Dangerous Solutions


In these times of change and uncertainty, many well-known pundits are writing articles, giving public lectures (at $75.00 a seat), and giving interviews on radio and TV. They all have pretty much the same solutions—get involved in this or that group, to defy the system that is sweeping the planet with whatever the current version is of its dark agenda in play at the moment.

The approach is always the same, for it is always the same way of stating ones’ self at creating what is known as a “speech to persuade.” Having a degree in Communication, I understand and even use this form of expression.

First, one lays out the problem or indicates conditions that are undesirable; usually in ways in which everyone can agree upon that are disagreeable to the health and welfare of whatever the given situation might be. Then, the solution is brought forth as the only way in which to combat the problem.

In the last few weeks, there have been a plethora of so-called solutions being presented all over the internet by the same “famous figures” of the internet. And they all seem to be echoing the same thing. Create some kind of group or join one, in which battle can be done to offset or hopefully, even defeat the evil-doers before things get too far out-of-hand. Really?

They urge was well, letter or email writing campaigns to various elected officials and newspapers which, without exception, change nothing. These are clearly wastes of spirit. It only cements your name in the intelligence agencies’ computer systems as an undesirable. So, why give advice to people that will actually harm them?

First, why weren’t these people offering these solutions twenty years ago, as some of us were, to anyone who would listen? When those solutions might have had impact, and before the system that is now in control was still being constructed? Why offer them now, when it is far too late for that sort of action? Where were these so-called leaders of truth back in the 1980s? Or even 90s? Where? Well, if you look at their backgrounds, you’ll find them in either the media, the military, or with some highly connected position within the very network they are now decrying as evil.

We’ve all witnessed what happens when groups of people collectively gather to protest any sort of thing in the world today and they are herded into fenced zones, photographed, tear-gassed, tasered, and then arrested. The machine has had decades to get their act together for just this kind of thing and going that route with the police state in hand now is simply playing into their hands. In fact, they are hoping and praying you’ll follow that route, because they already control all the various protest action groups with their own people and the surveillance is so good these days, if two or more people gather for any discussion along these lines, they know about it in real time.

Second, the education phase is already in full gear. Witness all the chemtrail, 911, and other sites that give at least somewhat accurate information as to the problem, even if usually spinning the causations to some designated patsy, which was usually a bit-player in the situation rather than its chief architect. Lot of that around these days.

You’d think, given their self-glorifying glad handing, that they would know this and have at least considered these realities before urging others into actions and situations which are totally ineffective and useless. But the issue is more sinister. They offer useless solutions because they are simply that: USELESS.

We are fundamentally dealing with spiritual forces, not issues of the street, as these people are exhorting others to action.

It’s interesting that all the new age groups in play right now are all singing the group is the answer and the group has the solution when I found the opposite to be true. The reason they want you affiliated in groups is so they can more easily control you as a collective force, with their own people in charge, to be sure.

The truth of our time is this: the group is where slavery exists. The group is a mob. The group is a herd.

If anything history teaches us is that real attainment is by and through the individual. For the attaining individual soul is beyond the herd, the group, the mob. He or she is their own leader, teacher, and source of spiritual guidance, rather than letting some buffoon on TV tell them what to think, do, or feel.

Do your own thinking, doing, and feeling. Letting someone else do that for you is simply an act of insanity, in an insane time period. For the controllers are always on hand, looking for followers and sycophants to control.

We live in a time where the only act or resistance must be done silently and by the individual in their own, quiet ways. That kind of person is nearly impossible to detect, hence their extreme efforts in recent years for measuring body heat, changes in the retina, and respiration. Casinos do this now. It is also coming to airports, schools, government buildings and eventually…homes. They know, as I know, that the real threat to their system is the single person, monkey-wrenching them at every turn, and doing it without saying a word to another soul.

It’s a form of uncollective passive resistance. And you won’t read this advice or this article anywhere else, except as a co-opt by others to spin it their way. I gave this reality out back in May of 1999, two years before 911 and everyone laughed. I put it in a book no one would publish: America, 2000 and Beyond. Radio stations ignored me. I then put it in audio tapes which I gave away for free. Try and find them today…if you can. Good luck.

Because the advice then is the same today. For what was visible then is reality now. And the solution remains the same. Be an individual, do your own thinking, feeling, learning, and knowing and resist the system silently. Saying nothing to others, but acting in ways that slow down their machine. Should enough souls do that, the machine will grind to a halt and they won’t be able to find out who is doing it or where. Get organized and become a group and they’ll destroy you and the group and hence, anything of value you might accomplish.

And where is anyone in the world teaching this?

More importantly, why isn’t anyone teaching this?

When it is so patently obvious?


By their fruits you will know them…



The second issue of the day is all the folks taking credit for current conditions. “I told you so!” is their rallying cry. Well, I’ve been reading these guys since they were put out and none of them ever were specific. Ever. Show me one person who gave a year by year analysis of whatever was coming and was correct? Then, after the fact, they point to some very vague thing that could be read a hundred different ways their “prophecy.”