A Wobbling Shift: understanding our role during times of spiritual change


By Don Bradley, May 2008


Happily, we are on the forefront of change; those of us who seek to understand such things, live what we understand, and find new meanings, perceptions, and spiritual growth through such living. We know that this time in which we are finding ourselves is very unique in many ways. The extremes collide in the center—that place of inner unity—while our outer senses perceive the divine, as well as the vast ugliness reflected in our times.


Even so, perceiving isn’t enough. We must take to task ourselves, beyond the usual entertainments, beyond the known, and beyond what is usually understood as given. Each of us must make some sense of our lives in whatever form and fashion our intellect and intuition can provide us, and see what needs to be left behind—metaphorically and literally—and what would be useful to furthering the life experience each of us has to quantify as fulfilling on any level for there to be real progress, even if fractional.


As these days accelerate—and acceleration is what pole wobbles and pole shifts are exactly about—then we must literally “be on our toes” for whatever it is that is our portion to understand, both about ourselves as human beings and souls, and the cards we are given to play in this drama of life.


Real actualizing souls know this without being told. Because these people are already making inward attempts toward the Kingdom of God, knowing that it’s the inner perception, the inner growth, the inner adjustments that bring peace, contentment, self-worth, a sense of direction, and most importantly, expression of our inner, and usually as yet, latent divine potentials within our own selves. “Greater things you shall do…”


To do these greater things calls for at least a complete self-evaluation that is necessarily and completely devoid of guilt, self-condemnation, and reproach. Being objective about ourselves allows us to see who we really are; without the coloring that so very often blinds of us actual conditions. How many of us were shocked when we were younger when were first heard the recordings of our own voice? “Do I really sound like that?” Because the truth of reality is often different from how we ourselves perceive things.


Pushing aside our delusions is necessary and it’s a quality of being honest. If we can be honest with ourselves, then we can be honest with the world, and vice versa. And our pursuit of the truth on an inner level also reveals the truth of things in our outer reality, as well. How many of us in late spring 2008 are so much further aware of reality then we were in 1998? Chemtrails, spirit, the nature of evil, the lizard issue, false flags, surveillance, orgone, religion, government, et al? Ten years…or twenty…or thirty. What a vast difference in consciousness we have evolved towards in such a short time. And how many of us know people who are the same droids today, as they were yesterday?


And what changes since our younger years? But, how many of use are still clinging to the old, outworn paradigms, so obviously out-of-date and unnecessary, especially now? The difference is the pressure we feel inside us. A growing balloon that seems to force everything inside ourselves outward, to the point of bursting.


Take a moment now and think upon this. For this is being out-of-balance. And like tires on a car, being out-of-balance eventually leads to a car wreck some place down the road. Or at least a serious flat, which amounts to the same thing: the car has stopped forward motion and has broken down. The pressure we feel is being out-of-balance with the spiritual pressure Our Father is placing upon this planet, through the medium of the Sun.


His expression is total in every way: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We feel the pressure, like a wave cresting inside and outside ourselves that demands our complete attention to our life as we were given it. And with this wave, this pressure, is also the divine blessing of perception, of honesty, of clarity, and those first small steps towards correction, balance, and progress.


To better state this is that everything that comes to us, is seen for all its intricate realities as our level of beingness can understand. If a thing is folly, for us, then it is seen as so. If life choices are hindrances, then they are seen as such. Everything that stays out-of-balance will then become a drag in our life, finally screaming at us to deal with it in such a way that it can be absorbed—or abandoned, as needs be—so our own EARTH, can move forward with our OWN allotment of the divine order, of which we are all necessary and functional components.


Our purpose becomes clearer to ourselves once we embrace this pressure wave from on-high. To resist is futile. For resistance will bring friction, for the fire that burns off all that hinders our path must consume that which refuses to matriculate from lead to gold. And the lead within ourselves is all those perceptions, “me”isms, and identifications regarding reality that are in fact, delusions. Ego, vanity, pride, greed, hate, slander, gossip, judgment, malice, and all the other devils that pretend and masquerade as reality are the very things which hide the true Kingdom within our selves from expressing itself in our world, our life, and by extension, the lives of those around us.


What we do with this time will make all the difference now in the coming days, months, and years to come. To reach out for the hidden glory within ourselves demands that we first address the devils which ply their trade in our ever changing masks of expression. Those false-fronts in which we express to the world, what we think, feel, and create.


A sincere quest and request of divine aid to the one, true God, our Father—rather than the Luciferic Zoe feminine moon principle given out these days—for assistance will then act as an instant thunderbolt of love in our mind, emotions, and body, giving us the power to slay these inner dragons and demons, and move toward a more complete and loving expression of the Christ Principle as ever ready to spring forth from the sleeping kernel within the chambers of our heart.


Radical, yes. But, it is a reality we must confront. Earth is a receptive feminine principle toward a masculine reality we call the Sun. And think about it. In all the literature, mythology, and history of Earth, the Sun is always referred to in the Masculine, the earth, as MOTHER. And therefore, feminine. And the feminine receives from the masculine, thereby taking the SEED OF LIFE, and giving it form and substance. Then the two, sunlight and the five elements, give and clothe the reality of growth for the lifetime of the soul so incarnated. This is the truth of things. Divorcing from the Masculine is death. For that is what the moon is, death. A planet devoid of life, no longer rotating, a layer of silt 4 feet thick and a shrunken ball of iron and nickel from what once was, a thriving biosphere, in the ancient past.


Dare to break free from the dogma being pushed upon our times of Gaia, mother earth, and all the other doctrines that state that earth is complete by itself and needs nothing outside itself. Even on casual observation, it’s a bald-faced lie. Without the sun, this planet and all the others would be lifeless rocks. Without the Sun, all that connects with the divine and universal in space, would wither and die almost instantly. For Christ was called the Sun of God. Seek His assistance, the life spark in all intentions and manners of the meaning, toward understanding the times we live in.


God’s insemination of Earth was the original Adam, the Christ. Giving to the womb of Earth the Life Spark Principle so that all the molecules surrounding the ovum, could then combine and make for a complete whole. For we are those molecules and to divorce ourselves from that divine process is to become cancer cells, as the dark side has evidently become with their drugs, wars, mind control, black magic, lies, changes to the historical record, false flags, and other and far-too-many-to-state nightmares that are hellish examples of the daily reality we call life on Earth. To divorce ourselves from the Christ principle is to become a frictional cancer.


Our hope lies in breaking out of the limitations set forth by evil on this planet and this time period is exactly that chance to do so. As the Earth wobbles and shifts, use the time wisely. Drop those realities that serve nothing, and embrace those realities that break us free from vanity, ego, pride, and self-indulgence.


