Cutting Through The Haze





By Don Bradley

April 2009




We certainly live in interesting times. We live in a time where governments spray the skies with chemtrails, poison our food and water intentionally, plaster the airwaves with mind control laden music and videos, create false-flag attacks to restrict freedoms, start wars to control regions, and foster the breakdown of the natural order of family, home, and a relation to divinity. In times as these, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all and feel powerless to deal with all the various facets of this coordinated attack against the form, spirit, and psyche of the human race. It seems—given their willingness to especially do this to their own ranks within the network—a hopeless task toward finding some kind of way out of the madness of it all.

Well, there is a way out.

It may take a bit of time and effort, but there is a way to surf this cresting wave of satanic destruction sweeping over the planet.

First, we must understand some basic simple realities as regards ourselves as living beings. We are spirit in form, soul in body. That’s number one. Everything starts from this point. Everything we do branches from this one realization and it needs to be clearly understood as fact, by anyone seeking a way out of the loony bin we call this “civilized” planet of ours.

Second, we must realize that all power of change, direction, and of awareness comes from our mind and therefore, its connection to whatever level of spiritual understanding we know and have, given our circumstance in the world. Now, this varies from person to person, as do any skill sets found anywhere, possessed by anyone. However, a bit of effort in this area yields volumes. The old saying, “As a man thinketh, so is he,” is nod to this foundational understanding of how our consciousness precedes beingness on any level. We cannot change anything in our lives without first having an understanding, a desire for the change, then employing our will to do make the change. We can see that this is so, by simply reviewing how we’ve went about making choices in our life for education, employment, living standards, social environments, recreation, reading and reflection material, exercise, and so on. It all starts from thinking, perceiving, reviewing, and then finally, acting upon the choices made once the former were given consideration.

Of course, life being what it is, very often we found that our lives have become examples of occurrences made quite outside ourselves by others. I.E., a man being drafted for war finds himself 3 months later carrying a rifle and saying, “what happened? How did I get here?” I am referring of course to the mystery of fate and freewill. Fate will place you where you are born, your opportunities, and the events that are coming into your life; our freewill is how we deal within the framework of fate as given. Within that framework, we maintain the ability to choose how to function, again given the circumstances and conditions and situations that fate brings to our door. It is different for each of us, yet the same rules apply for all. As we make our choices, we control our future fate from the foundations of our current freewill choices. Therefore, every choice we make constantly conditions and determines our future.

Because the above is a great truth, it is one of the prime reasons why there is so very much propaganda out in the world with celebrity magazines, torrid televisions shows, and violent films, filled with every blasphemy to the pure heart that beats deep within each of us. These various forms of media are there to condition how we see ourselves, and to provide us with mental action imagery that is anti-spirit so we will make poor choices when confronted by the machinations of fate. Our poor choices—conditioned by the media and their “heroes”—is our freewill, that then conditions our future fate. It is why our school systems are corrupted with gay men, so the young boys growing up will be emasculated. It’s all about conditioning us to make poor choices. Or terrible choices. Or spirit killing choices. Only a satanic, anti-spirit agenda could and would do such a thing and it’s the definition of our world today.

To beat this expensive and worldwide contrivance against the very soul of humanity requires us to stand back and look at things presented to us objectively. We must look beyond the superficial and reactive nature of these low creations and see them for what they truly are: an attack against our freewill system by using powerful conditioning techniques. How many of us have watched children emulate and go play after watching a television show, exactly like the characters in the show down to mannerism, vocal inflection, and moral choices? Countless times. “Yes, but they are children, we know better.” Really? Visual imagery coupled with drama is a powerful conditioning tool, even to the point of seeing how adults very often will utter lines from famous movies, without even thinking about it. The media is by and far the most advanced weapon the “network” has at controlling the population and it has worked very effectively. We see it all around us in fashion, social mores, and personal choices people have made and are making every single day. And every choice changes our future fate. Every time.

The issue of fate and freewill is by and large the biggest and yet, unspoken of reality governing the reasons, wherefores, and whys of our existence. No one discusses this primarily reality for none rarely consider it. At all. Those that are slightly aware tend to write articles decrying the state of things, without ever offering a solution. The solution is within our hands and it always has been.

The first step is to say aloud: the world presented to me is more than what it seems. For it is. Far more than the physical cacophony of unending noise, blather, and busyness as given over by the elite and their conditioning protocols. This declaration is kind of like hitting a spiritual tuning fork within ourselves. It summons the vicissitudes of fate to then bring to our attention that very same “more” we know exists in reality. Take a moment and reflect upon the previous statement before reading further. What we are doing is making a new choice using our freewill, which will then affect the future events of our fate by bringing to us a deeper knowledge of life as it is in reality, rather than as is presented to us by our controllers.

Once we demand a solution towards understanding the nature of a problem, we initiate events which will then emerge into our future experience to resolve the demand. If the demand is greater knowledge, then knowledge will come into our hands. Of course, we can’t just sit on a couch and wait around for enlightenment like some yogi in the far east. We must do our part in seeking it out so the circumstances can come into play. Once we understand this rule and how it works, we can and should then apply to all the areas of our existence:

·        Religion: the true nature of man, spirit, soul, and divinity as it really is.

·        Government: Who and what is government and what is their real purpose in our world.

·        Relationships: what is the mystery of connection to all that is.

·        Creativity: what animates creativity and its outward expressions.

·        Existence: what is our purpose for being, beyond food, sleep, and procreation.

·        Nutrition: what foods should I be eating that will make for an illness free and well-functioning body.

