treatise. They are the great unknown, for the dark side makes sure their names are never known, nor can the public see or know of their existence. For when you do reach a point of divinity that moves you beyond the physical limitations, very often, as in times past, your life is taken from you lest your example be emulated by others searching for freedom.

This is why the world is filled with so many false prophets and pretenders to the great truths. They all have one thing in common among them, they are slaves to their ego and seek only to serve the vanities and desires of the masses, hence their massive followings, book sales, and exposure by the media machine.

For as you free yourself from fear and from the false images projected upon you by others, you find that the last battle in the war is your own ego. It is here that you will finally rise or fall, depending. If you are seeking true freedom from fear, you’ll find that the great architect of all your life’s miseries was truly your subjection to the satanic quality of self vanity: the ego.

Humility then becomes your watchword. You know clearly by the degrees of reality you’ve discerned and made your own, that ego is the ultimate illusion. It is the rock that breaks you or upon which you step on and rise above. You find that it becomes your duty to seek out your ego and remove its power over you in exactly the same fashion that fears were overcome; little by little, until none remained.

You also see that the dark side will know that you are struggling with each step upon the spiritual path as given over by the likes of Christ, and lesser prophets in the past, and they will try to assail your new perceptions and attainments in precisely the same and in equal measure that you are at. However, you’ll see these manipulations for the feeble attempts that they are; and once seen, as with anything, their power over you comes to an end for good and all. As they say, being aware of the problem is half the battle. And so it is.

Life becomes an endless onion, one layer of reality at a time, peeling away to the wonderment and amazement of you, the person becoming free from all fear and on every level. For you, the words love, truth, honesty, trust, and sincerity start to become very precious commodities. You see how valuable truth is, in a world full of deception and lies. You see how dogma, superstition, ignorance, and fear are keeping the world in a continual state of slavery and your heart is both filled with abounding compassion and love, and yet is torn by the blind slaveries of all you see around you.

Yet, you remember that even where you might be in your perceptions, that you are still but scratching the surface of truth, reality, love, and all the other endless facets of life that exists in the here and now, and beyond.

Keeping your eyes firmly on the goal of freedom, keeping your hands open for others, and moving forward, always forward, until you are done. This then becomes your motivation for being, your purpose for living. Freedom for ALL.

God Bless you always in your quest for freedom.