Doing everything that is within our power to reach upward and inward towards the divine potentials just waiting for our notice and effort is all we need do. Let the lost continue in their vain pursuits—that’s their freewill and choice. But it’s a choice that brings with it intense pain. For the keynote of our time is FIRE. Fire clarifies, reduces all things to their elemental components, and leaves only purity in its aftermath. Everything that is not of spirit will be consumed.


The devils will create false fires, by burning down forests in ritual alignments on numerologically correct days, but these vain attempts at forestalling the inevitable only make their awareness of the truth of things—as well as their backwards and folly-laden attempts in manipulating various aspects of the kingdom—bland, stupid, and of little value. These desperate attempts at playing god through black magic means only heightens the reality that their way is already doomed. And those who follow that way, doomed as well. For to embrace the old ways, the ways of the dark gods, will only make the final transition one of pain, suffering, and ultimately, dissolution.


To embrace divine fire is to be changed by it, in every meaning of the word. To resist such realities only makes for an emptier life, more devoid and meaningless than ever before until finally it collapses on itself in disease, insanity, and self-destruction.


The next two pole shifts will polarize humanity into two very definite camps. Those who respond to the call of Spirit, the Christ impulse, and everyone who is still clinging to the dark gods as a way of life. Beyond that, what does it matter? The last pole shift is already set, locked, and it’s on its way. When that one comes, darkness for three days and nights, for the earth will stop rotating. All that we know will change in an instant. And those souls who have been responding to all the changes, past and present, will find themselves moving into the new change as natural as can be. Those who have openly resisted it, denied it, and attacked it, laid waste; in the main, at least.


Having, owning, and acquiring will matter little in those days. What will matter is YOU. Who you are. You came into this world naked and with nothing and ever, that is all that is measured, AT ANY TIME OF YOUR LIFE. Not what you have, or your power, but YOU. Try to make that YOU, something more than a bitchy, hateful, lying stinker. Be something better, you can do it, you know.


The who, the what, and the where of all this is of little moment. Preparation has little to do with location or wealth, or storing food. It’s about inner change. Everything else is an intentional misdirection by Dark Forces to get you to spend these energies in OUTWARD THINGS and by definition, wrong things. For our time has nothing to do with the outer and EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE INNER. Understand. Please, understand this.


Getting your house in order means the house of your own temple, your body, emotions, and mind. Put your energies into that enterprise. And by extension, those enterprises that IMPROVE THE TEMPLES OF OTHERS. Do you make bombs for a living? Sell drugs or booze? Then you are in opposition to the times. Do you sell things that better the temples of your other fellow men and women, whether it be their mind, emotions, spirit, or body? Then you are in harmony with the Life Spirit of our Time. If this describes you, then making the transition toward bettering your own temple will be easier than those whose life expression is one of deceiving, lying, hurting, killing, and laying waste to this world.


Physical changes apparent to those surfing the wave of Spirit.


These outward physical signs will become notable.

  1. Etheric vision clarifying.
  2. Visual and personal identification with the biblical term, the Holy Spirit, the Christ principle, discernable in the aura of people as a living fire. And those so blessed will find, that when they look at their shadow in the sunlight, licks of flame will be seen rising off of their head and shoulders. It will be the one absolute sign of those responding to this time spirit and those who have yet to respond. Happily, it also allows one to tell the real coin of the realm from fakes and frauds, so very prevalent in our time, as the dark side vies for control of this amazing time.
  3. A responsiveness from the angelic kingdom to the mere presence of those individuals who are so riding this wave of fire and spirit. Dark spirits as well will be responsive; they will move away, be visible and remain the sneering dogs they always have been. The Sun Angels will then move at first, closer to these souls, finally moving into their aura in toto, while the dark angels will continue to move ever outward away from the fire.
  4. Changes in the eye color, skin, and palm lines of the hand. And rapidly so. In the space of 18 months, the palm lines will double, change, and form various patterns and lineages indicating a merging wholeness of the inner person, as reflected in the outer body.
  5. Kinsmen, the Lizard blends, will become all too visible at all times. Period.
  6. Waves of compassion, understanding, and patience will sweep through the soul as never before and increasing in frequency to such a degree that very often, forms of itself will become visible in the body as at first, stigmata: bruises in the early stages, actual wounds in the latter stages.
  7. Truth. The divine truth of reality, will begin to slowly settle into the mind and physical brain, changing the electrical pathways between the various head centers and the thought processes. Your intelligence will literally double. Your problem solving skills will treble. A simple glance reveals everything.
  8. The animal kingdom will respond to you like it has never done before. Birds will surround you, etc. Wild animals will approach, for they have always been in touch with reality. The only exceptions would be, domesticated animals, dogs and cats, because are so very often the literal expression of the thoughts, feelings and activities of the homes in which they live, as mirrors. Sad to say…


All of the above has been experience by myself and many others I know. The exact same experiences. This assures that this is available to all, should they so respond to it.


In closing, go with whatever life throws at you. Stay calm. Look for the good, the true, and the noble in everything and it will find you and best of all, you will find it. Let the liars and darksiders be what they will be. Bless your enemies. Pray for them. Give them all the good you have and in sincerity and most earnestness. For they will need it. So will you. All blessings and love to you.




May, 2008





Part Two: Changes and expectations


Rather than go into vast detail about one can expect while undergoing these changes—and the reason for that should be more than obvious—we each of us, are different, vastly so, one for another. Is not the molecule of the retina different from that in your toenail? Or the cerebellum different from one in your liver? But all are necessary parts of the same whole, creating the reality of a living being. What the liver experiences is not what the brain or eye experiences. If the thinking is one is better than the other or has a more gifted and better life, know that the spirit within each cell, elementally speaking, is a retina cell, then it dies, then it’s a skin cell, and so on, until that basic form has experienced all aspects of a living body.


And so it is with us. My experiences are mine. Yours are yours. And there it is.


Pivotal events, or signposts, are common enough because matriculation is the same ceremony, so to say. All have a different school experience, different classes and teachers, different parents and home life, but at the end, there we all are, sitting in identical chairs, walking up to the podium. And it’s those experiences that can be addressed, as common to all.


Common to all who are dropping the old ways and embracing the new.


The new in this case has little to do with the New World Odor (which is really just propaganda for the same old dark order it ever was, with the same old demonic astral creatures as in the ancient and ever present, past.) The new being spoken is an opportunity of crisis. A crisis in the affairs of this planet as it tears headlong into a flaming abyss of poverty, wars, high prices, and the attempted global control of the many by a few soulless vampires: the blueblood elite reptiles of old. And they are legion. And they are desperate, proud, arrogant, and downright vicious and dangerous. Killers without remorse. Liars beyond belief, pretending to pretend to pretend, as they’ve always done. Pretending to be caring politicians, loving mothers, or faithful Christians.


