As can be seen by the chart above, the stock markets have devalued by nearly half in one year’s time. It was discussed on this site that this was coming at the beginning of the year. The death of the dollar, the stock market, and of any semblance of a free society…among other things. The Year of Death, as long-time readers will recall.


We must remember that all of this is controlled by the controllers, here on Earth. They want this to happen at this time. It’s all part of their grand design. Build up certain economies, then crash them, to achieve overall results that fit within their plans for our future.


The price of a gallon of gas here in the USA a year ago was around $2.50; now it hovers around the $4.00 mark. That was intentional. The move toward a service sector economy replacing a manufacturing based economy in the late 1980s and now in total fulfillment, was by design. 911 was an inside job. It established Homeland Security and made the constitution a non-functioning piece of paper. It was discussed here in mid 2004, after Iraq, the network would seek battlefields in Iran and Syria. These scenarios are now coming to pass.


All this leads to an economic reality wherein the people beneath the higher moneyed tiers of the network would be totally beholden to those in the upper echelon. Those plutocrats hold millions in their hand—all by design and consent by those underneath, all hoping that their service will be rewarded and they’ll be spared the harsher realities of creating just such a world as we have now. Maybe.


Having been on the receiving end of both kindness and ruthlessness from this same network, it’s been my experience that the best course of action as things slide downward into the abyss of despair is to stay calm, stay centered, and know that whatever the near-term events are that are on the books for this country and the rest of the world, that we still have the freedom to choose how our day is going to be.


Having slept for 11 months in my truck last year as a home, I know how it feels to be homeless and without means. I’ll probably be worse off than that, next time around. I know what it feels like to look for a job and have every door slammed shut in your face, even at menial labor. Those doors are still slammed shut. My sons and I—living from orgone sale to orgone sale for food—have to and happily do, find simple pleasures in such menial realities as walking to the store for food. “Let’s take a walk!” Saving money on gas, so we might, come one weekend day, have enough gas money to go to the beach or the mountains, all done on the cheap, mind you.


Being dead poor has forced us to live life very simply and in many ways, it has been a blessing. Until they close off the streets with armed guards and tanks, we’ll find ways to get out of the city, away from computers, TVs, and the hustle and bustle of our allegedly modern society. So far, the beaches are still free…so far.


Everyone has parks, mountains, rivers, lakes or some such that is germane to their respective locale. Start visiting them. Get out of the house. Reset your mind and soul, away from the Xbox, away from the programming on TV, and far away from the nattering nabobs of negativity that are so plentiful in news, print, and the internet.


Let the machinations of the warlords and money changers do what they will. For they will do what they will. It’s in their nature to be themselves. Having chosen avarice and greed as life modalities, expect nothing less than that from them. It’s simply their way.


More than ever, the simple virtues are the best. Especially in times of human tragedy, misery, and calamity.


Everyone wants to hear that there is going to be some kind of magic bullet panacea that is going to fix everything. Sadly, there is none. The controllers want this to happen. The take over of Freddie and Fannie was the bell-ringing of a shift from a secretly controlled society to an openly controlled society. Once the government starts owning banks outright, they will have complete and total control over every aspect of our lives. And this last week, the controllers announced just that. Socialism, as under Hitler, is now here. One more false flag is all that remains to shatter the last remnants of a free and open society. From that dreadful day onward, these days and years will seem like a dream. As though they happened to someone else, in another time. Memories of what once was, to be no longer.


Then we will have the Terminator as President. For the current elections make no sense to any person with any kind of simple intelligence. You have the son of Cain, the first murderer vs. a non-US citizen. Why? Because Arnie isn’t US born, that’s why. Obama sets the precedent, if he takes office, which it looks like he’ll do. If the false-flag takes place before the elections (which occur on a witch’s sabbat, btw,) then we’ll have Bush and company as dictators, creating a different kind of door for the governor from Kalifornia. At the end of the day, it matters little how this plays out. Dictator or Dictator by election, the result will be the same. Both Obama and McCain are network assets in play. FACT. They’ll only do whatever they are told to do, being mere window-dressing for the real PTB, behind the scenes.


For the first time in memory, they are allowing an economy to tank during an election year. By design. Why? What are they setting up? Why a different run-up this time around? This is an echo event of Bush I, who had the US in a recession, prior to Clinton being elected. If this previous echo event stands as a marker, then it guarantees Obama’s election.


The stock market was dying just prior to 911. Then, after that Tuesday, it tanked totally. Numerology and astrology will dictate the day and the time. Satanic numbers…odd numbers, those will be the key in their keystone of building their foundation for our future.