The list you make for your declarative statements can be endless. As it should be. But once you made these declarations make sure that you are sincere in them and that there is real interest and power in your aspiration to know, understand, see, and become. Any half-hearted or whimsical efforts will return exactly as given out. Put in little, get very little. Mean what you say, say it with all your heart and soul, and then seek and knock as opportunity provides. The results may surprise.

A clarifying note, so as to avoid the minefields of distortion and misinformation presented out in the world. When seeking and asking and therefore retuning your fate matrix, make sure you add in the phrase the truth. For example, your declarative statement and aspiration should be mentally formed as follows: Show me the truth as regards the true nature of soul, body, spirit, love, and beingness. By asking for the truth, you call into your life path the truth only. Now, the dark side may then try to slip you a micky on this with directions and knowledge that is filled with lies, falsehoods, and misdirections. But because you have asked for and declared for the truth, these false leads and misdirects will ring as brass and you’ll see them for the lies that they are.

We know that in the field of religion alone, there are so very many people clamoring for our attention with their way towards god and a divine life, as to be overwhelming. Christianity alone has hundreds of varying denominations and sects that each creed as given over seems to contradict not only the other denominations, but the very bible they all purport as their guiding light. Everyone seems to have a different creed on just what the meanings are in the bible. It’s a literal babel of noise. When we add into the mix all the other faith systems of earth, it seems nigh unsolvable. However, it is solvable, and there are those who are solving it right now.

It will help to start employing some life and spirit affirming techniques in our daily existence that will keep that tuning fork ringing within our hearts. We want our mind, body, and soul in the best possible condition so that as we grow, see, understand, know, be, and love, we will have the best reception to new experiences as possible. This means having a healthy body, stable emotions, and a clear thinking mind at our disposal.

The following will help.

1.                          Get healthy. Go organic whenever possible, and make sure your body has a daily supply of colloidal vitamins and minerals. Start cooking at home, learning how to make healthy dishes from scratch, rather than from processed packages. That means learning how to cook healthy foods that taste great. I’ve been cooking vegetarian meals for my four sons for years now with wonderful results and am constantly learning new dishes for them. We all are distilled water addicts, drinking several gallons a day between us. We distill our own water and it’s simply the best. Use organic skin creams (no chemicals), soaps, and deodorants; make sure your toothpaste is fluoride free. In addition to this, detox your body twice yearly with a complete system cleanse, especially if you are 40 and older. The decades pile up on us and there are years of stuff to be cleansed from our often, very poisoned bodies.

2.                          Get centered. At the very least, once a day, center yourself, quiet your thoughts, cast your worries from your mind and heart, and just stand in the presence of the kingdom of God within you. Being outside in the sun helps a great deal, plus all the vitamin benefits from doing so. These are the moments to know and be. Hear, feel, and sense the divine love that is within you and without you and is ever present. This one daily act alone will change everything you are into someone very wonderful, centered, healed, aware, connected, and stable. Changes come slowly, so make the best of each daily centering, by really grasping any new perceptions, thoughts, and guidance as may be given over to your consciousness.

3.                          Pray every day. For understanding. For love. For guidance. For wisdom to know truth from lies. For kindness and compassion. For the ill and infirmed. Keep it honest and sincere.

4.                          Be creative. Start doing those things where you make something from nothing. It’s a divine thing to be a creator soul and the best of humanity often comes from those times where creativity is expressed.

5.                          Control your speech. This, for most people, is the hardest thing to accomplish. Listen with a clear and objective mind to your speech, how you speak, what you say, why you say it, and most importantly, what your real motivations are behind the things you say to others and to yourself. Our speech to ourselves is most revealing, for there we see our true understanding of our motives and self-perceptions. Those that can perceive their self speech are very advanced upon the way of life, for they truly know who they are, what motivates them, why they exist, what their self-esteem issues are, and how very little control they have over their desires, hatreds, pettiness, and other character vices. Control of speech is an advanced thing and in it, we really hear others—more than what they are saying, but why they are saying it to us, and their motivations and desires, and what animates their souls, for good or ill. With this comes speaking directly and to the point. You find that you then say what you mean and mean what you say. Deception becomes barbaric for you. You find that as you require honesty you must therefore give over honesty first, within yourself and outward, as you express yourself to the world. To control our speech means to listen, as if our very life were hanging in the balance. For it is…it is.

6.                          Study yourself and the life that is visible to you. Wherever you are, there is life in all its forms. Really look at it, see it, and marvel at the wonder of it all. This will connect not only to the form of life, but its divine essence. Here lies the visibility of all things divine, as well as the distortions imposed upon life by the dark side. Both become visible. Lifetimes can be spent studying life, people, places, and things. Really make an attempt to see the world around you. It pays big dividends from the first moment we strive towards this understanding. Anything dismissed is an opportunity lost, remember that.

7.                          Be kind to others and to yourself. Be kind in your thoughts, feelings, and actions. To be kind in action, but hating in your heart is to be a kingdom divided against itself, which must then fall. Be the same inside as you are outside. Be whole.


 These few, simple steps will set into motion entirely new future experiences for you in every department of your life that will help you “cut through the haze” of life at this time, during this epoch. It may be a few minutes away, days, or weeks, but little by little, your future—based on your new freewill choices of today—will then come into being which will bring all the new sincere aspirations into the forefront of your experiences, thereby coloring the new you. Then after a time, you’ll look back on the old years as though one living blind and marvel that you ever made it this far. See you to it.