To begin, you’ll drop all outward extensions of learning or gaining insight to your life. That means psychics will be seen as the frauds they are. You’ll be learning first-hand, getting your own direct information and right away. Dowsing, Ouija boards, tarot cards, and all other forms of black magic divination will be seen for the dark arts they are. And the proof is in the pudding. I can’t tell you how many dowsing reports I’ve read over the years that never—and I mean NEVER—came to pass or were true. Then the deniability for the failed prediction is, hey, we stopped it by exposing it. Baloney. These are ancient dark arts, and as your clairvoyant vision develops you’ll see the astral critters that hang about such devices for these devices were created by ancient witches for the express purpose of using dark spirits for lower dimension communication and the original archetypes still carry the ancient hexes. Now, of course, the modern version of these “toys” doesn’t mention the original and sordid past of such things—they dare not to—because it exposes the energy and agencies actually working behind them. But you’ll see it with your own eyes, and you leave them behind with a smile as the junk food for junk souls that they truly are. When you se the “beings” that surround a deck of tarot cards or a Ouija board, it will be beyond question for you.


Secondly, you gain knowledge of who you really are, the true causes in your life, the reason why certain people are in it, and finally, what do to with it all. These “revelations” come of their own time, are for you only, and speaking of them…well…you’ll simply know that it is your business and no one else’s. These awareness’s are highly personal to you alone and are for your growth and no others, unless as a means to help you understand someone in compassion and as a means to help them. And you’ll laugh at the absurd idea of going to a psychic—who can never know—to tell you these things. You’ll be getting them direct from the source, true knowledge.


Third, your blood will change. In parlance, you could say it becomes…”atomic.” It becomes highly charged; for the medium of the soul when in incarnation is in the blood. Doctors can swap anything or any part of you out, but the blood. It’s the one thing necessary to keep you alive. This is so, because all life is in the blood. It’s why the dark ones are so very keen on blood ritual and sacrifices. They know as you will know that it’s the blood in which spirit resides and nowhere else.


Fourth, expect to be attacked, blocked, hindered, and eventually, murdered for all of this. For drunks hate someone in the room who is sober and lizards hate the Fire of the Sun of God in someone’s aura. Fact. The attacks used are the same old dogs: guilt and doubt. In all their varying forms. From these two vipers will come slander, gossip, malicious speech, scams, agendas, traps, and every fictional wrong-doing laid at your feet. Know the past is dead. Whatever mistakes you made in your life and lives is behind you—the thing that matters is at least you are moving onward, inward, and upward. Forget the rest. Let these hissing snakes hiss. Who cares.


Fifth, all the better seeds in your life that have been denied will finally clamor for attention. Creativity, kindness, patience, silence, giving, doing, being, will all push for release and actualization in your daily life modality. Give them that expression. Let those waves flow through you. And bloom, my friends, bloom.


Sixth, the angelic kingdom will make a visible and clear introduction to you in myriad ways. So, will the fallen angels, the demonics. But, through vessels without the fire, as finger puppets. And those men and women being used as finger puppets are the most dangerous of all, because they truly have no control over their temple—the demons do. Pay close attention.


Seventh, the interactions of the higher dimensions, as well as the lower, will become part and part of the transparency of the physical world and truly, the kingdom of heaven—and hell—is right here, right now. It’s all about what you tune to.


Eighth, Faith will disappear. For faith is belief in things unseen. For you, you will know there are angels, know there is a loving Father, know there is a Christ, know there are Sun Angels, and know that all around you, is the life expression of FREE WILL as each of us,  dark or heart, makes his or her choices, here on Earth. For the problems of this world that everyone blames on God are the creations of our own choices. We did this and no one else. If you want to blame someone, go look in the mirror, go over all the world’s problems, and see what your hand was in it, even if sinning by silence and apathy.



Accept it, let it go, and move forward in the spirit of Love. A long and arduous process that has to be learned as one goes. Learning and being love is easy on face value, then practice and you can see what all the fuss was about. It’s worth it. For in that path lies our freedom.


Part Three: The mystical experience.


Long was the experience of the life of those seeking to follow any kind of spiritual enterprise and in that striving, one fact remains historically accurate in the last 2000 years and that is that all those adherents to whatever belief system all worked from a foundation of faith alone. Even in the 20th century, regardless of whatever the name of the system so given over, it still was a functional foundation of faith. The congregation, assemblage, group, or whatever had to have faith in their set of ideas as being fact. Faith alone. And because someone told them so, or they were raised on that system, so they believed. And they kept on believing, until some earth-shattering event prevailed in their experience to dissuade them otherwise.


Of course, this was the nature of how things worked in the last 2000 years. It also gave the dark side a real wedge against any kind of higher way. For as any black magician can tell, you need not strive to produce magic and results, you need only incantations, some occasional sacrifices, and the will to do so. The higher path of love required self-denial, selfless love and compassion, and a general house cleaning for there to be any visible results and, as such things go, it often took lifetimes before any visible changes were made prevalent to the person so striving.


Very often, seekers to something more noble were usually treated to such repugnant events that any faith they might then place in any decent impulse was destroyed by infiltration into honest spiritual systems by darksiders, who then were caught with their pants down—and this sometimes literally—with the temple virgins, drove and often destroyed erstwhile systems from becoming commonplace. These exposés are intentional, timed to astrological conditions, and meant to cast shadows on whatever good that might be found there. Modern Christianity, what with its famous preachers caught with prostitutes and little boys—perfect examples of this DOUBT ATTACK SCENARIO—are just one example of how this kind of thing plays out.


Even so, some see the good in spite of the evil done, and continue, each in their own way, taking whatever good can be found and discarding the rest. And rightfully so.


All that remains is to know that in our time, the faith system is being replaced by the knowing system.


Let me say that again: the faith system is being replaced by the knowing system.. To know a thing is to experience it in your waking consciousness beyond any doubt. If you drank a glass of water, you know that you drank a glass of water. If someone standing in another room and not visibly seeing you claimed that instead, you ate a heaping lump of coal smothered in cranberry juice, you’d look at them and smile. They are basing your actions on faith because they perceive your actions on what they cannot see. You, being the doer and cooperative partner in the event, know otherwise. And therein lies the key to our time, we are in cooperation with these realities, dimensions, states of beingness, and changes.


Like any system trying to outlive its time, the old faith system is going to die a hard death, and the darksiders on top in control of these systems—whether they be Islamic, Christian, Buddhist, or whatever—are going to make sure they stay in power as long as possible. Let them. For it will no longer concern you in the slightest. Your reality is one of active participation in the spiritual or higher frequency realms of this system. Others may hope and believe in the Christ, you will know him. Others may guess or write about angels (and many are sadly in contact with demons, not the higher orders—and this is so because they have failed to become the kind, loving, and compassionate people necessary to attract such beings,) but you will know them, interact with them, and they will be part and parcel of your daily life. As they are for so many others right now.