There is still beauty in the world, even amidst tragedy. The calamity of our economic reality is an often ground-shaking earth-elemental level event. Those who are in tune with the spirit of the times will find their spirit soaring over such events. Those who are landlocked and controlled by these elementals will find themselves in states of total despair and will be consumed by them, to the point of self-destruction. For having built their lives upon the material, the reality of its dissipation is more than they can handle. Becoming prepared for what must be, allows the wise soul to seek higher ground, both spiritually and metaphorically…and in some cases, literally.


Knowing that what is coming will be and was foretold, helps us to find whatever reality we need to find to learn what is necessary to be, know, and become as our collective lives weave through the patterns and life streams that are working out now on this planet. For we are dealing with spiritual energies, even though to the unaware they appear as money, economy, politics, etc. We are dealing with the manipulation of elemental forces by agencies bent upon using these powers for their own gain. Collectively, they are powerful. But, so are you…remember that always.


  1. This is a time of asking for and hoping for, that guidance we need in our own lives so that we can discern what we and our collective families need to use whatever is coming in the best possible way for all concerned. Seek out understanding and clarity. In order to get an answer, you have to ask the question first. That’s how it works.
  2. Discern the difference in your life between needs and wants, very often different things. Know what a need is clearly and its varying levels. There are physical needs, emotional needs, and spiritual needs. Which are they and why? Find out those answers for yourselves. This will help clarify the differences between wants and needs.
  3. Keep reducing your life to simpler and simpler realities. This keeps you ahead of the economic reduction curve. You are then riding the wave, rather than being crushed by it. In this way, you are always prepared for each new reduction of living reality—that is coming, for all, except the extremely wealthy.
  4. Learn and understand that real happiness is an internal affair. Yes, circumstances of our daily life can bring smiles to our faces, but we choose what those circumstances are. When one reality is taken, rather than bemoan it other than missing its passing, choose another one still in your possession. Again, this places you ahead of the reduction curve.
  5. Take time every single day to make a spiritual connection with the Highest Level of Divinity that is in your experience to understand, regardless of whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever. Make this daily thing a spur of the moment thing, rather than a timed ritual. Let divinity be your time-clock rather then your day-planner. This is like tuning a piano to the master chord of life, the core of what is and it’s always in time and in tune with reality, even if we are not.
  6. Keep reducing your lives to essentials. Rid yourselves of those realities that pull you away from the essentials: Love, Family, Connection, Self-knowledge, Compassion, Understanding, Forgiveness, Kindness, Courage, etc. These are the things that matter. These are the aspects of life that build you as souls and nothing else.
  7. Make and keep friendships. Friendships are the hardest part of relationships on this planet, because, like plants, they require watering to maintain—by both parties. If you find kind and sincere folks in your life without agendas, put energies into them as often as means will allow. Be sincere, the one rule.
  8. If you are calling events into your life by your use of freewill, then you are subject to the laws of those callings. If it has been money, then the causes and reactions of money are yours to deal with as well. For they are symbiotic and impossible to ignore. Once this is understood, then reductions make sense. Act accordingly.
  9. Be prepared. Think, should this or that happen, how would I respond to such an event? This prepares your mental body. Once the mind is prepared, everything else will follow. Keep fear away and reflect with courage and confidence. If fear enters your thinking, push it away, with laughter. Take the teeth out of the tiger. Very important.
  10. Set unspoken goals for yourself. Speak of these to no one. Ever. Make the goals worthy of your soul and make sure you choose them rather than someone else. It’s your life; you decide what your goals are.
  11. Take time during these days and months to simply sit and think. About things that matter. Real things, rather than fictional things. Find out what real things are. Discern them from nonsense and baloney. Turn off the TV, the radio, all distractions, grab a beverage and simply think. Use your mind. Start organizing it. Learn to play it like a piano, for many are unable to do this very simple thing. If you find yourself getting into egostic and anger filled reactionary thinking, then you are not thinking, but reacting like a programmed doll. You have to move beyond the ego and its reactionary mindsets or you are doomed from the beginning.
  12. Learn about Love. Unselfish love. Do that, and you are already way beyond anything this trite article can teach you.


Will the stock market rebound? Will the banks of the world get back on their feet? Will the economy resound again as it did with yet another new bubble to prop things up? Will money have value again? Will the dollar live for another year? Are we on the eve of martial law?


Think about it…what have you to do with any of that? Nothing.


You have your life and the life of the family you were destined to be with. There is your reality. That is your playing field. Be grateful you are who you are, with simple things and a simple way of life, as compared to the controllers. They are the real doomed. They are already lost…the damned…the zombies in grey suits, be they man or woman. For they have chosen their path. You still can choose yours, change your destiny to something different.


If you want…