Now is the time for such things. Now is the time for the shift into spirit. Now is the time to break free from the hindrances that bind you and seek out any way into this that presents itself to you.


Of course, this will mean checking yourself thoroughly to make sure that your personality at least is making a miter of effort along the lines of nobility so very often mentioned throughout Earth’s history. How many truly live as Christ did? Or at least attempt it on some level. Even if fractional? For small efforts in our time lead to large gains, it’s that kind of reality within which we find ourselves.


Whatever we do now, matters in every way. Even the smallest efforts, or littlest acts of kindness will yield dividends unheard even at short as 100 years ago. For the higher agencies are keenly watching this plane of reality for any chance to empower ANYONE who truly is trying to break free. ANYONE. This fact alone is more than evident when someone as stunted as myself can manage to acquire such realities as revealed in picture and finally, in the written word.


You have it within yourself. What tools you need are all inside you. All of it. Drop psychics, gurus, teachers, and other self-proclaimed demi-gods and go for the real deal, the Kingdom of God within yourself, as Christ said it was, and to which I found to be highly accurate in every sense of the word and meaning.


Over and dead are quickly becoming the old ways. Recognize it, move along, and stand as a living example to yourself, your family, and finally to the world—for you will be the hope of glory, a living example of all that was promised, as becoming true and real, we, the average John and Janes of our time.


United by love, having a deeper connection with all that is, faith for you will be a thing of the past. You will know. You will see. You will be.


Part Four: Understanding yourself and the world around you


The best information comes from your self. What you perceive, ruminate on, ponder upon, research with an objective and subjective understanding, and think through. Experience adds weight, color, and dimension to the perceiving process. It’s one thing to say a thing must be thus and so, given an intelligent observation of the facts, it’s quite another when we add in to such conclusions with the factual realities of personal experience.


Walking in and around the life of our time is very often unclear and confusing. Who is right? Everyone has an opinion about this or that truth, and how many times do we have to find that—given the historical record versus the uncovered facts of a case—that this or that belief system or perception was wholly a fiction put up by a group of rulers with only one aim in mind: control the masses, get everyone thinking what you want them to think, and brand everyone else a heretic to be burned at the stake for daring to think and be, outside of the box. I’m sure the Mormon Church sounded pretty fantastic and something pretty cool to mid 19th century farmers. Gold plates, translations of God’s word, fiery angels named Moron(i) and all that, Native Americans being the lost tribes of Israel, etc. The modern reality and research has proved the whole thing a fiction and the man, no better than a modern day snake charmer who charmed the pants of a group of people and set up his own little empire out in the Utah Territories. The good that came out of it was family unity and all that. The bad that came out of that was polygamy, a breeding program of bloodlines in the desert, and black rituals in the basements of the biggest temples by the elders with…young girls and boys. The followers of Jim Jones must have at least understood what Smith was like as Jimbo at first led them from San Francisco and its “lost hippy reality” and into the forests of Guyana for some torture, rape, mind control, and cyanide/arsenic.


We have countless examples of variations on a theme all around us: Scientology, The Moonies, ad nauseoum. One after another, with perfect regularity, yet another system is exposed for the government operation it was designed to be, or the intentional distortion of the original impulse, co-opted by the Vatican or some other situation only to be turned into the very worst examples of dogma, rigidity, slavery, control, and ultimately, black magic.


Our time is different. The group as collective to be used for control, is no longer (and it never was, btw, to begin with) necessary nor needed. Leaders, useless. Beyond useless. Dangerous Doctrines and dogmas: tools of slavery. Always has been, always will be. Rituals? Doing this or bowing that or wearing this shirt or that clothe or this “special slipper” is more than daffy and silly, it’s beyond absurd.


When a six-year old child who has never cracked a religious text, never stepped inside a church to hear a sermon, or ever bothered beyond being a child can sit and give great truths of reality to me and my friends, at will and always, without prompting or led by the nose, saying amazing things like, “You know dad, all you need is love. The rest doesn’t matter.” “Once you have God inside you, the rest is toys in toy land.” “A hug filled with love is more important than money.” Like that and hundreds of other examples, than, for me, the confirmation that we live in a times when spirit speaks directly to the individual and not to the group are beyond question. When you sit with a group of people, and on their own, they all see the same Trans dimensional event, then we live in special times.


And the only reason for writing this article in the first place is because so many of us are part of the past and present. We have all lived long enough to have grown up and been raised in the old systems, needing to break free. We are, in a sense, a blend of the old and new, rather than wholly new, as a small child might be, born in this time. For us, we need to see our pasts and the past of this planet, so we can let it go and move along. We have years of this or that theology to dump, or New Age Teaching to unload, Dark God slavery in some witchcraft or whatever. It’s transition time. These articles are written for those who KNOW the past is dead, needing to be let go. It’s okay. Let it go. Be free.


Meanings and viewpoints become just so much falderal and blather. It’s the personal connection with Divine Order and Spirit that is of the moment. Meditations and special “things-to-do?” Hardly. Special robes and waving a chicken around your head? Laughing here, laughing. Going to some seminary school to get your brainwashing so any original impulse inside you is killed out and replaced with a controlled and watered down faith system, complete with corrupt buffoons wearing clothes right out of the 1950s? Cosmic joke, as it ever was. All that stuff falls into two camps: control and/or a thing to do. Wholly unnecessary.


Your meaning and perception, your connection with the Kingdom within is what matters alone. It’s a very personal relationship with all that YOU perceive as the divine and the good. Letting some retard, control freak, or lizard tell you this or that is more than dangerous, it’s surrendering your mind, emotions, and body to a dead system. Why would any spiritual and enlightened person ever do that? Why would any person give up the wonders of their own experiences only to hand them over to someone who is blind, and then say, “lead me.” To do so is criminal…to yourself. It’s throwing away your freewill and potentials to someone with an agenda, or at least, is being controlled as well, by a group or situation with an agenda. They can shove their agendas right up there…well, you get the point.


What matters now is seeing and finding your own connection with divinity and from the beginning we always had what we needed, never anything outside ourselves. The lies of the past, the powers of the old systems over us with churchianity or whatever, is over. It’s dead. Remember, why would any God or Higher reality require something outside ourselves for our “salvation.” Anything outside yourself is exactly that: OUTSIDE YOURSELF.

Please, stop again and absorb those words in all their meaning and intent, for in them, lies the keys to the kingdom. Your kingdom. (as I write this, my six year old is singing a song, one he makes up as he goes, and remember he has no idea what I am writing, this is happening right now, Sunday, at 9 am in the morning.


The power of living with your heart

You will join god’s love

We will work together in love

And we don’t have to do the work, oh yean

Be a nice loving guy and be a nice loving girl

Because love is love forever, and be joined

And happiness and peace will be yours forever

You are a soul that has it, so have it

Doo doo dooo dooo doo dooo

So you are love, be that love

And all want love so give them love

And we all can give them that and peace on earth

We all can use the power of love

And grow stronger in our time of life

And grow free and strong

And you all know what I mean about love

One, two, three: I LOVE YOU.


Doo doo dooo doo dooo doo

You know I love you so much

You know you are my only plan

You will be a way of love

So come to yourself and be loving

So be loving more today

Doo dooo doo doo doo

I love love God and the spirit of everything

If you will join, you will know

I will go and send a letter of love

And show my love

And being a lovely talent

Trying my best

And be a loving child



After that, there is nothing more to say, I stop. The child has said it all.







Part Five: Confirmations


Self-delusion is that fiction in which we create realities in which there is little substance. We see it all the time. Delusional states of mind and consciousness are very often the result of escapism from the harshness of life, a break in between the lower thinking mind and the circumstances of a person’s daily bread.


Every person in our age knows that hard days come, especially so and more frequently so, when we begin to search in earnest for the truth of life and its meaning. And sometimes, we get more truth than we can assimilate and we feel as though we are literally losing our minds. Because you are. You are losing your mind. You are losing your old ways of thinking, perceiving, and being. The ism’s you were raised on, the belief systems you swallowed without thinking them through, and the “education” you received for all those many, bland years.


Remember, your mind is really a body that you wear, just like your physical body. You also have an emotional body, a spiritual body, and a light body, or etheric. These are just as real and have just as important parts as the body you feed, wash, and put to sleep every day.  The mind needs to be fed, too. But, when it’s whole creation and construction is fabricated UPON LIES and FALSEHOODS, then we can rightly say that you are insane. Because your thinking must needs be insane, if built upon fictions. If your parents are insane as well, then you were raised in an insane environment, filled with passed-on lies, fed to them and regurgitated to you. If you were raised in the “network” than this phenomenon is decidedly more so; insanely more so. These mental bodies or minds, are lumpy, poorly lit, often cloudy, and have breaks and canyons in them, often with dark swirling clouds and very rigid forms we’ll call Religion, God, the Devil, Love, Lust, Nation, Sports, etc. From this lumpy, seething mass one must perceive reality, think through reality, and function as a soul. Really…


Vastly different then is the man or woman or child that sees life rightly, and from an early age, seeks out the truth of things. Their mental body is like a shining tower of beauty of geometry, with scintillating colors and patterns and energy forms. They, by their mere presence, shatter minds wherever they go, because the bright and brilliant forms of their mental bodies act as wonderful earthquakes in the lumpy minds of the insane and deluded souls trapped on Earth. Wherever they go, even if they do not speak, they are working miracles in the minds of those around them. Those so fortunate to be around such enlightened souls often start questioning the nature of things, looking at things with new eyes, and most importantly, begin to look at their own lives to see if living the way they do is really of any value and if the things they’ve been giving time, energy, and money to are also of any value.


In the search of truth, those of us that have been living under the shadow of state-sanctioned education and equally insane peers and parents, find that everything we know is a lie. It turned out to be a fiction and come one fine day, we feel we are going crazy. “It’s just too much for me!” “It’s all a lie!” “You’re all liars and frauds!” And so on. The degree in which we were deluded by our self-serving absorption of the “facts of life” is the same degree we feel that we are going nuts. And you are. Going nuts that is. This is so, because you ARE CHANGING YOUR BODY, THE MIND. All that you know as reality is dropping out of your mind, the forms dissolving, and the constructs changing shape. The old rigid forms are breaking apart with the force of small explosions (it literally and clairaudiently sounds like thunderclaps) and the reason for this feeling of losing one’s mind is because THAT IS EXACLY WHAT IS HAPPENING.


Now, we know that in order to fill a vessel, it must first be emptied. In order to fill a mind with truth, you must perforce empty it of all lies, distortions, and speciousness. And remember, our sense of identity is one of a mental viewpoint and the consciousness thread is anchored in the mental body. So, as you sweep all the garbage out of your head regarding history, love, God, Heaven, Hell, and EVERYTHING, you feel that you, too, are being swept away with it. But if you think about it, this is impossible. You, the soul behind your thoughts, feelings and body are the OBSERVER. The sense of being swept away and losing your mind is YOUR IDENTIFICATION WITH THOSE FORMS, how much of you that YOU put into them. “My country, right or wrong!” “Everyone who doesn’t go to church is going to burn in hell!” And all the other IDENTIFICATIONS that we assigned our beingness to are dissolving as the lies they are, from us, the watcher. As these forms die, we feel we are dying too.


Good. Let them die. They need to die. The pain you feel, the loss, the sense of losing your identity is the vacuum being created as the old house burns to the ground, making way for the new house you are going to build with the truth. The truth regarding everything. As your search for truth keeps burning down more dusty rooms filled with garbage, hate, rats, slime, filth, and debris, the quicker the new you is going to bloom, find peace, and a way out of madness. The madness that is the fiction of all the lies ever told since the beginning of creation.


Gone will be the days of judgment, hate, separation, diseased thinking, being a parrot or a good little doggy, and they will be replaced by clarity, freedom, a brand new self-image built upon the most wonderful constructs ever imagined, and happily, all that is in the higher worlds will notice that hey, guess who’s walking our way today? They will stop, give a slight nod of respect, admiration, and encouragement as you continue to clear out the old junk from your mind/mental body and build in their place, a whole new way of looking at the world, history, and life from first-hand information and the TRUTH.


Old things will fade. Let them fade. Old things will die, but put up a fight. Let them die. Help them die. And as you feel those little tugs of screaming from the mental elemental as it tries to win back its old power over you, just remind it that hey, you’ll have a better house than the one before so help me help you, crying does no good, friend.


Doing this is a natural thing and frankly, quite necessary. I know many people who say they are on a spiritual path, but one quick glance at their fractured minds built upon millions of lies told, received, and then reinforced by them, shows quickly that they are far from it. The carnal man must die so the spiritual man can live. The confused mind must die so the mind built upon truth and honestly can live.


The way out of madness is killing off the madness within ourselves first. That is done with the truth. And here’s another vital point, if not the most important. You will be unable to hear the truth if you are not in pursuit of it in toto. Keep being a lying, two-faced stinker and when someone presents the truth to you, you will be unable to hear it. At all. The solution is an honest search for the truth and the best place to start looking for it is yourself. By looking at your life and seeing all the noise and nonsense in that needs to take a hike and go, is the absolute first step in mental freedom. You must start speaking the truth, acting it out, and giving it out as best as you are able, no matter what can of lying fraud you usually are. Small steps first, will make the bigger ones easier later. Keep telling lies and being a liar, and you can trip over the truth and you will never know it. Ever. Ever.


The truth begins with you. YOU. As we’ve learned so far in this discourse, the truth isn’t outside some place, under a rock, or in some saint’s hand—though that may be the case—it’s in YOU. And for truth to bloom and build you a new mind, full of truth, beauty, and goodness, you have to be its builder. IT’S YOU WHO BUILDS YOUR THINKING, IT’S YOU WHO BUILDS YOUR THOUGHTS, IT’S YOU WHO BUILDS YOUR PERCEPTIONS WITH TRUTH. If you are expecting some angel to lay it on you, then you will be waiting for a very long time, friend. Especially if that angel sees what a rotten, lying, bullshit artist you usually are. Tough words, I know. But to the point.


If you want the truth of creation, be the truth of yourself first. It’s absolutely the only prerequisite pertaining to truth. Tell lies, deceive others, and you’ll end up so confused by so many fictions out there, that you will be unable to tell one person’s truth from another persons’ lies. It all will just seem like a mixing blend of sewage with no end in sight. If that describes you, than your solution is obvious then.


So, get you to it. At once. Start with yourself. Be honest. Direct. If the urge to tell a falsehood wells up in you because that’s what you do always and from day one, squelch that nasty dog and put it down. In it’s place, utter the truth. Whatever it is. Once you start doing this, you’ll create virtual tsunamis in your mental body that will start creating wave forms that will begin to shatter the old forms. Good. Very good. Keep on with the truth. The more honest you become, the faster the clearing process will go. And that’s what you want, right off. To get it over with, fast.


The good news is, as this process starts inside you, it will ALSO START OUTSIDE YOU, WITH THE WORLD. Oh happy day! See, it’s all symbiotic, my friends. What is within is also without; what is above, is also below. See how cool that all is? Totally awesome!


Really great as well, is this whole breaking down of the lies built by the lizard realities. And even better news is, you ARE GOING TO BE HELPED IN THIS PROCESS. You will have help from ON HIGH. You are hearing the truth now. You will have help in ways so amazing that it will seem as if the Most High himself has personally chosen to fill your vessel. Because He has. The promise made is the promise delivered. Unlike the reptiles whose whole life and lives are built upon ever reeking piles of stink, you have chosen wisely and have found that all the ancient promises hold true. You will see that you are loved. You will know that you are loved. You will start being loving. You will start seeing the truth. Your eyes, in all their finer qualities and grades of perception will finally open and the truth of reality will come pouring into you, filling you with joy, splendor, and…peace…as to defy any imagination.


Unlimited, wonderful, peace. As your mind/mental body begins anew with new creations and constructs built upon truth and truth-telling, as you know it, you will abide in truth and it’s wonderful brothers and sisters: joy, a sense of freedom, loving and being loved, happiness (and for many, for the first time in their lives, to be sure), etc, but best of all, with truth comes this beauty: A new self-image.


The average man and woman’s self image is so very often, so horrible, so ugly, that it amazes that they can even function. “I am shit. I am unworthy. I am unlovable. I am terrible.” And why? Because some nasty critter told them so once and they believed it. Believed it so fiercely that they have been acting out those negative self-images from an early age and it has been the ruination of their whole life. How many people have chosen terrible relationships because they felt they weren’t worthy of anything better? Made poor career choices? And let all the better seeds of beauty within themselves, wither and die—all because of low self-esteem? The first things to die—again, happily—are these negative self-images. And why? Because they are LIES. These lies die first. Thank you for that, Dad. Thank you for killing these out of us first.


How long have we been told we were nothing? How long have our peers and parents from a young age scolded us in a fit of rage (projecting outward their own negative self-images, btw, unable to cope with their own constructs) and told us we were garbage. And, because we were being emotional at the time, we were receptive to this and being emotional makes us susceptible to post-hypnotic suggestion—that’s why the lizards say those things to us, when we are down and self-indulgent. Fact. It’s evil to do that thing to a child, but do it they do. And not only to freejacks, but as well to their own kind. That’s how messed up the network is, friends.


Now, here comes the great part. It’s just the wonderful way the whole thing works. The way of truth comes always with physical plane confirmation. That means, as you pursue truth and being truthful, the higher agencies will provide events in your life that will confirm for you beyond any doubt, that you are seeing correctly, knowing correctly, and living correctly. And it’s something completely outside the vampire’s realm to control. That means they will be unable to steer you with lies and get you believing baloney, as they have before.


Of course, you will know the confirmations as they arrive because that’s just yet another wonderful way the whole thing was designed. As you are being more honest, then the reality of things will be more honest with you, even if the dark side throws every lie at your feet to get you to fall. You’ll see the lies, games, scams, and foils for what they are…and smile. As I do ten times a day. Every day. Confirmations are little tidbits of things that fall across your path, that only you will be able to make sense out of that will confirm for you the reality of both truth and their evil twin, lies. You’ll see both. This is to let you know you are OKAY. You are growing, expanding, and finding your self, the Kingdom of God within. Once these start occurring in your life—and they become so frequent as to be every day—never again will the darksiders be able to con you or grift you into yet one of the many old scams of yore. Sure, they’ll hit you with every doubt attack in the arsenal, but so what. You’ll see through it all. And smile.


When this happens and happen it will, you’ll now be the fiery soul who helps others without lifting a finger to do so. Your beingness alone will cleanse THEIR mental bodies and start THEM on the road to freedom, just be being in the same room as them. Or being in traffic next to them, or wherever life leads you. And it will, you know. Make good of the new you. Wherever you go, you will radiate truth. Children will see it first in you. Smile, walk up to you, grab you by the legs and hug you. Fact. Animals, too. All of creation will unconsciously respond to you wherever you go, sidling up to your truth. Which is the one truth. Which is truth. For all.






























Part Six: The Awakening Process


Of all the sections to this article, this may well be the most important section and also, the most difficult to discuss. Obviously, this is so because as stated before, we are all such highly individual personalities and souls, with different growth rates, learning curves, potentials, and relationships with the divine and the mundane worlds. It’s easy and dangerous to label those still slumbering as fools and dunderheads, especially when for you, reality and the truth of things is becoming a blooming rose. But, that kind of narrow-minded and judgmental viewpoint is also indicative of elitism: the completely retarded and stunted idea that one is better than another simply because one knows more. As anyone with a functioning soul knows and understands, elitism is the mark of a sick mind, programmed by even sicker minds, producing someone who actually believes they are superior to others simply because the know more or were raised with more money, or were told in their temple that they were the “chosen ones.” From such viewpoints, all evil proceeds.


For reality is the destruction of such warped and twisted mindsets. Mindsets that express elitism are more than dangerous; they are practically the root of the problem of our or any age. Racism is such a mindset. When you hear and see anglos being openly called “crackers” and “white boys” on TV—along with a laugh track and everyone smiling—then you are witnessing the tacit approval of engineered racism mindset being reinforced upon all the other races; i.e., it’s wrong for anyone to call a Chinese person a “chink” but it’s okay to call a white man, “cracker.” These mindsets, like elitism, are simply publicly engineered brainwashing and mind control protocols. Those who perforce function in these modalities are already slaves. Those who sell it to the world, are the evil handlers and slave holders, the “chosen ones.”


Going in new directions, as we find ourselves, we know that everything that was a label or a mindset must be looked at with new eyes and with new thinking so that we ourselves can decide under the tests of what is right and noble, to see how much of ourselves is really mindset programming and how much of it remains that is truly our own. How much of you is you? Can anyone truly say? Honestly? How much of our perception of relationships, money, the work ethic, honesty, decency, family, creativity, and honor are values programmed into us by the slave-holders and how much of it is truly from ourselves.


Our road towards freedom demands that we look honestly and sincerely at every aspect of our lives and with a degree of objectivity so that we can decide once and for all if what we believe, what we do, and how we think is really healthy and wise, or unhealthy and frankly, insane.


Doing this personal investigation of our mind sets, our thinking, the way we treat ourselves and others, why we do the things we do is probably the most indicative aspect of someone who is undergoing an awakening of spirit in their life. The best questions are the easiest and the hardest, because in finding the answers to these questions will reveal volumes about yourself. They are:

Who am I?

What do I need?

Where have I been?

Where am I going?


Secondary questions, once these have been sincerely given treatment, are:


Why do I get angry?

Why am I unhappy?

What is it in my life that is weighing me down?

Why do I think the way I do?


To become free you must first know. And the first thing to know about is yourself. Flat out, that’s it. Everything else is droid living. Waking, showering, eating, doing, eating, TV, then sleep. Plus the occasional activity.


Ever watch people build up so much activity in their lives and then have a day or an hour of downtime? They go crazy. They fidget and squirm.


And the reason for this is simple. Activities keep them from facing themselves. Even when driving—a supposed downtime for many, or at least it used to be—there they are chatting on the phone to anyone whose ear they can bend for the duration of the drive. This indicates a fractured mind or mental body; these people are running from themselves, because in that running, they are procrastinating and pushing off the deeper realities of their soul that wants communication with them through reflective meditation. Another example of this is the constant stream-of-consciousness chatterbox, who cannot shut up. Yak, yak, yak, and on it goes, never ending; constantly externalizing every thought and opinion on anything as if everyone wants to hear it. The spiritual truth of such souls is that THEIR soul is forcing them to, because they have run everyday from their own self-analysis, that in the act of externalizing, they are hearing with words, all the pent up garbage that is overloading their lower mind. It’s a kind of safety valve for the insane. The sad part is seeing such things in teenagers and early twenties, because it shows that their whole lives—thanks to network parents mainly—has kept them so busy with agency sponsored activities, that their lower mental body is literally a seething cauldron of programming, mindsets, and lies that its boiling over in their speech. And what a chat it is, too. Notice how ongoing, opinionated, and judgmental it is… Sigh, there isn’t a sign of their real selves in any of it, all just regurgitated TV programming, news programming, agency programming, elitism programming, et al. Sometimes you wait months for the real them to show up, and then, at the table, it lasts for only a few minutes and all the programming shows back up. Months…


Can anyone say they have truly given themselves a good thorough going over in the whys and whats of their actions and speech? For this is awakening. That means slowing down for some time every day and really thinking about life, your self, who you are, what you needs are (as opposed to desires, which is a completely separate thing), and why you are the way you are. Give that activity some time. Do that, rather than run to the gym or get busy with another pointless activity or online game that in the end leaves you the same zero as you were before.


How this all works is simply, again, seeing yourself as you really are. With honestly, without judgment, without condemnation, and without attachment to what you see and what you’ve done with your life. Just look. For in that looking will reveal itself volumes about the nature of you, the meaning of you, the way of you, and the purpose of you.


In that looking, you will have help. For as the observer, divinity will inspire you with certain memories and observational hints that will give moment and meaning to the main chords of your life. You’ll see why you have, in the past, behaved the way you have. How much of you was in that activity, and how much of it was just ongoing programming shoved down your throat since you were a child.


Nothing is more revealing than sitting and reflecting about the nature of ourselves and our relationship to life, in all its facets and forms. For our time is bursting with energies and Higher Agencies which wish to help us, should we but avail ourselves to this by taking these tiny little baby steps.


Gone are the things to do. It’s time to be. And being is knowing. And knowing is observing, first ourselves, then the world. For after all, everything is symbiotic, or relational in myriad ways.


Why do you do the things you do? Say the things you say? Feel the things you feel?


Of course, in these discourses I am talking wholly about those souls who are aspiring to divinity, recognize that these times are quite special for such upgrades, and are in all earnestness. Darksiders could care less. Everything they do is about slinging arrows and wounding; the harsher and more violent, the better. Everything that comes from them is a sneering contempt barely veiling their hatred of the higher ways of Spirit.


For that is all they feel inside, hatred and contempt. They want two things: power and money. That’s it. And they’ll do anything, serve any dark purpose, if it will help them move up the network ladder, even if only a notch. Fact. They’ll “smile a smile and still be a villain.” Every single member of the network I have ever met in this life—without exception—constantly shows their utter contempt for anything of the higher dimensions and anyone not beholden to the dark side. Contempt is the darkest of all the shades of hatred. In contempt and feeling contemptuous, the most hideous evil acts can spring forth. I know, for I have had the whole bag of them directed at me in my life.


They will come at you with a smile, but it’s a sneer and a smirk. They will come at you as your friend, to better position you for the kill. They will come at you…and without mercy and remorse. For remorse is a soul quality, something they killed out a very long time ago, in previous lives. And now, the darkest of the dark are walking this earth, as are the brightest of the bright. Both are here now.


The dark lords and their minions are walking the earth. You see them all the time. Blacked out eyes, lizard eyes, and one common trait among them all. Total contempt for anything of God, our Father. Him they hated first. His children, they hate now. Being a child of God makes you a target they can sink their teeth into, and sink they will. Every single chance they can get. Without letup. Until you are dead.


Such is the way of Earth. The ultimate prison planet.


The awakening process makes them visible. You’ll see them wherever you go, their eyes going black like a doll’s eyes, fiery hatred flashing out from their aura. Cold, icy, scorn pouring from them as they coolly appraise you as the prey that they see you as. Then the smirk appears. Mutual recognition. You SEE EACH OTHER. You extend your hand in understanding and compassion; they extend their claws to rip out your throat, for that is what they want to do. Only orders higher up the network food chain prevent them from slaughtering you right there.


Here’s a tidbit. Every time a lizard is around, whatever messenger angels happen to be around as well, stare at them. That’s right, these angels never take their eyes of them, the fiery ray of their beingness beaming directly into the eye sockets of the reptiles. Without judgment, but always, watching them. The glance keeps the “snappers” from going off the rails and killing everyone in the room, very often.


Remember this well, for awakening means just that, you will awaken to the truth of reality. And the lizard people are part of that truth. THEY LIVE. THEY ARE. And their only credo is “do what thou wilt shall be the whole law.” And that means that anything is possible. And given the murders, poisons in our water supply, our breathable air with chemtrails, the programming of our children through the medium of TV and Radio, Implants, Hard Drugs, et al, does anyone question what their motivations are, other than wholesale death and slaughter for all those not like them?


Awakening as a process is by degrees. It’s also big jumps, too. Depends upon the soul, how responsive they are and to what degree so, given the energy being poured upon this planet of death from our reptile friends.


See, for all this evil, is also a corresponding opportunity. We can respond to the Spirit of Christ and leap thousands of years ahead and into the next phase, leaving this berg behind for good and all. Some choose to stay and help the struggling; others move along. Many will simply be food for evil. For that is freewill. To be or not to be, the eternal question.









Part Seven:  Co-opting the wave of Divinity and Spirit


A few years back, when this was all breaking in huge ways for myself and others, I chanced upon a set of videos quickly put out—low budget—called, the Awakening. Of course, it was produced by an agency Indy production company, and was a cheap blend of emotional sentimentalism and churchianity, with lizards acting the roles. They used terminology that was of private communication among myself and a few others—terminology that one could only get from surveillance. This still goes on today, on web sites, radio shows, and other agency cut-outs, so as to co-opt this emergence to bend the results to their own ends.


Whatever they do really, in the end, doesn’t matter. For those souls who do get fooled by the fakes, only reveals that they themselves are either props to keep the fraud looking genuine (network and programmed sycophants dropped in to support the point man…or woman) or are themselves so full of lies and deceit, that they are unable to see the fakery for what it truly is. In either case, such realities will fill big halls, and the film editors of these hollow manikins will use their nodding heads in the audience as “peer reinforcement tools” necessary to subliminally get the viewer of their videos into believing they are hearing the truth. Sigh… Be advised, I’ve been offered film crews, and TV time recently and I turned it all down, flat. Dad doesn’t need radio or TV to do what he does, or reveal what needs to be revealed. He works one on one. (Of course the last time I met with a film guy back in 2004 at the Elephant Bar in Valencia to discuss such things, I received two implants for my trouble, sitting in the restaurant at the table. The whole time, there sits Dave smirking and laughing. Even though I had no intention of working with him, I wanted to see what kind of bait they were dangling. The agency used that meeting to shoot these things into my neck, from a woman’s purse, sitting nearby.)


All that matters is that as the world presents its fake versions to the public is that we know and understand how these fakes work and how truly empty they are, except for the dark spirits possessing them, and whatever brainwashing they received from their handlers to regurgitate to the world. These are the false prophets of the self-help movement, the gurus, the preachers, the leaders of this or that ism. And they are legion. They come in all sizes, colors, stripes, and languages.


You can use some simple realities to help you in your search for truth, and knowing how the system works, why it works the way it does, and all that, will at least give you a handle on avoiding the big bear traps out there.


However they present their material, be watchful for the use of certain spiritual buzzwords. Whatever is being discussed among the real spiritual agents of our time—languishing in obscurity and barely surviving, owning nothing—the fakes will take their discourses, regrind them with agency spin, and put them back out into the world. That’s what they do. It’s all they do. Just look at what they’ve done with the beauty of Christ’s words in the last 2,000 years to see how good they are at spinning the truth into ideology’s that get men to slaughter other men, all in the name of God.


Of course, it’s easy to spot the fakes, when your whole beingness is geared to the truth. Once you get finely tuned, anything that is a lie, rings for the lie it is. Even before you read it, watch it, or hear of it. It gets that good, friends. But as we learned in an earlier section, how that tuning develops depends entirely upon you, as being an honest and forthright soul.


Mainly, if it’s on syndicated radio or TV, it’s agency. That’s it. Fact. The network is the network, in all its public forms. If you read a story in one of today’s newspapers, it’s agency. If you can find it in a video store like blockbuster or Hollywood video, it’s agency. Anything that is corporate and syndicated IS THE NETWORK. Like an octopus, just another arm, like the mafia, the military, the courts, the police, et al.


Education? Do I even need to say it? Schools are dumbing down our children, feeding them sugary foods in place of nutrition, and filling their heads with so many fictions regarding the nature of reality and history, that it staggers the mind.


Big huge rich churches with million dollar buildings? Imagine my disappointment—but without surprise—over these last few years when every church I’ve ever seen is without the blessing of the Most High. Every Single One. They do carry however, the energy of the dark gods, and that says a great deal, speaking volumes. The bible even says, “God is not found in a building built with human hands.” Does anyone ever actually read the New Testament? Did you know that Christ forbade public prayers? Fact. “Pray to your Father in secret, and he shall answer you openly.” But, here they are, in prayer groups, on TV, on Radio, in churches, blathering out loud. And why? Because they want YOU to do it, too. And why? Because in prayer you REVEAL THE CONTENTS OF YOUR HEART, AND THEY NEED THAT INFORMATION TO BETTER DECEIVE YOU, BETRAY YOU, AND MANIPULATE YOU. Pay close attention here.


The other why is that for darkness will avoid the spiritual mandates and act in opposition to them. If Christ healed on the Sabbath—and He did, more than any other time—then you’ll find these false spirits saying the Sabbath is their day off, no worky. It’s amazing how the churches actually act in total opposition to just the outward meanings if His acts and Teachings. For those and other betrayals, the deeper layers and meanings will remain forever lost to them. More’s the pity.


Co-opting appears subtly at first, a change in writing and expression style, choice of words and tone, by the fakes and frauds. If you are really paying attention, you’ll see it. Topic changes, inclusive of Higher Realities, but always with that spin, that curve, that sends everything downward.


Remember: the Kingdom of God is within you. Christ stated this Great Truth and I know it personally to be true. This fundamental reality then gives out all relational realities to it. That means, truth comes from within, love comes from within, happiness comes from within, joy, peace, understanding, wisdom, etc. If your well is dry, then it’s time to connect to the source, the river of Love.


Listen to the wisdom and truth flowing from the deep well of your own heart. If it’s a scam, you’ll know it. Then it’s up to you as to how much time and energy you want to put into such a thing, even if for a giggle. Very often, I’ll listen to the scams—for a time—to see how manipulative they’ll be. The manipulations start right off. At once.


All you need is inside you. It’s already there, waiting for you.